Saturday, December 24, 2011

LIFTED (animated short from Pixar)

UFO abduction has seeped into our collective pop-culture so completely that mainstream kids cartoons can present the narrative without a single word of dialogue.


Red Pill Junkie said...

I seriously suspect those Pixar dudes are all aliens.

And their planet, is Awesomex-5 ;)

Exopolitik Niedersachsen said...

Don't forget the ufo abduction set from LEGO:
Watch out, the UFO’s illuminated tractor beam is fired up to capture the farmer!

Mike Clelland! said...

I got a couple of WHITE OWL emails after this post, the details are interesting:

When it was close we could see it was a white Owl, It passed directly overhead, totally silent (as you'd expect - they do that) and it seemed as if that silence applied to the [nearby ocean] waves and even my breath although I might well have been holding my breath at that moment.

- From a guy named Mike C, professional illustrator, born 1962, UFO sighted in 1974 that passed over his house, blogger (former)…

I did keep on seeing that owl I saw I mentioned to you way back in March… I asked a question and [right then] saw the owl swoop down. Well, its the size of a Great Horned Owl, but I could swear its white, or at least light colored enough to pass as white under full moonlight… I don't know that a white owl that bigs exists in my area of the country. I've yet to see it long enough to see more than a huge white owl-shaped thing coming and going like a ghost. It always surprises me because I can't hear it coming or anything.

- From Lucretia Heart - interviewed last year HERE -