Thursday, December 14, 2017

owl image in blood

Blood stain mimics the cover of the book

Peter Schenk
I met Peter Schenk a bit over a month ago at a local retreat center. I was helping my partner Andrea who was performing a Sound Bath during a weekend retreat. Peter was one of the speakers and while talking with Andrea she mentioned my owl research.

He had never heard of any connection between owls and UFOs, and he suddenly remembered he had seen an owl the night he had a missing time event. He told me about that while walking out to his mailbox at night he saw a massive white owl. He said, “It didn’t look artificial but it didn’t seem real.” Later that same night he remembers being taken from his bed, and returned with no memory of what happened.

Peter is working as a psychic intuitive and healer, and he says he can offer insights into other peoples experiences, but cannot figure out what happened in those hours. He was also surprised that he’d completely forgotten that he’d seen that owl, the memory resurfaced when Andrea mentioned my research. Also of note, the owl sighting happened at the mailbox, a source of receiving messages. I mailed Peter a book a few days after we met.

close-up of the blood stain
Yesterday morning I got a photo showing a blood stain on the side of my book The Messengers.

Peter had cut his finger the day the book arrived. He had put a band-aid on the cut, but it was still bleeding enough that he got some blood on the book. It wasn’t until yesterday that he realized the small spot of blood looked curiously like an owl, specifically the owl on the cover of the book.

I am at the point now where this kind of thing should be pretty normal, but this one packed a whammy. I mean, the blood of a psychic healer making a tiny owl on my book?

His website describes Peter as a spiritual visionary who left a successful career as a computer programmer for one of the world’s largest banks to fulfill his mission to heal the world.
the photo sent to me by Peter with his blood on my book

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Sakib said...

Can't help but think this synchronicity shows you're on the right track.