Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The 37th Parallel and the mainstream

UFOs in the mainstream

Mainstream author Ben Mezrich wrote the recent nonfiction UFO book, The 37th Parallel: The Secret Truth Behind America's UFO Highway. I have not yet read the book, but I intend to.

The story follows Colorado investigator Chuck Zukowski through his research on UFOs and cattle mutilations. Chuck discovered a long list of bizarre incidences and sightings clustered around the 37th Parallel, what he terms the “UFO Highway.”

I spoke with Chuck at a UFO conference a few years back. He was a likable fellow and sure seemed dedicated. Yet I could see him being easily caricatured, with his overt enthusiasm played for laughs. 

What interests me is that my 2013 Confirmation Event (capitalized for good reason) all happened along the 37th parallel. There were three separate events that all line up on a map, two are on the 37th parallel, the third is just tipping up in the 38th. All three are abduction related experiences, and after seeing these in a straight line on a map, all doubts about my involvement with UFO vanished. Detailed blog post on these events linked HERE.

Map seen is a psychic flash
I sent this info and the latitude and longitude of each event to Chuck, and he replied, “Thank you Mike… Really the 37 is the center line of the highway with the 36 being the right lane and the 38 being the left lane. Pretty interesting.”

The book by Mezrich has received pretty mediocre reviews on Amazon. Some point out that reads like an introduction to UFOs. But what is more intriguing is that it seems to be selling very well, with a strong publicity push from the publisher. Several of his other books were turned into major movies, and there are rumors that this book is being fast tracked to Hollywood.

Author Mezrich with the microphone, investigator Chuck Zukowski to the right
There are some conspiratorial aspects to the book. Reclusive billionaire Robert Bigelow plays a role in the story. He’s an interesting subject for a someone who has made a career of writing about how people make enormous fortunes. (Curiously, Mezrich has "rich" right in his name)

The question for me is why did this bestselling author pick this fringe subject?

I will eventually get around to reading the book and report back.


Lucretia Heart said...

Can't help but notice that the 37th parallel matches experiences in Southeastern Ohio I had while I lived there, and that my ex-husband had there as well before we met.


Red Pill Junkie said...

I heard the Mysterious Universe interview with the author, and it seems he first was interested in Chuck as a portrayal of obsession with a weird subject, but he slowly came to realize there's something after all with them flying saucers ;)

It seems 2016 was the year the Paranormal started to become mainstream. The huge success of series like Stranger Things might be a good indication of that.

PS: Sorry for my leave of absence, Mike & gang. I'll try to keep up with the blog more often again :P