Sunday, May 25, 2014

audio conversation with Bret Oldham

author and experiencer, Bret Oldham
Bret is the author of the book Children Of The Greys, his own account of a lifetime of traumatic alien encounters. In this interview he shares the emotions of his own challenging interactions with these small gray beings. He describes mind control experiments, sexual interludes, healings, unexplainable scars, hybrids, an incredible multiple abduction with another witness and a fetus being taken and the bizarre paranormal connection. The book concludes with theories and insights into the possible alien agenda by some of the leading experts on UFO and alien abduction.

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Here is Brett's website, Children of the Greys. Here's a way to order his book, both paper and Kindle (HERE).

I was cautius not to have Brett simply re-tell some of key experiences in his book. He has shared those durning other audo interviews, so no need for him to repeat himself n this show. If you want to hear more of these stories, this is a pretty good interview (HERE), as well as the youtube link below.

this is a good retelling of some of Brett's experiences


Anonymous said...

I just finished listening to your interview with Brett Oldham and it was excellent!

I've found his halo paranormal youtube site and also bookmarked his website. I plan to order his book as well.

Thanks for such an insightful interview, Mike!

~ Susan

Mike Clelland! said...

Thanks Susan,

As I said, I realy didn't want to cover the key stories from the book, and re-told on multiple other podcasts. So, the book will be mostly all new to you.

Mike C

Jacqueline Bradley said...

I don't know about any body else, but EVERY time, without exception, that l hear, or read, something that l begin to realise strikes a chord with me, my mind closes down or, worse still, l become extremely sleepy. I wonder if this is self preservation or just somebody or thing does not want me to read or listen? As soon as Bret mentioned 'dimentional portals' this started happening. I am now attempting to find the part of the talk where l left off. Very interesting stuff that resonates deeply with me.

Per said...

Thanks for an interesting interview.

I thought I would comment briefly on your conversation about attracting situations/experiencing mirroring ourselves:

The way I see it, it's impersonal. We all have everything in us.

In an awakening process, for instance, we'll often go through a blissful phase (honeymoon) and then a dark phase (dark night of the soul). The invitation here is to familiarize ourselves with the "light" *and* "dark" aspects of life and ourselves, and to find and "own" both aspects in ourselves and our own life. In this way, we learn to relate to both in a more skillful way, and find a deeper balance through "light" and "dark" experiences.

So when some have blissful alien encounters, and others have horrifying experiences, it's like the rest of life. We all have both types of experiences, and we can find both in ourselves. Life is an invitation to find in ourselves what we see out there, own it, and find a degree of comfort with it.

In short, I agree with what you and Brett said, and I agree with the people saying it mirrors something in us.

Lucretia Heart said...

I bought Bret's book and am very impressed with his experiences. They can be SO disturbing to discuss, but he did it and its very helpful, as another abductee, to know that I am not alone!

Thank you for posting this interview!

And Mr. Oldham, thank you for sharing.

Lucretia Heart said...

Specifically in the interview:

~ Bret's recounting of how he had anxiety attacks so bad he became almost agoraphobic. I battle the same issues-- though in my case it was AFTER I saw a grey at age 16 while awake rather than having it come "out of nowhere." Still, I wasn't afraid of aliens (except at night or when in certain vulnerable places). Like Oldham, I was freaking out over people all of sudden. I was a pretty bold child who just totally broke down by my mid-teens.

I kept it a secret for several years as well, but I didn't start to get better until I started talking about it and processing the trauma. I still work on issues, but it continues to get better over time.

The dimensional portal stuff--? Yeah, we have had MANY experiences with those, my husband and myself, most of which I have yet to write about. These are great for avoiding "air space" issues with UFOs coming over houses, but they DO cause rifts in space/time and side effects that make one's life seem even crazier.

In addition, the notion that being "beamed" into ships as well as being transported via portals vibrates experiencers into a higher frequency also rings true for me. I've thought this for a very long time.

So that's 2 ways that alien intrusions change things-- the abductee is revved up, but then the area where any portals or dematerialization or rematerialization takes place is ALSO altered. It seems to affect places as well as people.

Lucretia Heart said...

Where Bret says that the aliens use implants to "see what we see and hear what we hear" -- DING DING! Yet another abductee says it! That has been my impression for a long time now. In fact, I was told directly when they did something to my right eye at age 11.

My husband, also an abductee, witness the albino-looking bigfoot known as "the grassman of Ohio" in the 80s with a group of friends in a car as it crossed the road in front of him. I've never seen anything like this myself, but I spoke to my husband's teen friends about that night and they still talk about it. They saw it in the same valley as a bunch of reported UFO sightings, some nearly nightly for weeks at a time.

So Bret's seeing the same light-colored sasquatch is really interesting! What year? What area? My husband saw it in the Hocking Hills area by a gas line. (I have often thought they should call that region the "Haunted Hills".) Apparently, a LOT of people saw an albino bigfoot in southern Ohio around the late 80s to maybe '91 or so. He was called "the Grassman" because people were finding large "nests" made of hay or long grass in association with this white bigfoot.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Very interesting interview.

The idea of a big-testicled reptilian is somewhat odd. Neither birds nor reptiles have exposed testes like mammals do, and that's kind of an evolutionary 'flaw' caused by bipedalism & the need to keep sperm sacs at a lower temperature than the rest of the body --in any case, it's nice to know that if I'm ever corralled by a mean saurian humanoid, I can always kick him in the balls :P

When you mention the phrase "God is creating the Universe moment to moment," I think you were referring to Facius Cardan's encounter with 2 sylphs. That encounter was briefly mentioned in Communion.

(And I find it particularly fascinating, since it seems to reinforce the 'observer effect' in quantum mechanics)

A catch-22 thing with Bret's statement that the aliens can 'make you believe anything': If that's the case, why is he so certain about the existence of the hybrid program, though?

But like I said, I found it interesting, and I'm glad you caught the 'Minerva' synchronicity.

"Dare to be wise." Indeed, not a very easy thing to do.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to RPJ:

I looked up the Facius Cardan event with the sylphs. This is curiously close, but not exactly as I remember it. I remember it as a woman talking to gray some sort of aliens onboard a craft. I could have it all mixed up, but that's how it is in my mind. Alas, it might take years to search out the source from my sagging shelves of UFO books.

Excerpt from:

"They remained with my father for over three hours. But when he questioned them as to the cause of the universe they were not agreed. The tallest of them denied that God had made the world from eternity. On the contrary, the other added

Air that God created it from moment to moment, so that should He desist for an instant the world would perish. "

- and -

If you read Bret's book, there is a LOT in there about the hybrid child program. Lots of creepy sex stuff, and lots of bleak emotions in the aftermath of these events. There are also accounts of staged virtual reality experiences that Bret feels were created to elicit certain emotions, including meeting his boyhood dog.