Saturday, February 18, 2012

a few different first person blogs, all with the same theme

I just found another on-line blog with first person stories and experiences about potential UFO contact. The author is is a woman named Eva, and the title of the blog is SEARCHING FOR TRUTH.

The postings include: UFO sightings, strange marks on her body, aliens and ghosts. There is even a post about OWLS! She shared a post where she answers a questionnaire directed at people who have questions about the UFO abduction phenomenon (linked HERE). I thought this was particularly interesting, and I resonated strongly with her answers.

I have been fascinated by these first-person blogs, and I have made an effort to share them when I find them. Right now, I'm digging thru her material and it all seems quite familiar.


Here's another site with a set of first person narratives about the UFO contact phenomenon. The author is a woman named Suzanne, and she has more than a little bit in common with me and my experiences. Her stories are shared at a blog titled RANDOM ALIEN BRAIN DROPPINGS.

Suzanne and I have spoken on the phone a few times, and I trust her stories. In her blog she talks about memories from childhood, psychic experiences and UFO sightings.

Over the years, I've been amazed at these on-line blogs, and I've tried to document them. If anyone out there can direct me to more of them, please let me know! They are all listed with the label fellow bloggers.

Here's another one from a Canadian man named Todd. There is a lot of information crammed into this site, titled TAKEN BY THE GRAYS.

I just found this site, titled ABDUCTIONS IN LOS ANGELES. The information in this blog is extremely thourough, with personal experiences catagorized in a formal way. The author also includes a sort of check-list with each experience noted. This list includes: State of Mind Before, State of Mind After, Odd occurrences Before,  Odd occurrences After and Possible Influential Factors. I feel these are extremely important (and overlooked) factors.



dboy said...

hey there mike, not sure if you caught this link when i put it up at secretsun fb page, but i suppose that the posts could be regarded as right up your alley so to speak.

radio-jack said...

hi I like your blog heres a couple of blogs :)