Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mac Tonnies on Dreamland

I had the chance to praise Mac for almost an hour with Whitley Strieber, I was interviewed for his podcast DREAMLAND. I was deeply honored to talk about my friend and his amazing insights, the time was simply too short, there was a lot more I was eager to share.

This show is now on-line.

You can listen for free by clicking on the LISTEN NOW Dreamland icon in the upper right corner of the UNKNOWN-COUNTRY homepage.

We spoke about Mac's book, The Cryptoterrestrials, and how Whitley's own insights with the UFO phenomenon dovetailed closely with Mac's. It was sad to know that they never had the chance to share their ideas.

See this previous post (and it's curious synchronicity) for more info.


Peter Bernard said...

I can't wait to hear it!

grace said...

Your visit with Dreamland was a great representation of Mac's story.

Karen Totten said...

Very enjoyable listening to your discussion about Mac - though I got a little teary-eyed at times. Still miss the guy.

The Secret Sun said...

Great job, Mike. You really held your own, particularly after that knuckle ball that started the game.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Wonderful interview. I applaud Whitley for starting it by quoting that critical review Mac made of him a few years ago —even though Mac was an avid reader of his material.

And great tidbit about Mac's birth coinciding with the launch of the Viking orbiter! I'm not really into astrology, but I wonder if someone could do Mac's chart —anyone? ;)