Tuesday, April 26, 2011

audio conversation with Greg Bishop

Author and conversationalist.

This is a wide ranging conversation that goes all over the map. We attempt to make sense out of some of the more elusive topics in the already confusing realm of the UFO phenomenon.

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2 hours and 2 minutes long

Greg is an author of a UFO book without any UFO's. PROJECT BETA is sub-titled: The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth. It deals with the confusing issues that arise when the government uses UFOs as an agressive form of disinformation, and how insanity can follow.

And just so y'know, we never really mention the book during this interviw. This seems to proove that Greg is not using my humble blog to try and shamelessly promote his book. That said, I feel strongly that you should go out and buy it.

We also look into Greg's very own UFO sighting from last month. He saw a curious object sit frozen in the sky despite high winds. A report is linked HERE.

As yet unexplained object that hovered in the sky near the coast in Southern California. Sketch made by the witness, the interviewee, Greg Bishop.

Please NOTE:
I apologize for poor sound quality, the Skype Gods were frowning during our recording session.


travis said...

really, really fascinating talk! i'm totally on board with what you guys are saying, that the paranormal just cant be pinned down- perhaps intentionally so! reminds me again of one of Terence McKenna's favorite quotes, "its not that the universe is stranger than we suppose, its stranger than we CAN suppose!"
i've actually had a couple experiences myself which very much indicated some of what you guys discussed- that the experience itself is formed into the way we see it by our own expectations. Terence McKenna also once said an entity told him, "we disguise ourselves as an alien invasion so as not to alarm you people as to whats really going on!"

Red Pill Junkie said...

Project Beta a UFO book without UFOs? I'm not so sure about that. I distinctly recall at least 2 UFOs mentioned by Greg —one of them the rare 'orb' that was floating inside Bennewitz's home.

Great chat, despite the many technical difficulties. Greg's description of the object he saw reminded me at first (like Regan Lee) of the infamous CARET drones of a few years back. But after a while of thinking about it, it occurred to me that it also has a vague resemblance to the CHI RHO, one of the most ancient symbols in Christianity, which was allegedly part of probably the most important UFO sighting in history —maybe Greg is related to emperor Constantine? :P

There's one thing that left me a bit confused; while Greg is of the opinion that UFO reports are of little use if they are only seen as compilations of unusual aerial phenomena (to which I completely agree) and should instead be employed in the deduction of patterns deduced from the subjective effects and situations of the particular witnesses, then it begs the question(s):

How did HIS personal sighting make him feel?

How has it changed his personal opinion, if any?

And does he think it had something to do with his current life quandary and journey?

Red Pill Junkie said...

>"that the experience itself is formed into the way we see it by our own expectations."

Yeah, that's something which has been neglectfully overlooked —even pooh poohed— nowadays, even though I think it's precisely *because* of our "cultural baggage" that we can enter this symbolic realm (the Logos?) and bring back something that can be of use and relevance to our current cultural situation.

For what's the use of finding the Truth, if no one can relate to it?

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I like those synchronicities that popped up during the pod-cast,and I can't wait to read your graphic novel when it comes out.
I just received
'The Cryptoterrestrials' in the post yesterday,and have just finished reading the afterword by Greg...now I just have to read the rest of the book.-)
Great drawings,by the way,Mike.I think Mac would be/is proud of the finished product.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Sounds fascinating.
Maybe the audio difficulties were due to a mercury retrograde!