Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Communion Letters now available on Kindle

initially published in 1997
After publishing the bestselling book Communion, Whitley Strieber received a flood of mail from people desperate to share their own contact experiences. In an era before the internet, these were hand written testimonies sent in paper envelopes. Their best estimate is that a quarter of a million arrived at their home. The post office eventually began dropped them off at their apartment in big canvas sacks.

This book, The Communion Letters, is a collection of some of this communication. It has been out of print for nearly two decades, and it available again in an inexpensive eBook format. Less than four dollars and an amazing resource.

  Kindle version available HERE 

Note to readers:
I have been posting low cost books here on this site. Some real gems have been unavailable and out of print for decades, But they are now showing up as eBooks. Many are required reading.

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Beth W said...

As soon as I saw this, I purchased the eBook. Wow! I can't get enough. The notes from the authors are beautifully written and the letter writers' stories are so heartfelt and fascinating. Now I must read Communion.

Mike, I've been enjoying all of your podcasts. The way you engage with your guests is unique and so effective. I am so grateful to you. I finished your book, The Messengers a couple of weeks ago. It's excellent! You are doing a great service by putting all of this quality material out and sharing your thoughts and experiences. Thank you!