Wednesday, January 5, 2011

audio conversation with Dr. Leo Sprinkle

The audio has been revised and improved. (as of Dec. 17, 2011)

Leo Sprinkle photographed in Wyoming with Mac Tonnies.

Mac wrote: The blur is almost certainly the result of paranormal forces! ;-)

I am perfectly honored to have shared two hours in recorded conversation with Dr. Leo Sprinkle. This man's biography reads like a checklist of every major event in the modern era of UFO research. He is now 80 years old and at the top of his game. And, after a half century of looking into the UFO phenomenon, he is still open minded and optimistic. I envy his child-like outlook in a realm full of deception and terrifying first hand accounts.

One-click download HERE.
2 hours and 1 minute long
During this interview Leo says: "The map ain't necessarily the territory." That short phrase sums up a lot of our conversation as well as my personal challenges around the UFO phenomenon.

Leo shares his own abduction memories (or in his case induction). And the interview culminates with Leo channeling from his guides as a way to help me better understand a recent experience of my own.

Let me also say that Leo and I look like each other. We are both tall, trim and bald. We both have unusually big eyes too. But, he talks in a calm composed way and I talk fast with frenetic mumbling.

His book SOUL SAMPLES is essential reading, and it gives you an insight into Leo's ideas and methods. Here's an essay about the book.

I also highly recommend this interview on THE PARACAST with David Biedny.


Red Pill Junkie said...

Well, I just finished hearing the interview. Sadly I wasn't 100% attentive to it until the end, since I was busy working on the TDG news briefs. I definitely need to re-listen to it tomorrow, because I've been very intrigued by Leo Sprinkle ever since I heard an old recording about UFOs that Greg Bishop linked to at UFO Mystic a couple of years ago, and also because of his involvement with the Bennewitz case.

Couple of things, though:

*Have you consider that the "eye" symbol you observed could be interpreted as the circumpunct, one of the most ancient symbols in human culture?

*I really like Leo's remark that the map is not the territory. Not if the map is nothing but an inert diagram. But *if* the map is alive, though, then things change. And what is really a shaman, but a human map or conduit between the heavens and the earth?

It's almost as if "Mike" is on the process of becoming a "Map" :)

Red Pill Junkie said...

Re-listening the interview, at one time Leo says something about an energy cycle that goes from Tibet to Chile. And that the cycle involved a transition from masculine energy to feminine energy.

Well, I once read a book titled "Regina", by a guy named Antonio Velasco PiƱa. This book is what you might call an historic novel (fictional) with a very esoteric tone, centered around the events that happened in Tibet in the 1950s, and the social unrest that was presented all around the world in the 60s, specially in Mexico, where they culminated with what is commonly called the Tlatelolco massacre in 68; and involved in all these events is the character of this girl called Regina (Regina means "queen" in Latin), who has very special spiritual powers and has the mission to "awaken" the people of Mexico, in accordance to this transfer of energy Leo mentions, which would signal the "slumber" of Tibet as a spiritual center, and South America taking its place.

The book mentions a ceremony conducted by lamas in the mount Kailash, which is very important, in the Tibetan tradition. The idea is that energy would move from Kailash to another peak in the Andes mountain range —I don't remember the damn name of the peak at the moment, sorry :(

Anyway, I bring it up since you're something of a mountain man yourself ;)

Red Pill Junkie said...

PS: Damn, I sent you this comment, and after a little while I suffered a major trouble accessing to my Gmail account. Hopefully the NSA won't find my correspondence too boring @_@