Sunday, August 14, 2011

similar thoughts from a reader

Below are a few sentences from an email I received yesterday, it came in as I was drawing the owl image for the post below.

I’m sharing this excerpt because it seems important, specifically because it so clearly and accurately describes MY thoughts on this! The author described it better than I ever could. The only difference for me is that instead of my teens, most of my more profound experiences took place in my 40's.

Excerpt from an email:

“I think that we’ve had some similar types of experiences... I can say that after some couple of undeniably weird and in-my-face contact experiences in my teenage years, there have followed a lifetime of liminal glimpses and suggestions of strange meta-presences just around existential corners, easily deniable and explained away if one is determined to do so, but to the other side of that coin, always hinting at some deeper or more vivid order of possibility.

I don’t know what it is, only that it seems to jump out to grab my notice, then once noticed, skip laughingly away again, disappearing under the curtain one is not supposed to look behind. I don’t have any problem accepting that these things are happening, nor that they have happened to me. It’s only frustrating that I can’t seem to get any closer to it; worse because I can’t quite trust myself, knowing how badly I want to connect with it, suspicious that I may have invented the whole thing.”

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