Friday, February 23, 2018

Book review from Laura Bruno

Intuitive healer, Laura Bruno
Chapter 12 of my new book is titled Owls and Healing, and it tells the experiences of Laura Bruno.

She just posted a remarkable review of the book, both on her blog (linked HERE) and on the Amazon review page (HERE). Her words left me humbled and grateful. We spoke and emailed extensively over over two years, and I worked hard to try to capture the complexity of what had happened in her life. This is a remarkable story and it taps into the essence of this mystery.

Below is an excerpt for her review:
It reads like a spooky, surreal, yet very intimate gathering of friends sharing stories by the fire. As Mike says, “You won’t understand these stories with your brain, but a deeper truth might emerge if you listen with your heart.” I agree.

Full disclosure: some of my own never before shared stories appear in the chapter “Owls and Healing.” When I first received my proof copy, I read the Foreword by Whitley Strieber and the first couple chapters, then skipped to my own chapter so I could get back to Mike with any changes. I thought he did an amazing job turning two years of emails and phone conversations into some kind of coherent and meaningful story. And then, I freaked the heck out! I could not believe I agreed to share all of this material, many of my deepest, most confusing and traumatic experiences, not just with Mike, but with the entire world.

Part of me wanted to revoke all permission to share my stories, but I knew how long and hard he had worked on this book. I also believe to my core about the importance of this project. Despite the yes, sheer terror, of letting these stories see print, I also felt proud to participate in such a sacred project….

I don’t know how to describe this book other than to recommend you read it. None of the participants offers any clear explanation for our experiences. Nor does Mike. The deeper he delves, the stranger things get. What I call the “Mystery with a capital M” shimmers throughout beautiful, traumatic and/or extremely bizarre memories and documented events. The format of this second “Messengers” book reveals how far profound synchronicities spiral and ripple across time and space—in both individual and “impossibly” interconnected lives. Despite their depth, I suspect that like mine, this sharing reflects only the surface of an endless well.

This collection feels holy….


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I see the boys at 'Mysterious Universe' have just uploaded their latest podcast and most of it is about your owl books Mike -

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