Friday, June 5, 2020

owl sighting in the woods behind the house

Nothing paranormal, just a lovely sighting of a big barred owl in full daylight



Marci Peterson said...

Beautiful Mike! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

So cool! It was communicating with you. I wonder what it was saying. What a beautiful place to live. I would be in the forest everyday if I lived there.

I have had numerous owl synchronicities throughout life. When I was tween-aged I once went up our road to a friend's house to camp-out on her driveway port. I was in junior high. She was older in high school. Our neighborhood was mostly farms surrounded by forestry on a dead-end hilly country road. There were a few mid-century homes on wooded lots. She fell asleep quickly. I, on the other hand, never slept well. I was facing the woodland. All of a sudden, out of the trees I could see a huge black crow flying low towards us. I couldn't believe my eyes. I have never seen a crow flying late at night. I thought it would fly over ours heads and keep going. It was the biggest crow (maybe a raven) I have ever seen. On steroids! It landed on top of my sleeping friend. It just sat on top of her cawing and flapping it's wings at me. I was so scared. I kept thinking of the Hitchcock film, The Birds. I thought it was going to claw my eyes out. Haha. I was calling her name to try to wake her up. She wouldn't wake up. The crow wouldn't fly away. I was so scared I pulled the sleeping bag over my head, and rolled away from the port onto the grass. I rolled far enough to get up and walk back to the farm. It was late night. I swear I couldn't wake up my friend. I felt bad leaving her there, but I was so scared.

When I was younger (around 7yrs old) I had a bigfoot encounter in our forest. At that time I had no idea it was bigfoot. It took me a long time into adulthood to realize what I had witnessed. I thought it was an ape with a baby. It had built a tee-pee on our trail. I noticed the bark was removed from the branches. I turned around, after it disappeared in the tree line, and went back to the house. I told my grandfather there was a monkey in the woods. My grandmother looked as if she was going to faint. In a previous evening there was tree hammering, and I couldn't sleep. My grandfather got his rifle and went into the woods. No shots fired, and the hammering stopped. I seriously thought someone was out in the woods with a hammer hitting a tree. My bedroom window faced the woods. There was a nice sized creek bed, and trail. I was always in the woods with siblings, friends, and more times alone. I was never afraid.

Have you ever heard of any synchronicity, folklore, or symbolism on giant sized crows/ravens? I am positive it was a crow/raven, but the size was far from normal.

lavaunsaba said...

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