Sunday, October 17, 2010

a rare look behind the scenes of the Hidden Experience world headquarters

Alas, this was shamelessly lifted and plagiarised from Mac Tonnies blog, Post Human Blues. I encourage everyone to get lost in this delightful collection of postings.


Red Pill Junkie said...

Oh yeah. The future was fiberglass, baby! ;)

It reminds me of the tale of that patrolman Herbert Schirmer. and how he described the interior of the "flying saucer" he was taken aboard —exactly like that: retrofuturistic curved surfaces and charmingly quaint giant computer monitors; like something taken right out of a Star Trek set.

Nowadays, if I were to be taken aboard one of those "spaceships", I would at least expect to see a lot of holograms, and all the ufonauts working with something like a 20-year-ahead iPad... or maybe the subconscious projection they would take out of me would be something more like this ;)

PS: One year without the Macbot... damn :-/

Anonymous said...

It's almost like Star Trek:TOS.....oohhh so dated! :-)