Wednesday, March 18, 2009

slow news day

                       Mellow voiced newscaster Robert Siegel.

I have a soft spot for pithy little palindromes, like this: Do geese see god?

I even ended up on the radio because of it. For three minutes and thirty seconds, I got interviewed by Robert Siegel on NPR's Morning Edition. He got some non-actors to play roles in a very short excerpt of my one-act theatrical work, THE PALINDROME DRAMA. This was a novelty play, with all dialog in palindromes. Below is a little bit of the interview that got edited out.

Robert Siegel:   Now mike, what is it that you find so fascinating about palindromes?

            (long awkward pause)

Mike Clelland:   Uhhhhm - I think they're funny?

This comes in at a tidy 3:33 time count



Mike Clelland! said...

Yes - I know this has NOTHING to do with weird synchronistic life events. But I thought it was sort of funny, okay?

Mac said...

I remember you telling me about this! I'd always meant to Google it. Thanks!

dudivie said...

We have an europarlamentarian, beautiful young oman speakin onli with palindromes. friend for the filosophers