Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chris Holly writes about personal memories

The title of her post is: Why I Write About the UFO Alien Subject

This is an excellent essay where researcher Chris Holly shares a personal experience when she was 14 years old. Note that she tells of her parents being angry with her for being out so late, I have a similar memory. Also, she uses the term "compelled" to describe why she is writing about these issues now. I've also used that very same term to describe my own need to write this on-line blog.


Trish said...

Just read about this on the anomalist. Synchro!

Anonymous said...

Chris Holly's physical after effects were quite similar to mine as a child (and the other people who had the CE w/me). This occured in 1964 - close to the year Chris had her particular CE she wrote of.

Eye irritation(conjunctivitis), 'sunburn'/skin rash, fatigue.

Reading other accounts from the 1960s (and 1950s) these physical reactions weren't unheard of. But since that time period, I haven't heard much about such symptoms (especially the eye and skin irritations).

~ Susan