Saturday, August 11, 2012

tiny german house

Over four years ago I read a weird set of stories in the PARACAST forums and something about them really stuck with me. I just searched them out and re-read the same creepy accounts, and they still had the same enigmatic power.

The stories are linked HERE. I am posting his first two experiences below. I edited the text very slightly.

The author wrote under a pseudonym (Ben), and hasn’t posted anything on that site in over three years. He shares a few more very telling experiences later in that same series of posts.

Below are two post from Ben, both from July 30, 2008.

I had an experience while stationed in Wildflecken Germany in 1989.

My squad was on a recon mission out in the forest - we were at least an hour from any civilization, when we came across a tiny house. It looked just like any other German house in the villages, but it stood about three feet tall. There was moss growing on the stones, and on the tile roof - it had the stucco looking upper walls, with the wood cross beams.

There were about 7 of us in the squad, including our squad leader. A couple of guys walked up to the house, and started to look in the windows, and reached for the front door to open it. Before he could, the squad leader told him to stand-down, and to not touch it.

The house was a real house - not a doll house, or a prop of some sort. It looked lived in. The windows had drapes, and the door had a tiny handle. We walked around the tiny house. I personally looked into a window and saw drapes; I don't remember seeing inside though. None of us touched it because we were told explicitly not to.

We were miles and miles away from even a dirt road. The weirdest part about it all was that after we were told to stand-down, we sat down and ate lunch there - we were about 8 feet from it the whole time we were eating. Then, as if we didn't see anything, we were told to get back into recon mode, and continue the training mission. We went off into the forest, and nobody brought it up again until about a month later when I asked my roommate if he remembered seeing the house, and he said yes, but that was it - no more conversation. To my knowledge, there weren't any photos taken.

I have a friend that just went to Iraq, and while he was in training, a sergeant told his group about seeing a "miniature house" in the middle of the forest while in Germany, that freaked him out pretty bad. I am, looking for an explanation, or anybody else that has seen something like this.


Shortly after I got out of the Army in 1991, I was staying at my parent's house in the country. There are only 2 houses on the road (1.5 miles long). My best friend lived in a town that was 20 minutes away. We had plans to meet at his house, and then go downtown; it was a Saturday night.

I spoke with my friend at about 8:00 pm, and told him that I was "walking out the door" and would be there in about 20 minutes. He told me to make it quick, because he was ready to leave.

I remember leaving the house and pulling out of the driveway. It was just starting to get a little dark outside. I drove about a half of a mile down the road before I saw a huge whitish-grey owl standing in the middle of the road. It was about three feet tall. I don’t remember hitting it or anything like that – just seeing it standing there in front of the car.

The next thing I remember was pulling into the drive of my friend’s house. It was dark out, and when I went it, my friend was furious. He said, “Where in the ---- have you been? You said you were leaving right away!”

I told him that I did leave right away.

To which he replied, “It’s after 10!”

I started to tell him what happened, but as soon as the words three foot owl came out, I felt like an idiot. I ended up apologizing for being late, and we left.

I was sober up until that point, then I drank to get rid of the uneasy feeling I had in the pit of my stomach.

I remember reading a book that talked about missing time a few years later, and when I saw that it said stuff about whitish-grey owls, rabbit, deer, etc. were normal, I almost threw up.


Mike Clelland! said...

More (from Ben) from that same series of posts:

My brother and our neighbor saw a huge silent white light coming down the highway while playing in the front yard as kids. When it got within 20 or 30 feet from them, it shot up into the sky.

My brother ran in the house to tell our parents, and the neighbor ran to his own house. I went outside with my parents (I was bout 8, my brother 11), and we all saw the light in the sky - the kids, and both sets of parents.

The light was in the sky above an abandoned farm house behind ours about a quarter of a mile. It was making geometrical shapes, and blinking at the angles; it would make a triangle, and blink bright in each of the three corners, and then make a square, and so on. This went on for about 10 minutes, then it came down by the abandoned house, and we didn't see the light anymore. 

The next day, the kid that lived on the other side of the farm house said a bright light woke him up in the night - and that it was going down the lane by the abandoned house. 

On another occasion, I was about 13, and walking with my best friend to his house. We lived in an appartment / townhouse complex, and were walking between the buildings. 

It was a clear night, and we were looking up while walking and talking. At the same time, we noticed two balls of light, about the size of an m&m if you held it out in your hand. they were about three feet away from each other (respectively) and moving very slowly back and forth in tandom. They moved parallel to each other. After about 5 minutes, they shot off and looked like shooting stars. I remember hearing a low humming sound.

They moved about half of the distance of the sky before they went back the other direction several times, so I know that it was not commets.

I do not recall any conversation with my friend after the fact, which is a little odd.

Ben, Aug 1, 2008

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

We have a mysterious light phenomena in Australia called the Min Min lights.

It is legendary over here.
There are even songs written about them.Not that I have seen them,but they a found further north to where I live.

Red Pill Junkie said...

The mini house part was very interesting

BrianCShort said...

There is something just so beautifully and poetically surreal about the story of the small house – really, because it was treated so officially, or officiously, as something so blase almost. Who can make up stuff like this?

Trish said...

As always, I learn something here. The miniature, totally creepy!

Dovie said...

I love the miniature house. I think the elves, devas, nature sprites and faeries live there. There is something magical about life that those in control do not want us to discover or know about. If we listen to Mother Nature, she will tell us about her magical ways, and of those she works through.