Sunday, November 21, 2010

profound essay on LUMINOSITY

Dan Mitchell shares some deeply profound experiences on his blog LUMINOSITY. This is a long and heartfelt post, and I encourage you to read the entire essay.

A short excerpt:
Shortly after 10pm on Tuesday night I felt a strange urge to go outside. ... This urge ... was much stronger than at previous times. So while my kids and my wife slept ... I put on my sweater and walked out the back door. When I turned the corner, I thought for a moment that I saw a deer standing in the middle of my driveway. Deer are not that common in this area, but they do come by every now and then. Then, my vision shifted and I thought I was now looking at a pale-skinned naked kid standing in my driveway which startled me even more. When my mind was finally able to process the image, it became clear that this was one of "them". This being looked incredibly similar to the stereotypical Gray, but not as "science fiction" as they appear in popular culture...

This event lasted less than ten seconds. This being stood about 5 and 1/2 feet tall, had pasty and very smooth skin, with a slightly over-sized head ... I remember saying "whooa!" loudly and putting my hand out almost like I was saying, "don't come a step closer". For about eight seconds it was standing directly in front of me completely still like it was undecided on what to do. It's eyes were huge and reflecting the floodlights behind me. This is why when I first saw it, I thought it was a deer or large animal. The effect in its eyes was so intense that I felt myself begin to momentarily disassociate, but quickly pulled it together. This leads me to believe our natural response is to enter trance states in their presence for our own protection. This may not be something they are intentionally doing.
Note: The small photo above was used in Dan's posting because he felt it fairly closely matched what he saw in his driveway.


Anonymous said...

I agree that it was very interesting and heartfelt. His determination to describe his experiences in all the diverse emotional and analitical ramifications that they evoke is brave and generous. Thank you for providing the original link to his site (and other interesting sites as well).
Best wishes for good health, a yummy dinner, and friends or family (sometimes they're the same people!) to share it with for both you and Dan.
Sincerely, Delorus

Anonymous said...

It's an interesting entry. It reminded me of Whitley Sreiber's 'The Secret School'.[I'm not implying Dan did a take off on it, just noting similarities]

I do wish Dan would explain his ideas on the RH Neg. connection and these encounters (he briefly mentioned this in an earlier blog, regarding one of his daughters and himself and wrote he would address it in the future).

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to you Mike and to all the readers/posters here at your great blog!

Warm Regards,


Red Pill Junkie said...

In the Aztec cosmology, the god Tezcatlipoca is often called "the lord of the obsidian mirror". He is also associated with the night and the jaguar.

Riotfish said...

It's just dawned on me that the experience of reading Luminosity is like reading a (possibly) real life "The Whisperer in Darkness" by HP Lovecraft. I'm not sure why this hadn't occured to me before.

Dan Mitchell is our Henry Wentworth Akeley, and in this latest posting, the exchanging of minds/souls into artificial bodies brings to mind Akeley's claim that the Mi-Go aliens can whisk people away to space, by removing their brains, and putting them in canisters.

Kartott said...

Interesting story! The description of its physical attributes remind me of the "woman" I saw in the store where I worked as a teen (recounted in Mac Tonnie's last book). In my case, the being's eyes were covered by sunglasses. I have sometimes wondered about what might have transpired had I been able to see her eyes. Was she protecting not only her own identity, but perhaps me, as well?

Anonymous said...

Well, Luminosity is down again. It appears Dan took it down after writing his latest entry (which I didn't catch in time to read). If anyone was able to read that entry, I'd appreciate a c/p of it.