Monday, October 31, 2011

audio conversation with Alan Caviness

Researcher, astronomer and experiencer.

I found Alan's website (linked HERE) when I googled Owls & UFOs, and this took me to a fascinating report titled The Owl & Deer Incidents. This report was written in such a careful and thorough way, that it intrigued me to dig deeper into his site.

As I read more, I realized that Alan is more than just a researcher, he's also an abductee. This combination is fascinating to me, and I realized I needed to interview him.

One-click audio down-load HERE
One-hour / 59 minutes

We cover a wealth of subjects including: UFOs, owls, the abduction phenomenon, synchronicities, military involvement, the term "compelled" and it's implications, and trying to remain objective as a researcher.

Here are a series of links that we address during our conversation:


Anonymous said...

I really, really enjoyed this interview, Mike. It's great that you reached out to someone who isn't a brand name. Alan seems such a kind and considerate soul as well as a very good researcher. I liked his thought processes concerning the phenomenon.

Having never had experiences that seemed related to abduction, aliens, whathaveyou, but many of a paranormal nature and accompanied by synchronicity, I was struck with many things he said I've come to understand outside of abduction events.

If one is thoughtfully seeking, one is given time to absorb the event before experiencing another. If one asks that they stop for a while, they oblige. All paranormal events, once one accepts them as real, become tailored to the individual and his meanderings into the subconscious as well as what may be a superconsciousness, the world from which these entities seem to perform.

Just wanted to stress that any series of paranormal events outside of the abduction scenarios produce the same results, if taken far enough. While I would never negate abductions as real, the forces at play don't seem to negate any venue themselves. At least that's where I find myself at this time.


Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Carol:

I get the sense that anyone truly on a spiritual journey will encounter synchornicities.

This would include spiritual, personal growth, religious, past life, etc, etc, etc.

I am amazed at how the UFO thing fits into these other molds in such a tidy way.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed myself, Mike. UFOs can't be discounted, but it seems they are part of a much larger picture.

My first sighting seemed highly staged. A sort of Red Baron, single engine plane buzzed my husband and I twice before we saw a white, cylindrical ufo pass us by overhead. The front end seemed hidden behind a heat signature and the ufo passed its way into the only cloud in the sky, never to be seen again. The plane was as mystifying as the white craft.

That started for us a journey into our minds which seemed to have nothing to do with ufo related matters, but the event seems to have ramped up our sensitivities to other phenomenon. Where we were sensitive beings before the event, the sighting seemed to encourage us to expand our awareness of high strangeness.

I'm always wondering what's next. Don't you wonder the same?


Red Pill Junkie said...

>"If you want to find a UFO contactee, talk to a Native American."

Wasn't Chris O'Brien the one who said that?

Really nice interview, Mike. I enjoyed many of the things Alan had to share --and maybe it's just me, but I kinda sense that the number '4' is deeply connected to his particular journey...

Re. the 1989 incident of 2 missing F-14s in Puerto Rico: I remember that back in the early 90s there was this alleged Puerto Rican abductee named Amaury Rivera promoting a series of photographs showing an F-14 flying near a big circular UFO, which he later said 'engulfed' the fighter plane. The photos looked kind of fishy and it seems that several researchers deemed them as hoaxes; yet Alan's story seems to indicate these sort of confrontation actually took place --could it be the photos were part of a disinformation campaign?

I also liked Alan's speculation re. the subconscious, and how we might be having a much richer experience with these entities in that 'realm'. It kind of resonates with some of my own personal musings, which I put forth in my blog at TDG.

"Knowledge can be like medicine, or it can be like poison." Couldn't agree more with that statement, and it might be the reason why Budd wasn't able to put you under when you tried the hypnosis regression --i.e. you weren't ready yet to open that particular door at that particular moment of your journey.

Mike Clelland! said...

RPG posted the above at 11-1-11 at 1:23

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Trish said...

Mike - have you read Leslie Kean's book? It's a stunner.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Very impressive conversation.
I've bookmarked Alan's site and will be heading over to take a look soon.
Great "chance" find Mike.