Monday, May 4, 2009

cloud circles

I've be doing these curious dueling posts with my sister blogger, Stace. This morning I saw that she had written a very strange personal experience. A story of asking the universe a question, and getting a reply.

Then our attention was drawn up to a scene that astonished us, despite our sensibility. There in the sky was, beyond any doubt, an intelligent manifestation of the extramundane reality we’d just been discussing. A definitive “cloud circle” stretched across the entire visible sky above us, painted in cotton ball clouds the warm hue of reflected city lights against the pitch black canvas of deep space ... Plainly depicted was an Elder of one of the Americas’ native tribes ... somehow also the embodiment of the Grandfather Sky archetype.


Quanta said...

My friend Simeon called me last night just as I was drifting off to sleep to tell me he found the cloud circle photo at the beginning of the post a bit deceptive - since it wasn't the one I saw. I advised him to READ the article, then there would be no confusion....but I also took what he said to heart, and updated the intro to emphasise that the cloud circle depicted at the top of the article is NOT the one discussed in my story. I'm just mentioning this in case anyone else finds it confusing...

Better yet, if you can come up with that sketch you mentioned, Mike, that is fairly accurately representative of Ron and me looking up at the "Grandfather Sky" face in the clouds, I'll put your drawing at the top of my article. (Now Sim, get some sleep!)


ninni said...

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