Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dr. Karla Turner / a series of audio presentations

abductee and researcher
Dr. Karla Turner was an author, abduction researcher and UFO abductee. I've posted a series of audio presentations, each linked below. Three are from youtube videos where she spoke at conferences. One was an audio posting found at this excellent site where some of her audio recordings and a lot of her  interviews have been archived. I feel it is vital that her voice remain part of the dialog on this profoundly challenging phenomenon.

Here is an recorded conversation with Greg Bishop recorded in 1994. The audio is extremely poor, but the content is riveting. Audio MP3 lined HERE, and the notes from Greg linked HERE.
It's also important to note that her books should be considered required reading. All three of these hard to find books are linked HERE, each with a PDF download available. Here 

Dr. Turner died of cancer on January 10, 1996. She was just 48. Her fast acting cancer and untimely death created a lot of speculation that she might have been murdered because of her research and her outspoken conclusions.

Also, this is my 500th post in the life of this blog.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to comment on breast cancer and the prevalence of this disease in our society.

Karla was a young women when she succumbed to her cancer. Unfortunately this is not uncommon. Studies show the younger a women is,the cancer is more aggressive, fast acting, and deadly.

Younger and younger women are being diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer every year. I know of cases were young girls as young as 13 and 14 are being diagnosed. It is a major problem that is growing for our mothers, sisters, and children.

Please be aware of how deadly this disease can be. Losing Karla was an incredible tragedy. I miss her and I will never forget the times I was blessed to hear her speak.

Mike Clelland! said...

Yes, and Dr. Turner was also a smoker.

I made the effort to phase the words in my post so that said that her death generated specialism about what "might" have occurred. There ae a lot of folks in the UFO community that aren't as cautious as I try to be.

Mike C

Anonymous said...

Totally agree.

Thanks for bringing back some fond memories I have from hearing her speak. I remember how she loved Bruce Springsteen's music. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Love Dr Turner's work.

Brian said...

How strange this is Mike. I started reading your blog a couple of days ago after listen to you on a 2012 Richard Dolan show on Truth Out Radio. My first experience to the Spiritual-UFOs-Abductee-Synchronicity connection was Carla Turner around 5 years ago. I devoured all three of her books in a week. My life has not been the same since then. I just finished reading your essays: Owls and the UFO abductee and Synchronicity and the UFO abductee. As I was reading these essays I kept thinking in the back of my mind how I need to read Candy's books again. Literally the minute I finished your essay on Synchronicity and UFO abductee and returned to your site I saw this entry posted on Turner as your 500th posting. May be be nothing but very powerful to me. Thanks.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Brian:

These things emerge with such a sense of meaning. The synchronicity stuff is at the center of my own set of experiences and my lfe path.

I have been profoundly influenced by Dr. Turner's books, so I suspect I have framed some of my own writings with that as a foundation for my own thinking.

Mike C

Anonymous said...

Great link, Mike!

It's worth it for anyone new to the subject of ufology and abductions to listen/watch Karla Turner's presentations on youtube and to read her free PDF format books (her out-of-print paperbacks are going for hundreds of dollars on ebay).

I remember when I first read Karla's books, in the early 1990s, that I didn't know she'd already died. This was before common use of the internet. I was astounded. She shot to 'fame' in the rather closed world of ufology/abductions - so quickly with her books and about her personal experiences and investigations of other peoples experiences and then she was dead. When you see her in these youtube videos you'll notice that in about a year's time she appears to age -looking tired and haggard. Clearly she was under enormous stress.

Years later when I read about Karla and Barbara Bartholic (who Karla mentioned in this particular presentation you linked to, as they worked together) - not only was I disturbed by the quickness and aggressiveness of Karla's cancer but also Barbara Bartholic's strange death that followed -- a car crashed at a very high speed into her and her husband's vehicle- leaving him dead and Barbara seriously
injured. After months of arduous recovery Barbara then succumbed to a blood clot.

Barbara use to work with Jacques Vallee but he didn't want to go further in the abduction subject (which interested Barbara) so they amicably parted ways.

Barbara utilized a technique of sometimes repeating hypnosis when she suspected that the entities involved might have screen memories implanted in a person, effective even under hypnosis. She brought forth some horrifying regressions that initially were love&light space-brotherly recalls. The individuals sensed something more had gone on because of PTSD symptoms and sure enough there was more.

I've wondered what Karla Turner (and Barbara Bartholic) thought the aliens/entities were--their origins. Many speculate on the youtube commentaries but no one really knows. I have wondered if Karla was leaning towards jinn or even fallen angels/nephilim. But she never said or wrote about it. I do get the impression she was highly suspect of these entities being ETs because of their bad behavior towards humans & animals.

~ Susan

Trish said...

Fascinating comments, Mike. Love Turner's work.

Anonymous said...

What is the possible connections to the 60's hippy, ‘flower power’ era that Dr. Turner was alluding to here?

Jordon said...

Mike, I'm just curious--how do you know she was a smoker?

Mike Clelland! said...

During one of her talks she says: "I need a cigarette, so lets take a break..."

Red Pill Junkie said...

Belated congrats on your bloggaversary, Mike!

Lucretia Heart said...

I agree that Karla Turner was one of the very best of the researchers. An abductee with a curious and agile investigative mind.

Also-- happy 500th post anniversary1

Jordon said...

Does anyone know if her slides are still out there? Some of the drawings and pictures she talks about in the lecture sound terribly fascinating. I would love to see them.
Also, I thought it very odd that there was no mention of Turner in Bartholic's book "Story of a UFO Investigator". Anyone know why?