Tuesday, June 21, 2011

audio conversation with Brad Steiger (2011)

Author and researcher, Brad Steiger
Brad Steiger is one of the hard working giants in this field. I was delighted and honored to spend an hour listening to his deep voice on subjects that I find profoundly interesting. When you visit Brad and Sherry's web-site, be prepared because they have done a LOT of books and research.

Brad and his wife, Sherry Hansen Steiger, just published a book titled Real Aliens, Space Beings and Creatures form Other Worlds.

Taken from first-person accounts and historical documents, this book chronicles a huge number of examples of alien encounters, conspiracy theories, and the influence of extraterrestrials on human events throughout history.

This interview is focused on only three chapters of the book; Contactees, Abductees and The Star People. The implications of these subjects is the stuff that absolutely fascinates me. It was a delight to get to ask Mr. Steiger for his insights on these mysterious topics.

  one-click audio download HERE  
one hour and five minutes

Text added January 2014:

There is a follow up interview with Brad as a companion to his follow up book. These two interviews will play well side-by-side, creating (in a sort) a full two-hour interview. That interview is listed HERE.


tinyjunco said...
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Anonymous said...

steiger is awesome. Binnall's interview with him years ago was one of my favorites. I look forward to hearing this one. Its downloading now.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

It was almost a mystical experience for me listening to this one...I was tingling all the way through.
This one was important for some reason that I haven't fully grasped yet,intellectually.
I will be giving this one another listen to,for sure.Brad Steiger is a man that I have never really heard of before,but I sense he is really worth paying attention to.I can't wait to hear you interview him again...it feels like that it is the start of something big to me,for some reason.I'll be getting into some of his books for sure.
Thanks,Mike.This is important work you're doing here.

jephoto said...

I could listen to Brad all day. You only need to hear his voice to know what a kind, intelligent and genuine person he is.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Awesome interview. I listened to it yesterday.

I like Brad's opinion that the shaman is a person who should be free of dogma, and be open to everything the 'outside' forces care to share with him.

And I specially liked your comment about asking the questions and 'reaching for the stars', in order not to end up with your hands full of mud :)

String said...

Brilliant, very much enjoying your latest podcasts and will be purchasing both his and Nick's books. Keep up the good work; well measured, non-sensationalist interesting subject matter.

String said...
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Brizdaz (Darren) said...

"I like Brad's opinion that the shaman is a person who should be free of dogma, and be open to everything the 'outside' forces care to share with him."

I just watched the movie "Dragonfly" starring Kevin Costner (again) this morning,and while the story is based more on the after-life,it still features shamanic themes and synchronicity and his battle to fight the dogmatic institutions that kept telling him he was deluded for following an unorthodox line of pursuit,whilst at the same time taking what he could from those same institutions on a more subconscious (Jungian) level .

This film is spiritual dynamite and I really don't know why it did not reach blockbuster status,as films such as "Ghost" did.
This film is one important sleeper, bound to awaken into mass consciousness very soon.
Maybe it was just a little bit ahead of it's time?
If you haven't seen this film,I urge you to see it with an open mind.It is so symbolically rich.

String said...


You might find this article interesting.

slobomotion said...

This was very good. My own abduction experience I still doubt to this day. Too classic. The milab experience years later was bad because my spouse was taken and he has not been the same since. We must reason things out. I like the moderate tone to this interview and the well spoken participants. We must consider how much we are influenced. Thank you!

Lost In Space said...

It is always a pleasure to hear an interview with Brad Steiger. His eloquence, thoughtfulness, and erudition are most welcome. I was a bit puzzled, however, by his enigmatic comment that science knows nothing about gravity or electricity. We actually know a great deal about gravity, thanks to Newton, Einstein, and so many other physicists. As for electricity, it is simply the flow or movement of electrically charged particles, most commonly, electrons. It is very well understood by science. Perhaps Steiger merely meant to express the idea that the university is full of wonderful mysteries and, under the pressure of a heated interview, reached for the wrong terms to express his deeper thought.