Thursday, May 12, 2016

Colin Andrews and an owl

author and researcher Colin Andrews and Banshee
Here is an excerpt from The Messengers (p.147):
I’ve asked many crop circle researchers the same question I ask everyone else—if they have had any odd owl experiences. Very few have any stories to tell. I asked this question of pioneering crop circle researcher Colin Andrews, and I was disappointed when he told me no, he’d never had any unusual owl experiences, nor did he recall any from his research. This surprised me, because I see the landscape of Wiltshire County, the focal point of so many powerful crop circles, as being outright magical.
Well, there's an update to this story. Colin now has a close friendship with an owl. Here's what he recently wrote:
Mike mentions in his new book The Messengers that he was disappointed and surprised to hear that I had not heard of any Owl experiences from people had around the crop circles. Not until my amazing connection with ‘Banshee’ the Barn Owl could I personally have much of anything to say to Mike about my personal experiences.

I do now question the sense I have that there could be more in the Owl heart connection than I had appreciated. The connection is obviously personal but it’s of a kind I can’t describe but it is deeply profound, sincere and almost overwhelming. While one knows that a bird like Banshee could cause serious damage, one is literally tugged to smooth or kiss this incredible creature. Having an open mind and knowing we have so much still to learn and experience from nature, I am open to wondering if these birds have more going on than meets Those Eyes. If the emotion one feels is a message, it’s ‘LOVE’.
Colin's emotional owl experience happened near his home Connecticut at A Place Called Hope. This is a raptor rescue center run by his friends Christine Cummings and Todd Secki

Another fascinating bit to this story is that Colin has had abduction experiences, something that he first shared publicly in 2011. The fact that the man who coined the term crop circle has also had life-long interactions with elusive non-human entities doesn't surprise me in the least. This same man now tells of a "...deep inner enjoyment and attachment of the owl with me and many of my family. Not being funny here but I feel a deep, real tangible love for Banshee."

Colin wrote about his experiences of floating into the light—linked HERE. And here is a very telling account of his parents and brother where they saw a disc shaped object hovering about 100 feet off the ground—linked HERE.

And—My audio interview with Colin Andrews HERE.

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