Thursday, January 16, 2020

Confessions of a Spooky Mind with Walter Bosley - THE UNSEEN

author Walter Bosley

Confessions of a Spooky Mind by Walter Bosley is a short little book and a memoir of sorts, describing some of the strange events in his life. He has written a lot of other books too, both fiction and non-fiction. These including The Empire of the Wheel trilogy and The Esoteric Napoleon. Plus, a handful of thrillers in the classic pulp style.
Walter describes some of his very strange personal experiences and how those lead to his equally strange research. His life has followed a wandering path, crisscrossing with the unknown. This interviews covers UFOs, owls, synchronicity, occult practices and espionage.
A long list of his books can be found HERE.
  audio interview linked HERE  

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