Saturday, August 6, 2016

I just had a revelation

my humble cell phone
I just had a revelation while driving home as I pulled up in the driveway an owl (I think) flew across my path. What does that mean?

         —08/02/16  7:50:PM
I received this as a text from my sister Jeanne, but didn’t see it until the next day.

When I finally saw the message I called her right away. She explained that she had been driving that night and her mind was in turmoil. Her kids have all moved out and she was struggling with what to do in this new chapter of her life. She was listening to an NPR story about working with the elderly as she arrived at her house. This was something she had done for a few years out of college, and she had recently volunteered at a local assisted living facility where our aging parents had been living....

The car was stopped in the driveway as she listened to the conclusion of the radio report, when she was hit with a sudden revelation. She suddenly realized she needed to be working with the elderly!

It was at that moment an owl swooped down in front of her windshield and then landed on a nearby tree. She watched it for a while before it flew off. This was the first owl she had ever seen near this house, and she's been living there for over 23 years.

I told her she really didn’t need me to answer what it might mean, and she agreed. She had sent that email in the minutes after seeing the owl.

Also of note: 
Andrea and I were sitting together at the dining room table just about to start dinner, when I saw a big bird fly by just outside the window. It was a brownish gray and my immediate thought was that it was an owl. We ran outside and looked around the trees to see if it might have landed. We never saw anything. While we were looking our next door neighbor came out and asked if we had seen a big bird, because she heard something loud hit her picture window. She could tell by the noise it was a large.

After that we all looked around the trees, but never saw anything. This would have been about eight in the evening, closely matching the time stamp on the text from my sister.

More added on April 3rd 2018: 
Somthing worth noting, there is a pattern within this research, and it fits here. People with owl experiences seem to be doing work to help people.


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nonamae said...

This reminded me of a strange day I had last winter. All day long, I had birds that kept flying into the house windows. And not just one window, but in different areas of the house. I tried to figure out what might be attracting them, but I couldn't find anything. People suggested it may be a reflection of the sky that looks like where they could fly, but that didn't make sense because they've never done it before, and one of the windows is hidden under an awning type thing on the opposite side of the house. Anyways, it was just weird and reminded me of that scene in the movie Dark Skies (about alien abduction) when all the birds kept flying into their windows after a visitation. Maybe it was nothing.