Sunday, June 29, 2014

report from the UK

photo by Robbie Graham
Leeds is the city of owls. The Leeds Civic Hall, the building just opposite the conference venue, is adorned with an absurd number of owls. I had just finished a very successful talk where I shared my owl research and my own ongoing experiences and me and Robbie Graham walked past this building and into a large courtyard. Robbie looked astonished, stating, "This is unbelievable!"

The whole place was covered in owls. Big ones, small ones, stone owls on pedestals and gold owls on tall spires...

I received this note via facebook last night:
Thought you might like to know that on the last leg of my journey home, within 5 minutes of reaching my house, an owl flew across the front of my car. The sync made me smile.
Also, there was a woman on the left side of the auditorium (the side nearest the lectern) who was visibly flinching to some of my comments. My sense was that my stories were hitting home for this person. I was heartened during my talk that I might have been connecting with some of what I was sharing. If anyone knows this person, I would be most interested in asking a few questions.

peace from the island of my ancestors,
Mike C


VomaSaurus Rex said...

You gave a really great and insightful talk Mike.A couple of people who I came down with had never heard of you and left your talk with lots of wonderment and questions about what what you said of your experiences.My friend,Alison,who came down with me was texting me all night with questions about things you were talking about.And as for me,it's given me an impetus to look into my own experiences.That's the first time I've been to an event with people who have similar experiences and there is a sense of camaraderie.Thanks for sharing your story.

Andrew King said...

Hi Mike
Thank you for sharing your research, we really enjoyed your talk. You opened our minds to synchronisity and unexplained experiences. We spoke briefly at the end of your presentation, but look forward to expanding on some of our phenomena through your email.
Andrew and Kathy

Red Pill Junkie said...

Ah, so you hung around with Robbie! Hope you two had a fine time :)

And I'm sure your talk made a lot of ripples on the other side of the pond ;)

Red Pill Junkie said...

PS: Hmmm... for some reason the photo of you standing before the golden owl pedestal reminded me of the Tarot card of the Hanged Man... though inverted.

Red Pill Junkie said...

THIS is what Google shows first when you type "Hanged Man + owls":

"La Rivière du Hibou (French, "The Owl River"; English title: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge) is a 1962 French short film based on the American short story An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge (1891) by Ambrose Bierce. It was directed by Robert Enrico and produced by Marcel Ichac and Paul de Roubaix with music by Henri Lanoë. It won awards at the Cannes Film Festival and the Academy Awards. It was also screened on American television as an episode of The Twilight Zone in 19642.

Lucretia Heart said...

Synch wink!!

Just as I was beginning to read this very post, a commercial on TV (which I mute-- hate commercials) came on and out of the side of my eye I noticed a UFO. I unmuted and listed as a movie trailer came on with some sort of cute little ROBOT OWL that conveyed psychic powers to children-- and it had something to do with aliens too! Its called "Earth To Echo." I assume "Echo" is the name of the robot owl.

Message received Universe!!

Red Pill Junkie said...

Here's the trailer:

It looks like the kind of film I'd have dragged my parents to watch when I was 12 :P