Thursday, March 11, 2021

dream of doorways and stairs

I had a dream just before waking, and I should've written it down earlier because now it's a bit foggy.

I was in a sort of lobby or hallway with glass doors and staircases. It seemed like an empty municipal building or school, and it was night. The interior seemed fluorescent lit and there was a door between the lower staircase and the next higher staircase. The window in the door had that security wire mesh grid in the glass.

I was at the doorway trying to help a woman through the door, and she might've been in a wheel chair, I'm not sure. It was a bit awkward and slow going, but we were making forward progress on the steps and through each of the doors. 

It feels like I either made a speech, or had the thought, that this was about achieving some higher state of mind. I said something like this: 
Sometimes you're only three seconds away from crying, and there is a poetry in this, and it's something all of us can access. All we need to do is make the smallest effort and allow it to happen.
I saw this as something like a state of mind for healing or achieving inner peace. I should say that all the staircases were heading upwards. What little I remember seems quite simplified, and the actual narrative and mood of the dream was very subtle and nuanced. It was just a short snippet of a dream, but it was terribly beautiful.

~         ~         ~

Today is the eighth anniversary of my sleeping under the stars in southern Utah. I awoke three times that night; first was seeing a large round structure on a nearby hill, second was hearing coyotes, and third was sitting up to try to understand a strange light behind the at my feet bush. This was part of my confirmation event.

More on this experience in a post titled:


Lucretia Heart said...

Hey Mike!

I, too, had a weird dream I'll be talking about in my blog, and the timing and content relate to a past dream about March 11th as well...

Your dream seems to be about progress, despite some challenges. You have more stairs to climb (or mountains!) but your demeanor in the dream was so quietly confident.

Lucretia Heart said...

That dream written here:

Red Pill Junkie said...

your dream speaks to me about endurance and stoicism. I guess the kind of thing runners feel get into when they feel they couldn't possibly take another step,and yet they keep going. I feel it nowadays after trying to achieve something with my artwork I've never done before, and wasting hours repeating and erasing the same thing over and over, and feeling like a total failure and a sham. But then you kinda 'see' the approach you need to take,and the end result is not perfect (it never is) but you manage to pull it off and it actually looks decent enough and, more importantly, you arrived to a place you thought for a moment was impossible to reach.

But the other important element in your story is that YOUR task was trying to get someone else to the top of the stairs. You could have arrived to the top in just a few minutes, but having to help someone much weaker than you is the greatest display of strength there is.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Have you heard of Randonautica Mike?
Looks like something you might get if you crossed owls with A.I.
You might want to talk to this Guy on 'The Unseen' about his theories as to how this stuff works, or maybe download the app and try it yourself -

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