Monday, January 14, 2013

Abduction Diaries

This is a cable TV documentary from 2002. There are a collection of people telling their experiences on camera. There are some rather lame cut-aways to blurry reenactments, but those aren't too intrusive. Each of these people are compelling and they tell some emotional stories.

This documentary is in 5 parts with German sub-titles.

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Gafr said...

Thanks for posting this. The most interesting thing that jumped out at me was a comment from the younger woman near the end, when she likens the whole alien contact scenario to watching your neighbor dump trash on their lawn, and feeling like you have to warn them before they bury themselves in garbage. Last night, I was listening to one of the podcasts you posted about recently (the September 26b episode, specifically), and they (discussing Strieber's The Key, which I haven't read) quoted the Master of the Key as saying something to the effect that we'll end up "suffocating in our own garbage." So there's an interesting connection.