Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saint Patrick's Day (with 13 links)

Masha Telna (above) and Lily Cole (below), two super models, both with vaguely terrifying eyes.

This morning I recognized a pair of dueling blog posts.

The only two blogs I care about are from Mac Tonnies & and Christopher Knowles, and they are both pictured on my sidebar, with links (as is Whitley Strieber). They both write in their separate blogs about how weird certain super-models can look. They understandably ponder if they might (in fact) be alien hybrids. Or, as Budd Hopkins would correct me, transgenic beings.

Christopher's vote:
Lily Cole...or Indrid Cold?

Mac's vote:
Masha Telna: alien-human hybrid?

- And -

There's more. Just so you know, I had a long phone chat with Mac on Sunday night. We talked about sychronicities, Cindy Gail, Whitley, The Secret Sun, Indrid Cold, Aeolus Kephas and all the weirdness surrounding OWLS.

And - today is St. Patrick's Day. I'll add that the Christopher Knowles was caught off guard during a recent podcast interview with Aeolus Kephas. When Aeolus cautiously asked Chris if his very curious memories of a scary Leprechaun at the foot of his bed might imply some sort of contact experience, there was an audible pause - and Chris replied with a shaky: "No."

[LINK to the fascinating podcast]

And - Mac and I had a long talk about how the synaptic fiber of the internet may be a new set of neurons, allowing and encouraging a alternative web of synchronistic happenings. (like this post) - and this!

And - Mac sent me a link to an amazing article about Whitley Strieber - by Aeolus Kephas.

And - Chris compared Lily Cole to: "the owl-human hybrid-demon-goddess Lilith"

And - Lilith is the name of Whitley's heroine vampire in LILITH'S DREAM.

And - Whitley openly states that his vampire novels are metaphors for his "visitor" contact.

And - Whitley spoke out on my blog about MY owl story.

And - Cindy Gail sent me a cute LEPRECHAUN email today - and the magical synchronicity surrounding HER appearance in my life is the stuff of providence.

AND - today is Cindy Gail's birthday!

A list of this morning's synchronic WEIRDNESS:
Super Models
Blogs (in threes)
Owls (in threes)
Indrid Cold
Whitley Stieber
Aeolus Kephas
St. Paddy's Day
and - Cindy Gail!

(Gee Wizz - Did I miss anything?)


Mike Clelland! said...

Aeolus Kephas sent me an email after reading the posting above:

"a disturbance in the force ... between you and I, i also found an owl feather recently."

Anonymous said...


Mac said...

Ha. This *is* pretty funky. There seems to be a synchronistic element at play, but, by definition, synchronicity is subjective. I don't think it can be quantified.

Mac said...

Oh -- it's also William Gibson's birthday. Gibson is credited with having envisioned the Internet's potential as a consensual hallucination before it existed.

Anonymous said...

because of the nature of fenomena. how to be quantified
Have a happu patri ck!

Unknown said...

Its more of a case of 6-degrees of separation than it is synchronicity there I think. Certainly no where near the level of your other documented experiences.

Kartott said...

Regarding owls: I know this owl thing: I saw a great white owl at a pivotal point in my life: years ago I was driving home from work, got off the exit ramp and on the road lamp directly overhead sat a very large white owl. As I passed under it, it turned its head and looked right down into my eyes. Later that night, while meditating with my yoga group, an unseen entity placed its hands on the back of my shoulders; at that instant, I was struck with a powerful rush of energy (which I later determined to be a kundalini awakening). It was like nothing I had ever experienced before: a force that laid me out flat and took control of my body. I was overcome with violent shaking as energy moved through me; I could barely contain it - thought it was going to burst right out of my chest. Though frightening at the time, doors on many levels opened as a result.

Mike Clelland! said...

I like this post, I was happy to blend Mac Tonnies and Chris Knowles. It was fun.

Atrueoriginall said...

Must share my owl story.

In the 2nd week of January 1997 I was 'prompted' to lie down and close my eyes. Shortly thereafter I saw the most beautiful crystal owl. The picture came to me just like a picture would be projected on super 8 film. It was as if the inside of my eyelids were a theater screen. I opened one eye and still saw it in the other and then visa versa. The picture was actually moving just like film would as the owl rotated around in a circle over and over and over again.

There's a lot of beauty in many things we see in our life but I have never seen anything as elegant and beautiful as this crystal owl.

I could have watched it for hours because it didn't stop until I stood up. I've had similar happen since but none like the owl. This owl vision was also the first of hundreds to come.

Anonymous said...

I'm an abductee as well- worked with Budd Hopkins briefly in the early 90s.

I felt great understanding seeing this post because I've written about actors and actresses with big eyes before myself-- like here, where I compare looks of 2 with strange people I've met: http://lucretiasheart.livejournal.com/569690.html

Lily Cole is someone I thought looked "hybridish" -- but the actress Marcia Cross of Desperate Housewives is the one that really tweaks me out. http://www.hecklerspray.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/02/marcia_cross_000.jpg

~ "Lucretia Heart"

Jasun said...

hey mike

have you noticed when you click on the link to my article, at beyondcommunion, a site supposedly unaffiliated to streiber, the link now goes to strieber's site, unknowncountry.com saying, this page does not exist?!

mighty fishy

as you may know, whitley said publicly that he thought aeolus was a disinfo agent, btw.