Friday, November 30, 2012

Bridget Nielsen and her hybrid children

Kirk Nielsen and his daughter Bridget

I spoke with Bridget Nielsen for over an hour today. She has just started a website, Hybrid Children Community. I sought her out because of this video (above), I just found it so curious. All the elements in her story are things I have heard before from other people. The difference with her is that she is just so smiley about the whole thing. It left me more than a little curious. After talking with her, I am sort of shocked at the speed of the life events that brought her to this place, posting youtube videos of her experiences. What she is saying that I've heard from plenty of others. The fact that she is declaring it so publicly is what I find fascinating.

When I asked her about this on the phone, she simply replied, "I need to speak my truth."

Also, my middle name is Nielsen. This was my mother's maiden name.


Meghan M said...

Ahhhhhh, okay fine. I will say it. Posted at... 11:22.

Ah, phooey. Meaningless synchronicity.

Anonymous said...


Are you aware that Kirk and his "daughter" Bridget are complete frauds? You should invest about $500 and attend one of their "Oneness Of Us" retreats. By the way, it's really creepy that you called her after watching that YouTube video. I'm sure she was super sweet to you. That's how they operate.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Anonymous:

I am not making any claims for this young woman's experiences.

Question for you: Why did you put "daughter" in quotes?

I briefly looked at the 'Oneness Of Us' site, and it adds something else to the overall picture. I will say that as I move along this path, i've met a lot of people who provide retreats and ask for payment. The costs associated with the retreats are actually in line with similar kinds of programs.

And as you thinking it's creepy that i called her after watching her videos - please know - I am doing research to try to understand my own experiences and the overall phenomena. I call a lot of people after reading their books or seeing them on-line.

So, I don't see it as "creepy" I see it as completely normal for what I've been doing.

Mike C

Chris R said...

I have to admit they record more as a couple than father/daughter. With that being said I'm with Mike on his one; you cannot knock people for making a living. Five-hundred bucks is about the going rate for those sort of things. NOW with all of this being said, there is something insincere about her that I cannot put my finger on. Maybe it is her overall cheerful disposition to the whole abduction thing? It is quite possible though that I am overthinking this and being a judgmental baby.

Lord Jim said...

I, too, thought that either they are father and daughter and are sleeping together -- or they are not father and daughter.

Anonymous said...

I have had contactee experience and been exposed to the alien phenomenon for many years. I have known multiple abductees, some very closely. For the most part their experiences, similar to Bridgets, were very negative and disturbing. I have known women literally traumatized by 'harvesting' and reproductive experiments, which also at times included a form of what I can only call 'astral rape' or 'psychic rape.'
My blog describes many of my own experiences along with research into the whole phenomenon, as well as details about the many UFO cults and groups I came in contact with over the years.
Hybridchildrencommunity is discussed in this particular article towards the end of part 1 and in part 2:

Unknown said...

Targeted individuals find this all extremely disturbing , and the most horrific human rights violations against their lives, comparing it to a silent holocaust , extremely disturbing !

Unknown said...

Read THE INVISABLE CRIME by Michael F Bell

Normal people don't like to be abductees , raped , and experimented on by you hybrids