Thursday, September 15, 2016

Interview with Whitley Strieber on Dreamland - A message from deep hypnosis

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Whitely Strieber and I spoke in a recorded interview recently, and it has just been posted on his site. This is a very powerful and emotional discussion where both of us really lay ourselves bare. The interview is focused on my hypnosis session from back in 2014 with therapist Lorraine Flaherty, which was a past life regression with the goal of addressing my history of clinical depression. Only at the end did we touch on the UFO issues.

This was an extremely important set of events for me, starting with Lorraine's session and then discussing it with Whitley two years later. It was deeply moving and inspiring, and it gives me the faith to keep pressing onward along this path.

In part TWO Whitley interviews Lorraine Flaherty to discuss her research and past life work. Linked HERE.
a powerful conversation
     The Dreamland interview is linked HERE.

     This session was covered in a blog post linked HERE.

     The transcript and audio is posted HERE.

     Part TWO where Whitley interviews Lorraine is linked HERE.

The audio recording of the session:

From the Dreamland site:
Friday September 16, 2016
Intense New Close Encounter Breakthrough, Part 1
Mike is among the most articulate of witnesses, and now he returns with the single most profound, powerful and incisive discussion of close encounter that we have ever produced. You will never have heard anything like this unforgettable journey into the truth about the experience, its connection to so many other occult experiences, and its immense power to change not only witnesses, but also people who explore it with an open mind.
Why do so many close encounter witnesses find themselves challenged to the core of their beings, even, as both Mike and Whitley know all too well, to the point of suicide?
This will open your heart and change your mind, leaving you empowered in a completely new way, with new understanding.
Next week, Whitley will continue the discussion by turning to the therapist who was responsible for the hypnosis session that led to this interview, Lorraine Flaherty.

Lorraine Flaherty is a past-life hypnotherapist based out of the UK. She was one of the speakers at the conference in Leeds, England. This was an event where I was also a speaker. 

Her book, Healing with Past Life Therapy, is available HERE.

Her website is linked HERE.


John Burke said...

Whitley’s remark that the hybridization program was a failure reminded me of a similar assertion by Derrel Sims. I can’t recall whether Sims reached that conclusion from his work on the Dale Musser abduction case. Anyone who has read Dale Musser’s book, “Puppets in the Night” might know more about that. The book is no longer available on Kindle, so I have not read it. The only information I could find about this appears in the linked audio interview, beginning at 1:50:10.

nonamae said...

Hello. I listened to the audio clip on here. Wow! It is like the stream of's leading me to a theory that those of us who have these a lot have entered a "stream" of sorts and are beginning to enter a new plane of existence that is more liquid and nonlinear, etc. You know. I feel like there's almost no need to explain because you probably know what I'm talking about. Robert Moss is one who explains of fairly well. I spoke to you back in 2011 via Skype regarding the huge owl on the back deck after a night of a weird visitation. I'll have to get back with you on that.

Mike Clelland! said...


I am trying to remember the conversation via skype. Please understand, I have had hundreds of these kinds of conversations in the last 7 years or so.

Was this an event where the owl sat on a branch and it hing down low from the weight of the owl?

Please let me know, My contact info is easy to find on the blog.

Peace to you,
Mike C

nonamae said...

Yes, that is the one.

eattherich said...

This story is moving and inspiring and it´s a pretty good interview.

But... when Whitley Strieber, who I often appreciate listening to, says somewhere in there, he´s been told more americans than others were taken for a breeding project, because:
That is the place on earth people can be most free...
You know, if there´s one statement purportedly by the ´others´ that I´ve read that makes me wonder if they´re not actually full of it and playing us sorely, that would be it.

Here´s from the Washington Post:
22% of the world´s known prison population are in the US. Which has 4.4% of the world´s entire population. Don´t sound like no land of the free to me.

Anf if that´s unamerican it´s because I´m non-american. One of the 95.6% foreigners inhabiting the rest of the world. One of the unfortunate ones somehow
apparently, by our foreign little strange-smelling basic nature unable to grasp a lofty concept like freedom.

Oh, to be an- American, how sweet a manifest destiny, must it not be?

(Yeah, well... That´s just silly. Think I´ll take a break with Strieber for a while)