Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Iceland volcano with lightning

There are a series of extremely psychedelic photos of the volcano in Iceland. Seems that the ash cloud creates a perfect environment for lightning, and thus, cool pictures.

Link to more amazing images HERE.


imascatterbrain said...

Hi Mike,
did you see the video at APOD? Wild stuff, very world-end-in-fire-or-ice plus a snowmobile!

Shoot, where is that damn link... You probably saw it already?


imascatterbrain said...

Astronomy Photo of the Day -
why does the O get into the abbreviation "APOD," but not the T?

Yes, "apod" is pronounce-able, I can't remember the word for this!!!!!!!
and therefore marketable, while APOTD just looks like gibberish?

Do YOU say gibberish with a hard G or a soft one? I say with a soft G, like genuine, but have heard both, hard G like guilty? What was I ACTUALLY trying to remember just then? OH NO >>> and was I trying to sway your version of "gibberish" by offeriong the choice of "genuine," or "guilty" as options???

Shocking, scandalous, what kind of Poll this this anyway?

SHIT what is the word for "pronounce-able?" I do hate my MS, sometimes almost violently.

Hope you are well!

Lorraine Of The Day

Peter Bernard said...

... for some reason your blog isn't coming up on my reading list thingie. I'm trying to follow it. I've been seeing fake owls all over the CIty lately but they never photograph well FOR SOME REASON.

imascatterbrain said...

How do you tell a fake owl? Won't eat Purina Owl-Chow? Just kidding, it just sounds like a million jokes, couldn't resist. Happy Earth day?

Don't worry, people tell me my blog is practically illegible SHIT the helicopters are loud today! this freaks me out, back in the days of Operation Pressure Point, the task to rid the LES of heroin was a good "reason" for this activity, but now we are all Law-Abiding White People, and these incessant helicopters are driving me NUTS.

One time there were so many while I was on my way to Charlie's that I stood there staring up at them until I almost fell over. This is not uncommon among Messies (I call people with MS), losing one's balance, but the whole event was so upsetting. I asked all the people I passed and nobody had seen ANY, which made me feel even crazier.

Hmph. They are out there still, WTF, and they pass so low over the bldgs.

I must update myself on your Owls, I haven't read those bits yet.

PS, oh, and BTW, there is a "click if you accept adult BS link" to my blog, no idea why, but I have offended at least one person.

imascatterbrain said...

look, I put a link to APOD up there in and earlier response and it works! ONe attack of MS-brains thwarted!

"There appears to be a receiver off the hook, ring ring ring" do they ever call you to say this?

Red Pill Junkie said...

"Somebody ought to be up there with an HD movie camera—it's ready for the IMAX theater."

Ahh, humanity... even if we were in the middle of Armageddon, we would still want to watch it with Dolby sound while eating popcorn ;)

imascatterbrain said...

whoops -
"Peter Bernard said...
... for some reason your blog isn't coming up,"

and when it came in an email to me, I thought it was "to me," sorry PB, being so out-of-touch is a little embarrassing...