Wednesday, June 3, 2009

interviews on THE PARACAST

When I met David Biedny at a UFO conference in October of 2008, he interrupted me in mid-conversation and asked, “Do you wanna be a guest on the PARACAST?”

At first my inclination was to say, no way. But after a while, and some gentle prodding from David, I eventually said yes.

Critical thinker and my pal, David. 

I respect the tone of THE PARACAST immensely. The audio pod-cast show is long format (two full hours), with interviews that carefully look at paranormal subjects. David and his co-host Gene are an impressive pair and they don’t shy away from real-deal rigorous thinking. Sadly, this type of serious analysis is sorely lacking in a culture hooked-on entertainment.

My first time on the program was November 16, 2008. The first half of the show has an excellent interview with authentic Roswell witness, Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr., where he speaks about handling some of the materials from the fabled crash when he was a child. I spend the second hour of the show in conversation with Gene and Dave. This dialogue was well received by the listeners, and the on-line forum had really positive responses.

My second appearance on the show was in March of 2009. This time we recorded a full two hours of chatting, and I sound more than a little nervous.

The months of February and March of this year were really difficult for me. I was dealing with an intense bout of depression and anxiety. This dark emotional head-space is something that seems to show up in creative types, and people dealing with “these” sorts of life events. When you listen to this second interview, you can hear it in my voice, I am bogged down in confusing self-examination.

This second appearance created a heavy-handed sh*t-storm on the listener forums. It was interesting for me to read the long stream of comments, and I’m not all that sure why people reacted SO intensely. I think (maybe) they could hear my uneasiness, and they equated that to lying.

Some people really went off, and it ended up getting downright mean. It was curious, because some of the darker comments didn’t seem to truly describe me. I feel like I’m pretty self aware, and things got said that just didn’t ring true.

That said, some of the feedback was good for me to hear, and I’ll try to rein in my “tone” on some subjects.

But, because of that experience, I’m nervous posting these links, and I worry that I might nix this post from the blog in the near future.



Mike Clelland! said...

I just re-listened tot the second audio interview. And, I feel like I was being really honest. Alas - I do some real-deal name dropping (and it seems like a little too much name dropping)

But, the show (to me) seems - well - pretty good.

The "sleep-sex" story can be interoperated in a way that matches a real phenomenon (easily googled) called SLEEP SEX. I've only tried to look into this a little, but I have not found any on-line reference to BOTH people waking up simultaneously. Except for ONE account, and that came from a UFO chat-forum. (whatever that means)

Quanta said...

Mike, we've talked about this before, but I want to publish a comment here ... to reiterate that page-ragers are, in my view, the cyber-equivalent of road-ragers, and they're best ignored. I won't have time to listen to your interviews for a few days due to other commitments and serious time constraints, but when I do, I will listen with an open mind, as I wish all could/would do the same. You and I have so much in common, i.e., we've "had the experience," so I can't seriously doubt the veracity of what you say. What I'm about to publish on my own page in the next few days is testament to the fact that, even though it can be scary to "come out" as an experiencer, those who need to hear our words will hear them. How they process our message, I feel, is in large part an artefact of their own level of consciousness. I encourage you to continue following your heart, and don't let anybody stand you down! Your message is important to many ... comforting and reassuring to many ... and if it's also a source to outlet their page-rage tendencies, well, understand that page-rage is not about you - it's about them. They feel good raging anonymously at you. I'm reminded of a time when my daughter and I were driving 35 in a 30 MPH zone, with some woman tailgating, and I slammed on my brakes. Of course she almost hit us - but instead she whipped around us on the right, flipping the bird out her open window, and my daughter and I just had to smile and laugh ... although inside I said a little prayer for that angry, angry woman. Maybe she'd just lost a loved one and on top of that she'd forgotten her medication ... or whatever. Not necessarily an excuse for her behaviour, but I'd prefer to be somewhat empathetic even in the absence of knowing what caused such rage. I saw it again yesterday at the post office. There were 10 or so of us in line, and only one clerk, and one customer began yelling and harrassing the one lone clerk - as though he should be able to magically snap his fingers and produce three more clerks to get the line moving quicker. It got to the point that the clerk called security, and I just walked out of the building. I'd rather avoid the masses of anger. Would it were the world were not such an angry place ... not to say I never get angry or even - dare I say - utter a four-letter word ... but I truly feel that our work here is to help to enlighten those that are ready, and to forgive and then let go of those who are not. And bless their souls, for they likely have a much harder road ahead of them than they'd like to think while they rage, and rage, and rage ... Stace

Red Pill Junkie said...

I just finished hearing the 2nd interview; and going back to the things you discussed on Jan 2nd, I just realized something:

1,2,3,4,5 spindly aliens you saw outside your window that night in the 90s.

1,2,3,4,5 white almost-fifty males with Scottish ascendancy that have been connected somehow by their personal experiences.

I know it's kind of obvious, but I just wanted to point it out.

Mike Clelland! said...

Red Pill Junkie,

Obvious? You make a good point. I didn't see it until I read this comment.

The funny trickery of numbers and coincidences is interesting. But, every time I go down that alley, I feel like it's an invitation to madness.

That said - it is very interesting...

Red Pill Junkie said...

Hey, you'll like it living here at Madness Alley. For starters, you can walk around butt-naked and nobody would mind :-P

I don't think it's got much to do with Numerology or a special significance of the number 5. But what I do think is that this phenomenon works by sowing little discarded pieces of evidence here and there, patiently waiting until a certain number of people might feel compelled to linking the dots.

It may be a delusional way on my part to feel important; but I suspect that if people like you guys felt the need to share their experiences through this wonderful invention —the Internet— with the rest of the world, might be so people like me (guys who search in blogs and read testimonies) could help you discern some patterns that are not so clear to you because you're so familiar with the events. So you need someone from the outside with a different viewpoint, who can see the same events in a different way.

Maybe this phenomenon wants all of us to work together to solve this thing. Or maybe 'solving' it is too lofty a goal; if only we can help each other to come in terms with the strangeness of it and advance a few yards with the ball until our part is done, that might be sufficient. Hopefully, in the end our side will win the game :)

Brizdaz said...

Mike,I listened to both pod casts, and although I didn't hear the comments from the listener forum about podcast No.2,it must have been a sh*t-storm in a teacup,because I didn't hear any "tone" at all.
It just appeared to be a good old honest chat to me.
And what's wrong with a little "confusing self-examination" now and then.
I say don't remove these pod casts.If people have a problem with them,it's their problem.
You're only human and expressing the world through your eyes at the time you make those comments,and I see nothing for you to be apologetic about.

P.S. I like Red Pill Junkie's comment above,if I had to write myself a mission statement,that would just about sum it up,at this point in time.

alone in a strange place said...

Yes, it takes all of us working together. I believe every word we share is important. It is a piece of the puzzle. And LOL but hey I dont feel so uncomfortable now, running around Butt Naked.