Wednesday, May 30, 2012

audio conversation with Preston Dennett

Author and researcher

I’ve always been intrigued by Preston Dennet. My only real exposure to him was from a few radio programs. My impression was that there was more going on than I was hearing in these short interviews. I mean, the guy has been researching UFOs for over a quarter of a century, he must have some ideas about what’s going on. That said, I feel like we both dug deep in this long conversation.

two hours and 30 minutes long

Preston Dennett began investigating UFOs and the paranormal in 1986 when he discovered that his family, friends and co-workers were having dramatic unexplained encounters. In the last 25 years he has interviewed hundreds of witnesses and investigated a wide variety of paranormal phenomena. He is a field investigator for MUFON, a ghost hunter, a paranormal researcher, and the author of fifteen books and more than 100 articles on UFOs and the paranormal. His website lined HERE.

Please note, if Preston, Leo Sprinkle and myself were all in the same room together it might be difficult to tell us apart.

Presentation on healings and the UFO phenomenon


Anya Is A Channel said...

Supposedly Preston researched a mass UFO abduction at a military base in Southern California in 1994 that supposedly was also the same camp that Aaron McCollum trained at and that I may have been sent to for something or other re: MILAB stuff. Intersting. Is it Pendleton? I forget the name of the place. Also interesting that he looks like you but is named Preston, kind of an unusual name and yet Preston Nichols is also connected to my story. HMMM! Oh, you need to check out my latest blog post, in it, there is a screaming banshee noice with horror movie soundtrack music behind it that "somehow" found its way on the air of an interview I was doing at the - get ready for it- 1:23:30 mark.

Mike Clelland! said...

Preston wrote a book about the CORONADO ISLAND multiple abduction case. It was on an island off the southern california coast. Six people were abducted at the same time, and some got implants.

This is the same island where the Navy Seals train.

(I think the above info is correct)

Anonymous said...

I have Preston's 'UFOs over Topanga Canyon' and read it a few years ago. I was impressed by the unusual variety of close encounters he reported from the people in that area. Not simply the standard gray beings floating through walls ect.

Another good interview Mike - I enjoyed the length of it too (haha)as I was up, unable to sleep, in the predawn hours earlier today. So I tackled some online work and paperwork while listening to you and Preston!

I haven't listened to your Barbara Lamb interview yet, but that's up next for me.

~ Susan

Red Pill Junkie said...

Nice interview. I liked the 'reluctant ambassador' definition as well. It pairs nicely with the Skywalker-esque Hero's journey ;)

And I also thank Preston for voicing his reasons to support hypnosis regressions, which is definitely not a PC move nowadays in the UFO community.

A follow-up on his OOBEs is definitely needed :)

Bright Garlick said...

Mike - this was a brilliant interview. My bells also went off when Preston said 'reluctant ambassadors' - that is so on the mark for me, as it seemed to be for you.

During this interview - so much resonated with me. The messages from ET's, the obsession, the movement through chanelling and healing with reluctance, the ET influences. I liked the way you stayed open to Preston's view of the benevolent nature of contacts. My favourite podcast interview of the last few years - period !

Well done Mike. Very enjoyable.

You are clearly playing an important role in waking people up to this greater phenomenon. I wonder if this was what the ET's asked you to do ?

Keep up the great work ! so important !!!

Laurence said...


i never saw this one coming but here you go. Read the book and kept checking on the official website till about a year ago. Now that this is out there.

Blue Aliens

the full length here:

The Scole Experiment

be well


Lord Jim said...

This was a great interview. Lots of breadth and depth. I enjoyed it.

Re: the comment above on hypnosis and the PC question. I think it's funny -- hilarious -- that there is any impulse towards orthodoxy whatsoever in this 'field', which is not so much a field as a hobby devoted to an elusive object. More like supernatural birdwatching. (You can insert the owls here, Mike.)

As an outsider to the whole thing, it's appalling and breathtaking to me that there are these knee-jerk swings of the pendulum back and forth between equal and complete unknowns: interplanetary vs. interdimensional; pro-hypnosis vs. anti-hypnosis; etc., etc. Nothing is really known about any of these things. You would think that in a community of pariahs there'd be a higher comfort level with people having independent opinions, frankly admitting what one doesn't know, etc. As if the emergence of UFO politics is going to help any of these mysteries be solved.

Ah, well.

Red Pill Junkie said...

It's definitely hilarious some times, James, and deeply frustrating other times.

But such are the pains of trying to reach a modicum of consensus among a group of neurotic iconoclasts. Because the truth of the matter is that most of those pariahs deep down long to be invited in the club of the cool kids, and be outsiders no more ;)

I find that again and again in Cryptozoological circles, where the mere mention of supernatural alternatives is met with a lot of contempt and disdain. Most Bigfoot hunters believe they're just a carcass away from mainstream recognition --if only that fraking Bigfoot would just drop dead already! :P

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Thanks for the link Laurence to that interesting doco on
The Scole Experiment
and the blue alien that they appeared to catch.