Thursday, July 19, 2012

audio conversation with Charis Melina Brown

Too New-Agey? Too bad, it's part of the overall phenomenon.

There is a pattern of young women coming forward with their experiences in a really bold way. Charis is a perfect example of one of these women, and she like the others, calls herself a Star-Seed.

Charis seems to match a sub-group of human kind that Dolores Cannon writes about in her book The Three Waves of the Volunteers and the New Earth. Charis fits neatly into the third wave. I’ll add that I seem to fit into the second wave, as does Charis’ father. We talk spend a lot of time talking about these separate waves of people with very telling UFO experiences.

three hours long!

Charis had a profound awakening experience just two years ago, so it was very recently that she realized how her life has been intertwined with alien and other worldly visitors. In that very short time she went from a grad student studying psychology to someone with a passionate mission. She has written two books, done dozens of youtube videos and started giving intuitive readings and holistic consultations. She also teaches yoga and meditation.

Her two books are Journal of a Starseed and Instruction of a Starseed. The first book documents her own life and awakening. The second is a continuation of the story, including an back-and-forth dialog with an ET being she calls the Rhythm Teacher. Here's her website!

Also, I've repeatedly stated that these audio interviews are my therapy, and this one really IS therapy! During the audio, Charis plays the role of intuitive, and gives me a psychic reading.



Lord Jim said...

A good interview. I found that she was very well spoken and had some unique and interesting things to say.

travis said...

i get a lot of 11:11 synchronicities, and just as she started giving her definition of 'starseed' i happened to look down at my ipod and the time was 11:11.
just thought i'd share that..

travis said...

AND I just unlocked my ipod again to pause the recording and go get a drink of water, and the time was 11:22 (another time synchronicity i get a lot)

happytobe said...

So, I'm listening to the interview and at the same time checking articles on surveillance technology, and it occurs to me that all the surveillance will not accomplish the control sought. Not because of anything said in the interview specifically, but that such conversations are occurring. Consciousness has it's own plans.

A six hour interview in three hours; fast talkers. I didn't expect to listen to all of it, but got hooked.

Very good! Thanks!

Red Pill Junkie said...

Just finished listening to the interview. I think I need to look into a mirror, and no doubt I'll find some new gray hairs in my beard 'cause Boy did this make me feel OLD.

Srsly, I feel like the Venerable Jorge in the movie The Name of the Rose, all self-righteous and angry at the impertinence of William of Baskeville, and I don't want that. I really don't!

But it's just that all this unsolicited use of terms —vibrational, activation, interdimensional, Christ consciousness, etc— which are no doubt widely spread in the vocabulary of a specific subculture seems to be a bit... unsettling.

What do these words mean?

Equally unsettling seems the ingestion of a product that is promoted as a panacea —an EXPENSIVE panacea to boot! I just looked it up and a 1/2 oz. bottle of white powder gold costs 50 dollars.

Why do this remind me of the beliefs of ancient Taoists Chinese who used to eat powdered jade in order to achieve immortality —seen some of them around? Exactly.

Shouldn't we be mindful about the potential danger of these psychic communications, these so-called guides? After all, I don't expect Miss Melina Brown to go out and invite a complete stranger inside her place of residence; if doing so would be extremely risky, then riskier would be to invite someone —or something— inside your own mind?

To put it bluntly, how do we know these alien guides are not just the trolls of the Universe, posting useless ideas inside the channelers heads for the Lulz the same way their human counterparts post garbage comments on a Facebook page?

Let me introduce a little mental experiment I've been considering for quite a while: Suppose you are walking down the street and you stumble upon an elderly gentleman who stops you on your way to the store. This person is smartly dressed and has an affable expression; he salutes you and introduces himself:

Good afternoon, sir. My name is Louis, and I'm the king of France.

Would you believe the elderly gentleman?

Of course you wouldn't. Even if you have never set a foot in France, you can put enough stock in the available sources at your disposal —history books, newspapers, etc— to make the informed decision that this man is either crazy or lying.

Ok, now, let's change the scenario: You go walking down the same street, and suddenly you notice a strange faint buzzing sound. The sound grows louder and you finally look up and observe a shiny silvery disk hovering right in front of you. The disk grows larger and you realize it's actually coming down! It finally lands 10 feet away from you, and off the shiny craft comes a stunningly-looking woman with long blond hair and a shiny one-piece suit. The woman approaches you, and without opening her lips you hear a clear voice inside your head:

"Greetings. I am Semjase, and I hail from the Pleiades."

Now, I ask you: would you believe her?


Red Pill Junkie said...

(2nd part)

The reason of my concern is that I found a bit ironic how Miss Melina can quickly state that we shouldn't expect a person who is fanatical about anything to accurate or objective, while her own demeanor and dialog easily comes through —to an outsider like myself at least— as bordering on fanaticism as well.

Yes, organized religions are an impediment for acquiring knowledge, but so are too disorganized religions. And the 'Starseed' movement seems to be well on its way of becoming just that.

Or maybe I'm just haven't raised my vibrations high enough.

Still, I don't want to be all negative, and will conclude by stating I did manage to find a few things that I could agree with her:

*I find interesting the idea that codes and words can be infused with intent —yes, language is terribly limiting— that they could actually become living beings.

* The idea that UFOs are not 'assembled' machines but that are 'grown' is fascinating.

* The idea that we are all living 'cells' of God is something I equally suspect —note the emphasis.

I'm sorry that I ended up being the troll of the thread. It's just that I feel we shouldn't feel the need to keep feeding the Tim Minchins of the world. And I can assure that I'm trying real hard not to become a Minchin myself.



Brizdaz (Darren) said...

It's funny you should mention Tim Minchin,RPJ...and that is a great clip of Tim's.But here is a sync for you.As I'm listening to Mike's interview with Charis I'm also reading Lyall Watson's book
"The Dreams of Dragons".I'm only up to page 28 at the moment,the chapter is called "The Importance of Patterns" (which is a sync in itself,because I had only started reading that chapter when Mike mentions something about pattern).
Lyall was writing "Jung emphasized the importance of "meaniful coincidences",things that Arther Koestler was later to call "puns of destiny".
Now this gets weird.
( comment)

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

On March 29,2012 I did a post called
"How To Train Your Dragon?"

In that post is mentioned the line
"I've never met Sarah before,or seen her dance,except for some obscure Tim Minchin clip on You Tube a few years ago."
I mention that because she was discovered by Tim Minchin.She auditioned for a part in one of his live shows (which I have seen btw,but Sarah wasn't the dancer that night).
Sarah and Tim are good friends,and I'm friends with Sarah's mum Kim.

On March 27th,2012,I had done a post called "The Cosmic Egg and the Dragon."

You'll find this line in the post
" I also just recently purchased a secondhand edition of Lyall Watson's book "Supernature" after reading about him and the book in "The Holographic Universe".

Which was related to this post I wrote on Feb 26th,2012 called;
"Supernature Syncs".

where I mention "I've been reading "The Holographic Universe" as people who have read my last few posts would know."

Why was I reading "The Holographic Universe" ?

Because Mike brought it to my attention on his "Hidden Experince"
blog with his post on Talbot.

some other threads of the sync web you might want to check out are these posts;
"Katherine / Lyall Watson";

"My Night In Motherland";

and "SynchroniciTEA ???";

Let's see Tim give a scientific answer to all those "coincidences".
That's if he can understand my ramblings.-)

gheron said...

+1 to Red Pill Junkie.

Here's another side of Minchin

Some interesting alien based drama on radio four currently

Red Pill Junkie said...

To make my position clear:

The people who idolize Richard Dawkins bug me as much as the people who idolize Deepak Chopra —yet I can acknowledge when the 'other side' raise good points against the 'wooiest' elements of Alt world.

I myself advocate for the excluded middle in these types of disputes. And I know full well that ad-hominem attacks and derision do not an argument make.

And yes, even though I object to much of what they say, the Minchins and the Gervaises still make me laugh ;)

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I've just got to the point in the interview (1:46) where Mike asks "Have you ever heard of a book called
'The Holographic Universe'?

I rest my case.

Oh and the "Please prove you're not a robot" code is

123 anaescti

Red Pill Junkie said...

Well I'm sorry Darren my mate, but the fact alone that you're able to pay attention to an interview podcast while reading a book, clearly tells me you're an android or one of them BLOODY hybrids, so I'm calling MJ12 just to be on the safe!! ;)

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I was also singing
"A Bicycle Built For Two (Daisy, Daisy)",I might add.-)

BrianCShort said...

I really dug every minute of this monster interview. And your description of camping with only 1 bowl, 1 spoon struck me as the very essence of zen, insofar as I understand it (or don't) – minus any doctrines, form, or practice, I mean, that's it: being absolutely alive and right there.

tinyjunco said...

hola Miguel!! "What do these words mean?" not to be snippy, but "in vitro" does not mean "in the womb". it means "in glass", as in 'in a test tube', thus 'in vitro fertilization' for 'test tube' babies.

i'm about 1/4 of the way along. Charis is very nice and enthusiastic and i do very much appreciate how she lays out her opinions as such and explains how she came to them. however, i do find that at least some of her problems with 'the science community' come down to a misunderstanding of terms. not that there's not about the 'sci comm' to have problems with....

also the reincarnation researcher is Ian Stevenson. very worthwhile work to look into, and again i think Charis presented his ideas i a bit of a skewed way, but i'm off to the rivertown revival so must stop!

thank you again Mike, i'm really enjoying this interview. There are a LOT of people with similar beliefs here in norcal! take care, steph

tinyjunco said...

again, not to be nasty. it's just i've heard similar statements from people in circles here in norcal, and these beliefs are founded on false info.

all methods of birth control have failure rates, some quite high (like 10-25% even with perfect compliance). as they say, look it up. all three of 'us kids' were birth control failures too! steph

Red Pill Junkie said...

@ Junco:

*Scratching head* I never wrote 'in vitro'. I wrote Vibrational, which IMO is a loaded term which ultimately is meaningless, yet it's used and abused again and again among certain circles. Part of what I personally classify as 'Choprenglish' ;)

PS: OK, maybe not *completely* meaningless, but at least we should acknowledge the fact that much of these terms are only useful as METAPHORS, in order to grasp concepts that are too complex and abstract to tackle.

The problem I have is when some people take these metaphors too literally. THAT is when they turn into a belief system, and from that to a full-fledged Dogma it only takes one small step —coupled with a charismatic leader and the will to be accepted inside a social circle.

tinyjunco said...

Hullo RPJ!

oh heavens' sake, i was in a rush and i didn't write clearly - please accept my apologies.

i was quoting words spoken by Charis in the podcast, where she equates the words 'in vitro' with 'in the womb'. They do not mean the same thing at all, as i pointed out in my previous comment. So, in my inept manner i was trying to provide an additional example of the imprecise/flat out inaccurate use of words i have found to be very common in this cultural milieu.

That said, i've had many psychic experiences related to babies, pregnant ladies, gestation, etc. myself. The esoteric aspects of incarnation are fascinating, and frankly from what i've experienced just about anything is possible.

But that's just my experience. And i try to keep that separate from current scientific understanding, and i do my best to use words clearly so people have a somewhat precise idea of what i'm talking about, what facts/experiences support those ideas, and so on. (You can see how easy that is, and how well i do right here! ;)

RPJ said: "The problem I have is when some people take these metaphors too literally. THAT is when they turn into a belief system, and from that to a full-fledged Dogma it only takes one small step —coupled with a charismatic leader and the will to be accepted inside a social circle."

Miguel, you have hit the nail on the head here. I spent quite a bit of time in 'new age' circles in northern california in the 1990's and remember hearing about 'the ufo behind comet Hale Bopp' months before the Heaven's Gate tragedy.

Most of the people i knew in those circles believed that rumor and also believed that the 'ufo' was related to thier personal 'ascension'. Since then i'm quite obviously wary of imprecisions and putting stock in other people's psychic impressions (with no other collaborating info to support those impressions).

Again, Charis seems like a very nice lady with a tremendous, selfless, and heartfelt desire to help people. But i discourage any and all people from basing their beliefs solely on other people's experiences.

i hope this makes more sense! but i have my reservations.......Happy Sunday Everybody! steph

Red Pill Junkie said...

Happy Sunday, Steph. And gracias for the clarification :)

Merlyn's Apprentice said...

awwww.... she seems like a sweet kid, but i could only go as far as 5:47. I'm just too far down the field to catch these passes. :)