Thursday, September 8, 2011

audio conversation with Sesh Heri

Sesh Heri is the author of a fascinating book titled THE HANDPRINT OF ATLAS. The book is a study of topographical emergence, a term he coined to better understand the deeper meaning of ley lines and their impact on our consciousness. We mostly focus on this book and his remarkable conclusions, but the more interesting aspect to this story is how his research is all wrapped up in his own personal journey. Add to this his fiction trilogy of fantastic realism and the overall result is absolutely fascinating.

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two hours / 30 minutes

Ley lines, Synchronicities, UFO experiences, ancient Egypt, Atlantis, intuition, psychic events, Spontaneous Human Combustion, Coral Castle, Lord Byron the poet, owls, Walter Bosley, Disneyland, Alfred Watkins, Nicola Tesla and consciousness are all intertwined in this interview.

I encourage that you listen to two other audio interviews, one with Greg Bishop on RADIO MYSTERIOSO and the other with Don Ecker on DARK MATTER.

Here is a link to all of Sesh's his books.

We also talk about Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) and the content of a book titled ABLAZE. Here's a link to a cool interview with the author, Larry Arnold.

Also, at the very end of the interview we talk about my own odd experiences with a series of lines on a map. These events were part of this conversation, and Sesh was truly insightful in a way that helped me along this curious path. All my blog postings about the map HERE. These essays have a lot of images, and it might help to look at 'em while we talk.

The mysterious Coral Castle plays a pivotal role 
in Sesh's life journey. Plus, the beautiful voice of Leonard Nemoy.



Red Pill Junkie said...

Woooow! @_@

So many interesting things discussed. I've been fascinated with Ley line ever since I read 'Los Ovni y la Arqueología de México' (UFOs and Mexican Archeology) when I was in my teens. In the book there was a map showing many ancient mesoamerican sites in the Mexican republic in perfect alignment. I've been thinking about reproducing that map with Google maps, but my tendency to procrastinate has always come in the way :(

That same book also mentioned the idea that ancient Mexican pyramids acted as 'energy capacitors', storing teluric energy and channeling through the use of water tunnels. So we're seeing Ley lines, pyramids and water all linked somehow.

Also, thanks Mike for plugging that video about Coral Castle. I'd never heard about it and find it incredibly fascinating. As a Latin American, it's impossible not to think of Easter Island, and the enigmatic megalithic Moais, which were said to have been moved through the use of Mana, a mysterious psychic energy that might be amplified thanks to Ley lines —the map shown in the second video seems to indicate Easter island converging with some Ley lines. Also, this Edward character, with his short stature and slim complexion, is almost suggestive of an hybrid!

Sesh definitely needs to come back a second time :)

PS: You know, that quote you read out loud from Castañeda is the same one I printed at the beginning of my college thesis, along with another quote from a book entitled 'A 33,000 pies' (at 33,000 feet) by J.J. Benítez.

Those two books help me as anchor during a point in my life when I was very close to succumb into despair —and a very foolish use of a razor blade...

Laurence said...


I first heard of lye lines back in New Hampshire in the mid 80s while learning about america's Stonehenge, that is there.

But more to the point, you got a hold of sesh! Now get him an Walter Isley together and have a full weekend of podcasting....

Fantastic, looking forward to more of this.

Be well


Laurence said...

Sorry , but the ipad's auto correct is a cause of great frustration.. That is "ley " lines, and the name is Walter Bosley..., if you could correct those would be greatly appreciated.

Trish said...

Can't wait to listen to this! Sounds like it's right up my line. Thanks for posting, Mike.

Mike Clelland! said...

Quick NOTE:

The psychic I talk about at the end of this interview is none other than Anya Briggs. I didn't use her name, and I apologize.

H4ck3rm1k3 said...

I am trying to contact sesh,
I saved his wikipedia article:
it needs updating.

H4ck3rm1k3 said...

I am trying to contact sesh,
I saved his wikipedia article:
it needs updating.