Friday, April 10, 2009

two sister blogs

I’ve been utterly intrigued by two other blogs, both curiously similar to this one. The first is called Postreason and the postings are by a woman going by the name Kartott.

The second is Inter-Intelligence Communications (IIC), with postings by a woman named Stace.

Postreason started in February of ‘09 (25 days before I stated this blog). IIC started in November of ‘08. Mine was the most recent, with the first post in early March. I found their blogs only after starting mine.

Why did these writers (myself included) create these very public websites?

In a recent blog posting on Postreason, Kartott wrote:

About 1- 2 years ago ... I found I had the time and space to revisit old personal history, events and experiences that I had wondered about for years, but had put on the back burner in order to carry out my ordinary daily life. I began my exploration by joining Dreamland last year, participating in the chat sessions on that site. ... I joined the Paracast board last year, but did not post much until recently. Mike Clelland's recent posts there frankly gave me the courage to come forward more publicly (thanks Mike!), though I still have this weird feeling of wanting to run an hide every time I talk about this. Yet I feel a strong compulsion that its time to do this. I feel I must get my stories out whether written or visual. This is largely a selfish act, something I need to do for me.

And in a follow up comment Kartott added:

... More recently I have been feeling a sense of urgency regarding some visual imagery that I want to get out of my system. The stories are almost secondary at this point. ... However, in posting recent imagery (specifically, the cigarette lady) I felt it necessary to describe the particulars (i.e., the words). And in doing so, it seems I got even more questions about other events (oy)...

And there is a curiously similar tone from the author of the other blog. Stace wrote about her inspiration to begin blogging in a personal email:

As for IIC (Inter-Intelligence Communications blog), for ages I've felt a need to share my experiences that indicate a deeper level of reality than most people realize is interwoven with the mundane stuff. I've been more or less driven to tell my stories... and I also feel that by writing and posting my experiences, those that are "ready for" or "needing" or just "interested in" what I have to say will find it and get something out of it.

My need to develop IIC became more urgent in the past year, so when ... [I] set it up in November, it was like "WOW!" - a whole new world of possibility opened up, and I jumped right in!

When I review the words of these two bloggers, I am struck by the similar emotions. There’s a pattern in their explanations, there’s a repeating of words and phrases like: need, urgent, strong compulsion, I've felt a need to share my experiences, I've been more or less driven to tell my stories, sense of urgency, I want to get it out of my system.

Kartott stated is perfectly in six words, "I must get my stories out."

I feel the exact same way, and I don't quite understand why.

A few weeks ago I had a long talk with Stace on the phone. She made a real-deal effort to try and describe what she was feeling. She wanted to find the perfect word, and she actually got the dictionary out and looked up COMPELLED and IMPELLED in the hopes of better defining this feeling. We agreed that both words seemed accurate.

She said that what she was feeling was coming from outside of her. She was COMPELLED to come forward and share her story.

This matched what I am feeling - exactly. Especially right now.

I look at my blog, with all it’s strange (and very personal) stories, and the logical side of my brain says: “I must be crazy, I should delete all of this.” But I don’t. Some other part of me wins out, and instead, I add to it.

Recently, I had a psychic reading (and I wrote about it) from a woman and the first thing she tells me is, “You need to be journaling.”

To make all this even more mixed up, Stace plays an important role in one of my postings about visiting a crop circle, dated March 5th. She respond to me and says she just posted a story about her experiences in that same formation on March 3rd, two days before.

And just a little while ago, I was the focus of a bunch of internet forum postings questioning my honesty, and some of it was pretty negative. Kartott sent me a supportive personal message saying: “Hang in there.”

When I checked her site, I saw - to my surprise - that she had thanked me, she said I gave her courage. Right at that moment, I was in a very low mood, I felt really discouraged. And when she thanked me, I instantly felt SO good. I got kinda sappy and emotional.

And, Kartott writes about owls, and Stace writes about synchronicities. There's more, and I'll post it soon.

Why do the words of these two women resonate so deeply with me? They both articulate a sense of urgency, and I feel it too.

Should I try and describe what I’m feeling? I don’t know if I can. Both these women are saying it for me, better than I could. But what is it?

* * *

QUESTION: Is there anyone else out there feeling the same thing? Are there any other folks blogging for similar mysterious reasons?

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Anonymous said...

Yes This matched what I am feeling. - specially these days in this continuum

ninni said...

Do U have somethin in mind when You wrote This?

Mike Clelland! said...

[the dictionary sez]


force or oblige (someone) to do something : a sense of duty compelled Harry to answer her questions.
• bring about (something) by the use of force or pressure : they may compel a witness's attendance at court by issue of a summons.
• poetic/literary drive forcibly : by heav'n's high will compell'd from shore to shore.
ORIGIN late Middle English : from Latin compellere, from com- ‘together’ + pellere ‘drive.’

A parent faced with a rebellious teenager may try to compel him to do his homework by threatening to take away his allowance.

Compel commonly implies the exercise of authority, the exertion of great effort, or the impossibility of doing anything else (compelled to graduate from high school by her eagerness to leave home).

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is great, I love it! I'm currently launching my own blog about the same kinds of stuff it seems - and more interesting, for the same reasons! Excellent! Strange and beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Hi-- me again, just catching up with your blog by reading it from the beginning. I began my own blog, mostly related to my following paranormal trends and discussing my own odd experiences.

I feel like I have to write almost every day.

There's a lot there, but if you go to the tags "Reality's Fall" where I discuss alternative reality intruding into the consensus- you may enjoy that, or hit "paranormal" for the strange events and experiences.

Just wanted you to know you're not alone in trying to disseminate all this. I've been doing it since age 16 though, and at 39, have come a long ways, I THINK. For example, when I have a strange encounter, I've become a bit rebelious and done quite a bit of reality testing. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I'll remember things consciously-- enough to now know that these things ARE happening in our physical reality.

But the proof of that is a long journey and it takes the mind a long time to accept it. For example, this:

Bon chance and enjoy!
~ "Lucretia Heart"