Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Audio conversation with Chuck Weiss

I am deeply impressed with Chuck Weiss and his profound openness. He tells a story that might seem typical among the alien contact literature, but his calm and thoughtful analysis of his own experiences sets him apart in a way that makes me pay very close attention to his claims. His story might be almost impossible to believe, except for the fact that he presents the first-hand details in such a thoughtful tone.

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audio download / 2 hours long

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Topic discussed:
The abduction phenomenon, Cynthia Crawford, alien/human hybrids, Nazi scientists, seeing gray aliens materialize during a waking state, the circus appnosphere of UFO conferences, the awakening experience, the occult, ritual magik, Jim Keith, disinformation as an ongoing issue, profound dreams and the disturbing experiences of his father, a Holocaust survivor.

His site, Alien Abduction-The Blog, features the entire content of his book serialized in separate postings. Also featured are on-going essays about his experiences and insights.

An electronic version of the book can be downloaded for free on-line, right here.

His book, Abducted by Aliens: How I Learned to Cope With High Strangeness, Government Harassment, and My Mother (a true story) is highly recommended.


imascatterbrain said...

hi Mike,

I am interested to hear your
"conversation with Chuck Weiss"
but you say
"audio download / 2 hours long"

UH . . . conversation 2hrs, download much less?

Sorry to foist my feeb-itude on your site,
just people to go, places to see?

and how are YOU?

- Lorraine

Red Pill Junkie said...

Wow! this audio conversations are only getting better and better.

Chuck sounds like a great guy. He has a very affable voice, and I appreciate that *he* appreciates just how testing all he has to say comes across.

So many interesting things were said. The idea that the so-called grays are in charge of the death and reincarnation process of humans has been suggested by Strieber, and manifested by John Lear —for better or for worse, that one.

This seeming link between children of Holocaust survivors is also fascinating —and that last story about the way Chuck's dad survived? daaamn!. BTW, David Biedny also enters that category, and he claimed he had astounding experiences during his time at the Paracast— it reminded me of the book The Key, where Steiber was told that humanity was doomed because the person that would unlock the secret of hyperspace travel was killed on a concentration camp.

I'm also wondering if some weird epigenetic mechanism triggered by incredible amounts of stress suffered by the parents could in fact affect the perception capacity of their children... (an increase in DMT release, for example).

Then again, the skeptic in me also wonders if Chuck's experiences of materializing aliens and nasty harassments in his bedroom could be explained by him entering an hypnagogic state. Or maybe he was the unknowing and unwilling subject of MK-Ultra meddling during his time at the Pentagon?

Anyway, great interview, and it left me wanting to check his book :)

Natascha said...

This was an important interview for me. I got lots of insights from listening to Chuck. I will listen to it once more today. Love and Light, Natascha

David Biedny said...

I'm listening to the interview right now, most fascinating, Mike. Good stuff...

Anonymous said...

I've been slowly reading Chuck's blog, which are excerpts from his book. What a fascinating journey through life he's had. Frightening though at the same time.

~ Susan