Saturday, January 11, 2014

audio conversation with Brad Steiger (2014)

Author and researcher, Brad Steiger
Brad Steiger is one of the hard working giants in this field. I was delighted and honored to spend an hour in conversation listening to his deep, hypnotic voice. He shares many of his owl personal experiences, and he comes across as less an author and more of a mystic.

There is another excellent interview with Brad from 2011. These two interviews will play well side-by-side, creating (in a sort) a full two-hour interview. The order doesn't matter, and none of the information overlaps. Each of these audio interviews are just a little over one-hour long.

one-click audio downloads linked below
  2014 interview HERE  
  2011 interview HERE  

Brad and his wife, Sherry Hansen Steiger, just published a new book titled Real Encounters, Different Dimensions and Otherworldly Beings, this is a perfect companion to their 2011 book Real Aliens, Space Beings and Creatures form Other Worlds.

Taken from first-person accounts and historical documents, this 2013 book chronicles a huge number of examples of alien encounters, ghost enconters, near death experiences and these mystical events influence human events.

When you visit Brad and Sherry's web-site (HERE), be prepared because there's a lot of info crammed into that site. Together, they have done a lot of books and research over the decades.


Anonymous said...

I've only listened to the most recent interview, so far, Mike. Wow. Good stuff. Thought the closing music was a classy touch, also. ;-)

-Chris Diablo

Tim Brosnan said...

Steiger presents very well, but his body of work, taken as a whole, is problematic in that it seems to be appealing to the same tabloid market that makes a mockery of the topic at hand. Things spooky, things bizarre and things adorable. When Roger Leir began a recent symposium presentation with a pitch for an upcoming trip to Egypt, I felt the same discomfort and understanding that I do when someone like Steiger, whose contribution to ufology isn't wholly without merit, pitches haunted houses and horses-that-heal in other forums.

Anonymous said...

This was a really good interview actually, but I wished Mr. Steiger would've spoken more on other subjects other than just U.F.O's. At least he could've explained in some depth how seemingly different subjects (i.e experiences, paranormal, and etc..) relate and intertwine themselves w/ the U.F.O topic.

I myself am not a really big Alien fan. I'm more into folklore, myths, paranormal and etc...but if both subjects show remarkable similarities, then it wished someone w/ his expertise would've gave a clearer picture. Listening to stuff like this just leaves you hunting for more answers, but you never really find any.


andy.banham said...

I got it. Thank you.
From a privileged spectator.

Cynthia said...

Great interview. Clelland brings out the mystic in Steiger like I've never heard before. I love Steiger`s book Star People and would love to hear him touch on it. Strangers in the Night...awesome way to wrap it up :-)

Red Pill Junkie said...

Wonderful interview, Mike. You've certainly made it up for keeping us all waiting for a new HE podcast :P

Brad's mentioning of that weird episode involving a 'Steve Martin double' reminded me of a movie I'm very fond of: Grand Canyon (1991), starring Kevin Kline, Danny Glover & Mary McDonnell. It's a wonderful movie about synchronicities, chance encounters & fate; if you folks haven't seen it I recommend you search for it :)



Lost In Space said...

It is always a pleasure to hear an interview with Brad Steiger. His eloquence, thoughtfulness, and erudition are most welcome. I was a bit puzzled, however, by his enigmatic comment that science knows nothing about gravity or electricity. We actually know a great deal about gravity, thanks to Newton, Einstein, and so many other physicists. As for electricity, it is simply the flow or movement of electrically charged particles, most commonly, electrons. It is very well understood by science. Perhaps Steiger merely meant to express the idea that the university is full of wonderful mysteries and, under the pressure of a heated interview, reached for the wrong terms to express his deeper thought.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Sorry, Lost, but Gravity is still considered one of the 'biggies' in Science's bucket list ;)

Greatest Mysteries: What Causes Gravity?

Where Do Electrons Get Energy to Spin Around an Atom's Nucleus?

Lost In Space said...

Ah, very true, Red Pill Junkie, the particulars of gravity, such as the relative weakness of the gravitational force compared to the other three fundamental forces, is the topic of much research at the moment, and, as you know, is addressed quite famously by String Theory. Still, the fact that these aspects of gravity are still under investigation does not mean that we do not understand, as Steiger indicated, where gravity comes from. Einstein answer that. Indeed, the problem of physics today is not to explain where gravity comes from, but explain where it goes,i.e., into what additional dimension of space does it leak, thereby appearing weak in the three-dimensional space that we perceive. Nevertheless, I happily concede that Steiger merely misspoke, if ever so subtly and insignificantly.

Red Pill Junkie said...

To me, a much interesting question would be to explain where the very laws of physics come from; along with why mathematics is so useful in explaining the nature of the universe

Mr.Owl said...

Hi, this might be a little bit off topic but, RPJ, you were AWESOME on Radio Mysterioso with Greg Bishop! I can't believe no one is giving you kudos. I've been following your stuff/ presence in the 'realm' for a few years and it's high time you came out of the shadows to give us the shtick on the infamous RPJ. Thank you!

Red Pill Junkie said...

Muchísimas gracias, Mr. Owl. To be fair, I've received a lot of positive feedback from that little chat, some on public forums & some on a more private manner. I'm just glad folks enjoyed listening to it as much as I enjoyed talking with one of my idols in this field, Mr. Greg 'Project Beta' Bishop ;)

BTW I talked to him yesterday & I think it also came out pretty good. I reckon it will be uploaded very soon :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Brilliant interview!
Thank-you Mike.

UFOlogy PRSS said...

Nice interview Mike, as always.

I noticed several curious comments about the authenticity of Brad. I will say I had an old friend, Rev. Milton Nothdruft, who was one of the early folks in the UFO phenomena back in the Midwest. The discussion groups that formed then included some of the original cast of the UFO phenomena, like Brad. However, Brad still presented some concerns over the years as he does speak very well yet maintains a sort of aloof nature about it all.

The Star People Series, authored with his then wife Francie, was an awesome set of books that led many to their own understanding and offered validation to even more who were questioning their sanity 30 years ago. Wow... 30 years ago. At any rate, I was producing a television show in the early 90s and a girlfriend and I had been talking about having Brad on the show. I knew he lived in the Phoenix area, but hadn't a clue how to reach him.

We decided to try an experiment based on the ability of 'starseeds' to create or manifest events. We agreed that Brad would cross our path somehow in the next two weeks and did a little ceremony about it, including a short prayer of invitation for it to happen. About 10 days later we were in the Coffee Plantation in downtown Tempe, looking around the bulk coffee section. Guess who walks into the area. Yep... Brad.

Now you know me, Mike. I'm a professional in how I communicate with others and I was that way even back then. I walked over to Brad, introduced myself and told him a bit about the show to prep him for an invitation to be on it. Before asking I went on to explain what Tina and I had done and how I felt it had everything to do with him standing in front of us at that very moment. I shared that I felt it was a demonstration of what he and Francie had shared in the Star People Series.

Well, I got a really rude awakening. He couldn't get away fast enough. The look on his face and his demeanor changed to the point of almost acting like he was afraid. I thought sharing our little experiment would have made him excited and even thrilled that he had someone validating what they had written... especially when it involved him as a result. I guess our hopes were a bit too high and the old pedestal proverb played out. I was sorely disappointed. However, it did not negate the fact that the experiment worked!


ps. thanks for the addition of our UfologyPRSS badge. :)