Monday, December 10, 2012

Audio conversation with Chase Kloetzke

Chase is, among a lot of other things, a UFO field investigator. For the first hour of this interview we look into a very strange set of events in a muddy cornfield with several other witnesses. I had heard her mention this story in some other podcast, and I was amazed at the intensity, and I wanted to understand it better. We look at this one experience in great detail.

Recently, Chase left her role at MUFON after 15 years as a Field Investigator and Star Team manager. We talk about the serious problems at that very political organization and why she felt the need to leave.

2 hours / 30 minutes

For more information on her experiences and what others have been through, I’m going to suggest a series of informative interviews from Jerry Pippin under the title MUFON UNDER SIEGE. You’ll hear Chase tell her demoralizing experiences within that organization. You’ll also hear from Elaine Douglas former Utah state directors for MUFON. Both Chase and I are forced to conclude that MUFON has been infiltrated from the top down by some government agency with an unknown agenda.

Chase is also the host of the audio show Project White Paper, and co-host of Encounters, both on the Global Radio Alliance. She also started (along with Lorin Cutts) something called The Resistance. This is an organization meant to promote on-line grass roots organizations to counteract the venomous way that mainstream news is dealing with the UFO phenomenon.

Visit Chase’s site HERE.


happytobe said...

The interview is powerful, an absolute best!

Red Pill Junkie said...

Very interesting case, that one in Tennessee.

It also definitely looks as is MUFON's time has come to follow the way of NICAP, with government infiltrators bent on terminating the organization from the inside.

Perhaps that was Bigelow's intentions all along when he started funding the Star team.

I would very much like Richard Dolan to expand on this on his next book on UFO history.

happytobe said...

One point about the entity, if that's what it was -- it didn't move, it didn't say "Boo." If you or I do not want to frighten a animal we come across in the forest, especially if it is looking at us, we remain still. As soon as we move, the animal is likely to run. My point is that the entity's lack of movement indicates it was not trying to frighten anyone. The fear may have come from encountering the unknown, and not have been intended as frightening. It (or they) could have made the situation a lot worse.

Anonymous said...

Nice interview.

tinyjunco said...

Thank you Mike and Chase for a really excellent interview. You've done a solid outline of the TN experience, as well as documented MUFON's appalling disregard for investigator safety.

As soon as i read ' very strange set of events in a muddy cornfield with several other witnesses' two ufo cases came to mind. As i listened to the podcast, my instincts were confirmed and indeed Chase's TN encounter has many similarities to these two cases. The two i'm thinking of also resulted in mass alteration of witness consciousness/reality with incerdible fear, panic, entities.....

that MUFON would deliberately send volunteers out to encounter these experiences with NO TRAINING or COUNSELING as to what to expect, how to deal with a consciousness-altering 'object(?)' either during the alteration or afterwards, any advice on how to stabilize one's consciousness during such an encounter so as to avoid emotional/intellectual breakdown or (as happened in one case) violence or physical accident -

well it shows they are either completely reckless or willfully ignorant. The two cases i'm thinking of are Jacque Valle's Happy Camp case documented in his book Confrontations, and 'The Night An Occupant Was Shot' from 'The Edge of Reality' By J. Allen Hynek and Vallee.

These are not obscure books or obscure authors. These books are OLD - Confrontations published in 1990, Edge of Reality in 1975 - over THIRTY YEARS AGO!!!! There is No Excuse for MUFON behaving in this way, altho as Chase pointed out re: hazardous materials they apparently are completely cavalier with regard to volunteer's health, safety, and staying out of jail (!).

Again, i am just appalled. And, once again, where are the resources for witnesses? So many 'investigators' and 'researchers' don't even grasp the depth of the encounter's impact on witness' lives, and how inept 'investigation' can cause even worse troubles. I would urge any witness to stay as far away from MUFON as possible.

Thank you Mike and Chase for a very informative and important talk. steph

tinyjunco said...

edited to add " well as documented MUFON's appalling disregard for investigator AND WITNESS safety."

also - Chase's description of her unblinking, unmoving entity hellped me realize an interesting feature of a small person i saw prior to a missing time event i had years ago. I was walking down the street near my home, when suddenly i heard my name called, someone asked 'what time is it?' (both voices came from places where there was no person i could see), the bells at a church several blocks away started chiming (they sounded much closer than they were tho), and my eyes fell on a small person about 1 to half a block away from me on the sidewalk on the same side of the street.

In the next instant, the small person was gone, and all the 'echoes' from all that noise was gone as well. (i played in a youth orchestra for many years, so i'm very familiar with noise 'hanging' after it's ceased.) It was also apparent that it was about 45 minutes later than it had been. i knew there'd been a time lapse right then, but it took me years to realize how i knew - the shadows had moved further along due to the sun's course. This is a stretch of street i walked every day for 3-4 years, so i knew it inside and out.

Chase's description of the entity being so absolutely unmoving let me identify that this was one of the eerie things about my 'little guy' as well. He just looked like a regular person, but maybe only four feet tall. He was dressed scruffily, with raggedy hair and beard. He faced away from me at an angle, with his hands in his pockets.

I also realized that the other weird thing was that he was floating maybe 3-5" off the ground. Hard to notice, but enough to make you feel something is definitely off.


Merlyn's Apprentice said...

I have listened to most of the interviews on this site now. It has been such a liberating experience to realize other people have and are experiencing similar events. I have remained an outsider up until recently. (which actually helped me confirm what i am going through is "for real"... because i have had these experiences without influence and, even though they are unique, they share amazing similar patterns to so much that is out there. Anyhow, THANK YOU MIKE!

It's funny, i skipped over this one up until now because i saw "MUFON". I am so glad i was wrong in my assumption it would be "lights in the sky." (when you've been to third base... first base isn't as exciting, ha!)

Although my life events/experiences have been mostly of the "very strange" variety, i did have one major event that actually fits the "typical" abduction scenario and her story reminded me so much of elements of my event. I say "my event", but it was shared by two very close friends.

I'll take a minute to share in brief detail. The three of us were hanging out at a local dam as we often did as teens. On our way back to our truck, three silent, VERY bright flashes of light went off in rapid succession. Immediately following these bright flashes we found ourselves babbling incoherently and wandering around. This lasted for about 10-15 seconds. One of my friends was actually rocking back and forth on the pavement in the fetal position (where as seconds prior we were walking directly towards the vehicle)

The similarity with this story to Chase's was the "synthetic" fear. We had been walking and laughing prior to the flashes, but I was the first to shake the fear/babbling and i grabbed my friend and screamed "What the f#@K just happened!?!?" "WHAT WAS THAT? WHAT WAS THAT!?" I was terrified to my core.

We ran to the truck and drove home. None of us said much other than a "No really dude, what was that?" peppered in to the silence.

One of my friends was grounded for being an hour and a half late... even though we KNOW we left in plenty of time for him to be home on time.

It was the summer of 1993.

Red Pill Junkie said...

@ Merlyn's:

Where was this?

Mike Clelland! said...


Thanks for the kind words.

I have spoken about this before, and it feels like it is important for me to recognize that I have a responsibility to address this subject with as much honesty and depth as I can.

I have had a consistent "thread" that connects much of the feedback I've received.

There are people out there who have had experiences, that are filled with doubt. Add to that confusion, disbelief and fear. These folks are ME. Or, they are the ME I was a few years ago.

This is who I tailor my written work and audio interviews toward. These people who "maybe" have had an experience.

( "maybe" = "probably" )

Mike C

Merlyn's Apprentice said...

@ RPJ ... small town New England

@ Mike ... you've done exactly what you've set out to do. Because i am late to the game, I am coming at this from a "retrospective" point of view, in that i am hearing your old and new material all at once. I have noticed that in the older interviews you add more qualifiers to your personal stories. The newer interviews have you speaking of your experiences with less doubt and more clarity. It seems you have moved from maybe to probably to admittedly on a personal level. :)

With that said, i am adding two more stories to this thread. It's easy to say this first one definitely happened because there really isn't anything "paranormal" about it, but it sure is telling on a psychological level.

It was early spring 1987. I was 11 years old and home alone waiting for my dad to get home from work. On TV i saw commercials for Entertainment Tonight (ET). They were talking about a book that was flying off the shelves. It was about a man who claimed contact with alien beings. They said the cover of the book had a depiction of one of the aliens. They used this as the teaser and left me hanging. (It was Communion by Whitley Strieber)

The tease worked on me. I was very excited about this and made popcorn and turned it into a mini event. (hey, i was 11 and we had 3 channels on tv... it was the 80s and times were different ;)

Anyhow, when the segment finally came on and they showed the cover, I flipped out. I spilled the entire bowl of popcorn on the floor and ran from the house barefoot into the cold night. I spent 45 minutes in the cold dancing and shuffling around to try and keep my feet from freezing to the pavement but refusing to go back inside. I spun around and around expecting "giant ants" to come out of the woods from behind me.

When my dad's headlights finally came into the driveway i forced myself back to reason. I knew i couldn't tell him what happened so i made up a story about how i thought I heard someone at our back door and told him i hadn't been outside for long.

I should add that i wasn't the type of kid who scared easily. I loved horror/sci fi movies. Poltergeist... Jaws. none of this phased me (much) But that few seconds of looking at the cover triggered immense fear of the variety that was the topic of this conversation.

Merlyn's Apprentice said...

Story 2: (i have so many but we are talking about fear and these have fear front and center.)

I was 12 and it was summer. In the summers i slept in a giant screen house in our backyard. My dad had built it with rough cut lumber and when it was warm i slept out in the fresh air listening to the crickets and frogs.

I had a habit of crossing the yard and sneaking into the house for a late night snack when i saw the lights from the house had all gone out.

On the night of this event the moon was bright. As i crossed the back yard i heard a rustle of leaves among the trees of the backyard. Our backyard was clear of overgrowth and all that remained was large hardwood so it was easy to see quite far into the woods. I stopped and stared into the woods looking for the source of the noise.

Then i saw it. Behind a tree was the outline of a bent leg protruding from the base of the tree. Someone was sitting behind it with their back against it. I rubbed my eyes to make sure i wasn't seeing things. The leg moved! its owner was clearly trying to adjust it so as not to be seen.

"Shane?" I asked the darkness as i slowly backed away towards the house. Then i remembered my friend had gone away and wasn't in town. Panic started to set in, and i started to judge the distance to my backdoor vs. the distance to the person behind the tree. "Who is there?"

And that's when it happened. The owner of the leg behind the tree let out a howl. It was a cry that sounded like the mix between a wolf and a fisher cat.

I ran so fast. Total terror. We had a back deck with a set of 4 stairs and i had so much adrenaline that i didn't use a single one. I jumped clearly from the bottom platform directly onto the deck and ran inside.

Now, the funny part of this story is i cant end it. You would think that i woke my parents? Turned on the back light and stood at the door? Nope. I cant remember anything beyond reaching the door. I assume i just went to bed inside, because that is where i found myself the next day.

Through the years i have asked my neighbors if they played a joke on me. Everyone I asked had no idea what i was talking about. It was a small town and i ran out of suspects pretty quickly.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Merlyn's Apprentice:

Thanks for sharing. These stories are quite telling.

Have you ever written these stories down (I mean, beyond this comment section?)

That is the only advice I feel I can really give anyone, write these experiences down. Put dates on them as best you can, and just keep a set of files (or diary entries) and don't judge them.

If you have more, i am very interested to hear 'em.

Mike C

Sphinx Magoo said...

I was going through the archives and I found that a lot of Ms. Kloetzke's links have dried up. I get 404 errors when I go to her website. Are there any legitimate updates to where I can find her latest work? I tried looking her up on Facebook and the recent posts look kind of suspicious.

It was a really good interview, by the way. I have one thought about the being that she saw on the night of the encounter. Is it possible that it was there as a kind of scarecrow? I mean, the event kind of reminded me of a Haunted Hike that local places put on around Halloween, especially with the idea that the scare might have been artificially induced. I just wondered if the event had been orchestrated, the sighting of the being is just the sort of thing that thing that would have been timed to appear in a horror movie or scary show. The being might not have even been a living creature, but was placed there to make sure Ms. Kloetzke and the other witness kept running.

Thank you for the show.

Sphinx Magoo said...
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