Monday, June 9, 2014

the reoccurring message

a quote that has the ring of truth

As I proceed forward, the idea of shamanism, or more specifically the role of the shaman, has been welling up in my work and I am trying to pull on those threads. 

Last week I spoke on the phone with Joe Lewels, Ph.D., the author of two books I really like, The God Hypothesis and Rulers of the Earth. I contacted him specifically to ask about shamanism. He had spent time with Dr. John Mack, they traveled together throughout Mexico talking to shamans about their connections with other realms, and how could this be the same realm as the UFO occupant.

One of the things Joe spoke about (and was in his books) was his feeling that he survived his time as a pilot in Viet Nam by direct intervention from some other realm. I also asked Joe if he had any UFO contact experiences, he said he had asked himself that same question, and feels strongly that he hasn’t.

Then I had two amazing conversations over the weekend, one on Saturday evening and the next on Sunday morning. The first was with a woman who I had talked with three years ago, and I wanted to check in again just to hear how she was doing. She experienced a profound missing time event in her car, that plays out like a textbook abduction event. Afterwords, through a series of synchronistic and psychic experiences, she was compelled to begin a Norse tradition of shamanistic practices. She ended up moving to a home directly across the street from a Civil War cemetery, and this unleashed all kinds of paranormal weirdness, including seeing Union soldiers in her yard in the middle of the night.

The next morning my phone rang and the voice on the other end was nervous and apologetic. It was from a young man who said he felt compelled to call me. What followed was a two and a half hour conversation where it seemed both of us was confirming and validating the others experiences. It was as if we each had missing puzzle pieces and we were handing those pieces to each other in a way that helped shine a light on both of our overall experiences. It was really powerful sense of connection. Like the call from the night before, this guy had textbook contact events, he was compelled to follow a Norse tradition of shamanistic practices, and he was in the military.

The themes of these phone calls all overlapped and intertwined. As I write this there is a feeling of one long blurred communication, albeit it with three different people.

What we all agreed on was that, collectively we as humans, are dangerously adrift. Something is terribly wrong and we don’t seem to have any tools to alter what feels like train track heading toward some sort of doom.

I told all three folks that I have a working model for how I have been framing these contact experiences. It feels like the UFO abduction lore is playing out like a shamanic initiation, and the experiencers I interact with all seem to be playing the role of shaman, or at least some facet of that kind of work. I talk to a lot of people claiming the UFO contact experience, and pretty much all of them are channelers, Reiki masters, psychic mediums, healers, therapists or they are writing a book in the hopes of helping other experiencers. (This comes up again below)

In my notes from these calls I found this scribbled at the edge of the page: idea for a new book, shamans are being created, or forced (forged) by these entities. This idea was explored in John Mack’s 1999 book Passport to the Cosmos, he argued that direct UFO could be compared to a shamanic initiation. 

Here are some quotes from Joe from our conversation. He was articulating what I have been feeling.
I see see whats called the alien abduction phenomenon, and I don’t like that term… lets say experiences with non-human intelligence… and the people who are having these experiences are, many times rather unwillingly, being dragged into a shamanic apprenticeship. The people having these experiences are being taught how to heal, their consciousness is being elevated, they are being given opportunities to help people. Many of them will leave their jobs and then become reiki masters and massage therapists and hypnotherapists, and all of these can be seen as forms of shamanic activity…

We need shamans, and if society doesn’t provide them, the universe will.
During our conversation I shared some of my own stories, and he listened closely, taking on the role of therapist. Then he spoke directly to me:
Follow your heart is the opposite of following your brain. You are following your brain and not your heart, that's what I see. You’re trying to reason this out logically and objectivity and objectivity is just an illusion, there is no such thing so you are waisting your time being logical. It sounds to me like your guides are pushing like hell to get you to move forward and you are just kind of digging your heels in. Anytime you are doing something that helps people, you are on the right track. Just jump in with both feet, you’re on the right track.


eattherich said...

" are waisting your time being logical."

Now it´s getting really interesting:)!

Anonymous said...

Well, Mike,it makes since when you think about it. I think that there are things like this phenomenon that people can be shocked by and think is impossible but with a more open mind, not digging your heels in, there are a lot more cool things to discover and I think that could open the path to more answers or questions, but be transforming.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Smart guy. I agree with him.

It reminds me of the movie Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind; how many people of all walks of life were imprinted with the urge to solve the puzzle of Devil's Mountain, but very few were able to make the connection, and even fewer actually listened to their insight --or follow their heart-- into attempting the journey.

In the end just 1 person, Roy, fulfilled his destiny. Perhaps that's why there are so many people involved in this: because only a handful will be able to 'fulfill their mission'

"For many are called, but few are chosen." ~Matthew 22:14

Mike Clelland! said...

RPJ referenced the gospels: "For many are called, but few are chosen." ~Matthew 22:14

Well, maybe it should read, "Many are abducted and zapped with the compulsion beam, but few can deal with everything crumbling and then acting like an idiot, or what society would call an idiot."


Mike c

Red Pill Junkie said...

Oh yes, because those early Christians NEVER had to deal with mockery & ridicule —and the occasional stoning by an angry mob— right? :P

Anonymous said...

Well...yes actually(Look up Acts 7:54-8:2).But I get what your saying,things are so much harder now in the world. What a journey this is. Whew! :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, and readers, please google "Rose Rosetree energetic ponzi schemes". Some of this information may not be coming from precisely where one thinks it is. It is the Wild West out there, astrally speaking.

Lucretia Heart said...

I absolutely agree that these experiences line up perfectly with Shamanic Initiation and ongoing Shamanic journeys.

Its a fine line to walk between rational weighing and measuring of the world and the intuitive embracing of one's experiences. I have to walk that line, and find it difficult but fulfilling.

Anonymous said...

Some people's abduction experiences are terrifying and basically leave them feeling violated, helpless, angry, and frightened for the rest of their lives. How is that a "shamanic initiation?" Sounds more like an abusive relationship from which there is no escape for the victim.

Lori Bogedin said...

Mike, this post and the discussions that took place are amazing. When you caller said,

"You’re trying to reason this out logically and objectivity and objectivity is just an illusion, there is no such thing so you are wasting your time being logical. It sounds to me like your guides are pushing like hell to get you to move forward and you are just kind of digging your heels in..."

It really rang true for me. Thanks for posting this and sending me the link! Lori B