Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Audio chapter — Adrienne and Owls

Look to the birds of the air...
I have been recording my voice for an audio book. I am starting with the more recent book, Stories from The Messengers. It is slightly shorter and I hope to have it available before summer. It is slow going and its taking longer than I expected. The results have been good, and I am working hard to make it sound professional. This is a high quality 192 Kbits/sec file.

Audio excerpt: Chapter 10 - Adrienne and Owls

This is a good example of the tone within the new book. Each story is different, but this one represents a theme that shows up in some of the stories. I wrote about this subtle pattern in the conclusion. Here is an excerpt:
Something that surprised me was the amount of Christian imagery showing up in some of the stories. I am not at all churchy, so I feel I can remain somewhat detached. I am cautious not to make too much of this, but it needs to be addressed. Some people spoke openly about their Christian faith, but there was more to it than that. There was symbolism that I didn’t expect. These examples might seem subtle, but to me they stood out.

I’ve seen a pattern, albeit anecdotal, of people with some variation of the name Chris showing up in this research, and I wrote about it in The Messengers. Christopher, Christina, and Christian are common enough names, but they appear with a heightened frequency within these owl experiences. There may be no other word in Western culture more loaded with mythic resonance than the first five letters of these names. That someone with the name Kristin would walk out into the desert alone wasn’t lost on me.

Another example is the NDE, which is quite literally death and resurrection, and this is at the core of Christian faith. It might be nothing more than mythological symbolism welling up, demanding to be seen. These are powerful stories, so we should expect powerful symbolism.

*       *       *

And... audio of Chapter 17 HERE 
(read with my deep voice!)

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Stories from The Messengers reviewed on Mysterious Universe

season 19 / episode 7
Ben and Aaron from Mysterious Universe spend an hour and a half talking about my new book! I like these guys, they have a wonderful enthusiasm. This is actually a really good long format audio review, as well as an in-depth exploration of the ideas in the book. They joke a bit about some things I felt were quite serious, but they were so dialed-in to the complexities of the stories that I couldn't be too upset.

  one-click link to the Mysterious Universe review HERE  

      Chapters covered in the audio review:
  •  Chapter The Alan Caviness Report
  •  Owls and Drones
  •  Blipping Off the Map
  •  Owls and the White Buffalo

These guys did a similar talk on their show back in 2016, where they reviewed the first owl book (linked HERE).

We did a proper interview back in 2013. There was a dramatic storm during the recording, so there is audible with thunder in the background! This was a fun talk with lots of laughs (linked HERE).

Friday, February 23, 2018

Book review from Laura Bruno

Intuitive healer, Laura Bruno
Chapter 12 of my new book is titled Owls and Healing, and it tells the experiences of Laura Bruno.

She just posted a remarkable review of the book, both on her blog (linked HERE) and on the Amazon review page (HERE). Her words left me humbled and grateful. We spoke and emailed extensively over over two years, and I worked hard to try to capture the complexity of what had happened in her life. This is a remarkable story and it taps into the essence of this mystery.

Below is an excerpt for her review:
It reads like a spooky, surreal, yet very intimate gathering of friends sharing stories by the fire. As Mike says, “You won’t understand these stories with your brain, but a deeper truth might emerge if you listen with your heart.” I agree.

Full disclosure: some of my own never before shared stories appear in the chapter “Owls and Healing.” When I first received my proof copy, I read the Foreword by Whitley Strieber and the first couple chapters, then skipped to my own chapter so I could get back to Mike with any changes. I thought he did an amazing job turning two years of emails and phone conversations into some kind of coherent and meaningful story. And then, I freaked the heck out! I could not believe I agreed to share all of this material, many of my deepest, most confusing and traumatic experiences, not just with Mike, but with the entire world.

Part of me wanted to revoke all permission to share my stories, but I knew how long and hard he had worked on this book. I also believe to my core about the importance of this project. Despite the yes, sheer terror, of letting these stories see print, I also felt proud to participate in such a sacred project….

I don’t know how to describe this book other than to recommend you read it. None of the participants offers any clear explanation for our experiences. Nor does Mike. The deeper he delves, the stranger things get. What I call the “Mystery with a capital M” shimmers throughout beautiful, traumatic and/or extremely bizarre memories and documented events. The format of this second “Messengers” book reveals how far profound synchronicities spiral and ripple across time and space—in both individual and “impossibly” interconnected lives. Despite their depth, I suspect that like mine, this sharing reflects only the surface of an endless well.

This collection feels holy….

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

How to order the books

The Messengers

The owl has held a place of reverence and mystique throughout history. And as strange as this might seem, owls are also showing up in conjunction with the UFO experience. Mike Clelland has collected a wealth of first-hand accounts in which owls manifest in the highly charged moments that surround alien contact. There is a strangeness to these accounts that defy simple explanations. This book explores implications that go far beyond what more conservative researchers would dare consider.

But the owl connection encompasses more than the UFO experience. It also includes profound synchronicities, ancient archetypes, dreams, shamanistic experiences, personal transformation, and death. From the mythic legends of our ancient past to the first-hand accounts of the UFO abductee, owls are playing some vital role.

This is also a deeply personal story. It is an odyssey of self-discovery as the author grapples with his own owl and UFO encounters. What plays out is a story of transformation with the owl at the heart of this journey.

  Kindle Version HERE — Paperback Version HERE  

Stories from The Messengers
This is a companion to the groundbreaking ideas that began with Mike Clelland's earlier book, The Messengers. It is a further exploration into the connection, both symbolic and literal, between owls and UFOs. 

There is a strangeness to these accounts that defies any simple explanation. Each chapter tells a deeply personal story where these mysterious experiences are explored in depth. The book reads like a collection of short stories. The ancient mythology of the owl is repeating itself within the modern UFO report. What plays out is a journey of transformation, with an owl at the heart of each story.

  Kindle Version HERE —Paperback Version HERE  

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Owls and The Super Natural, an essay by David Metcalfe

do those branches seem familiar?
Encountering the Super Natural — An experiential review
an essay by David Metcalfe
“When we look at the owl through the medium of the close encounter experience, it turns out that something is being explained to us. Like the owl, our mysterious visitors come by night. Like the owl, they silent and all-seeing. And like the owl, they can reach right into our little burrows and carry us off into a transformative experience. For the awful ecstasy that the predator delivers to its prey, causing it to die to this world and be freed into the next, is very much like what the visitor does to her captive, leaving him devastated, at once killed inside and renewed inside, and living in two worlds at the same time, that of physical reality and that of a new kind of reality, the living reality of the soul, not quite physical, but also no longer theoretical.”
— Whitley Strieber, in the foreword to Mike Clelland’s Stories from the Messengers: Owls, UFOs and a Deeper Reality (Richard Dolan Press, 2018)

David Metcalf wrote an essay about the collision of ideas and events surrounding a series of books and authors. Whitley Strieber, Jeffery Kripal, The Super Natural, Communion, myself—and owls—are all tangled in a knot so tight that it defies all logic.

  Read the full essay HERE  

I don't pretend to understand the why or how of it, but owls are somehow connected to the deepest of mysteries. Just a few weeks ago I posted a similar essay on the same books and players, but I added Charles Fort to the mix. That essay is linked HERE. It even has footnotes!

Also, compare and contrast those branches to the cover of the big blue owl book, The Messengers (seen in the left sidebar). The photo of those branches was taken in Metcalf's yard!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Both books in the THE MESSENGERS series ranked #1 in Amazon

Both owl books are presently ranked number 1 in Amazon Kindle sales in the category of Unexplained Mysteries. This happened after my appearance last night on Coast to Coast AM. 

My first book, The Messengers was published a bit over two years ago. The companion book, Stories from the Messengers, was published yesterday.

I realize that these books are ranked in categories within categories, but it's still a remarkable feeling after all the hard work. It was a labor of love to get these books completed and I feel honored for all your support. Thank you everyone!

Amazon sales ranking

NOTE: The paperback version of 
Stories from The Messengers due out VERY soon. 
Within hours!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

The companion book is available

now available
This book is a companion to the groundbreaking ideas that began with Mike Clelland's earlier book, The Messengers. It is a further exploration into the connection, both symbolic and literal, between owls and UFOs. There is a strangeness to these accounts that defies any simple explanation. Each chapter tells a deeply personal story where these mysterious experiences are explored in depth. 
The ancient mythology of the owl is repeating itself within the modern UFO report. What plays out is a journey of transformation, with an owl at the heart of each story.
After more than two yeas of hard work, my second owl book is available for sale. This on the same day I do an interview on Coast to Coast AM with George Knapp!

   order the book through Amazon HERE   

The first book was my way of wrestling with some big ideas, and I used a lot of examples to make my case. Those examples were all stories from people. Some were gleaned from the UFO literature, but most arrived in letters to me. I tried to talk with everyone at length, and what I realized was that there is a grand novel that needs to be written about anyone who's had an owl story. But the first book required that I edit down their stories until they were just a few sentences. I was forced to do this in order to address the core questions of that book.

It broke my heart to tell those stories in such a fleeting way. The companion book (Stories from The Messengers) was my need to tell these stories more completely. It reads like a book of short stories, and I tried to truly look at ALL the details that played a role in the lives of these people.

The first book was my own therapy. I was in the throes of trying to make sense of my own experiences, and it felt like I was teetering on the edge of madness. Completing the first book was a kind of solace. I was a much calmer person afterwards.

Book two was a much different process. I talked at length with people and really worked hard to tell their stories accurately. This meant lots of long conversations on the phone and over email. Those people telling their stories meant wrestling with demons. I understood this battle, and it made the experience of writing very powerful.

Both books stand alone, and any first-time reader should be able to follow the ideas without having read the other one. The point of the second book was to tell these stories more completely.


Thursday, February 8, 2018

Owls on Coast to Coast AM with George Knapp

Journalist George Knapp
George Knapp will interview me on Coast to Coast AM. This will happen on Sunday February 18 from 10 p.m. to midnight Pacific time. That’s early Monday morning on the east coast, February 19 from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. Eastern time.

This will be an interview to promote the companion owl book, Stories from The Messengers, due out any day now. This is really exciting, I’ve been trying to get on C2C since the publication of the first owl book, a little over two years ago.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Super Natural and Owls

This blog post was initially part of the manuscript for the upcoming book Stories from The Messengers. It got nixed during the editing process and I’m sharing it here:
the golden eye of the owl
Whitley Strieber and Jeffrey Kripal teamed up to write an important book—The Super Natural. The subtitle is, “A new vision of the unexplained.” Together, they argue that much of what we would call paranormal is instead part of our natural world. They address a long list of events, from ancient religious apparitions to modern UFO accounts, and use these experiences to argue their point. 

In their book they touch on the strange life of the early UFO witness Kenneth Arnold. I wrote a whole chapter on this same man in the companion owl book. 

Jeff said of Kenneth Arnold: “… he suggested that these flying objects were in fact ‘groups and masses of living organisms that are as much a part of our atmosphere and space as the life we find in the oceans.’ This is pure Charles Fort, by the way. Was he reading Fort?” (1)

I saw that passage in The Super Natural while hard at work on my own chapter about Kenneth Arnold. Jeff had asked, somewhat rhetorically, if Kenneth Arnold had ever read books by Charles Fort, and I had the answer.

My research had lead me to a 1981 article where Arnold pulls a copy of The Complete Books of Charles Fort off his shelf in his home to make a point. He was fed up with the narrow views of most UFO researchers, and told the journalist, “I was astounded when I read Fort’s books. There were similarities between what I investigated and what Fort had collected.” (2)

So, Arnold had not only read Fort, he could relate to it.

I was giddy with pride, one of my heroes had asked a question that I could answer! I sent that article to Jeff on August 6 2016, and without knowing it at the time, this was Charles Fort’s 142nd birthday! Thank you Wikipedia.

In his book, Jeff wondered if Charles Fort had, “…some private ‘abduction’ experience.” And this is precisely my speculation about Kenneth Arnold in this book, that he might be an abductee. (3)

The Super Natural was published less than two months after The Messengers, and the cover of both books feature the bright yellow eye of an owl. My book has two eyes, their book has only one. On the amazon website there is a place that says, “Customers who bought this item also bought” and it shows the book that was most commonly purchased together. Our books are shown side by side. I cannot put into words how this makes me feel. 

I feel presumptuous comparing my book to theirs. Both Whitley and Jeff have played such important roles in shaping my ideas about these elusive issues. 

There is a similarity in content and tone in these two books. Both are looking at the outlying reports to try to come to terms with the deepest mysteries, and both books were being created at the same time. 

Both Jeff and Whitley came at these ideas from their own unique perspectives, but the implications are framed in a similar way. Someone might try to describe a profound spiritual experience, and someone else might try to describe direct UFO contact. These are conflicting experiences yet they might produce a similar kind of transformation. In my own way, I’ve been trying to address these same ideas.

Jeff wrote about his co-author: “Whitley captures this idea perfectly (and much more clearly) when he writes about his uncanny owl encounters: ‘I was fascinated by this phenomenon, and sensed at the time that it could be seen not simply as a sort of eerie mystery, but much more richly, as language.’” (4)

The owl, both literal and metaphorical, runs like a thread throughout The Super Natural, tying their ideas together. Also worth noting, the owl is the mascot of Rice University, where Jeff is the chair of the religious studies department. 

Whitley wrote this in The Super Natural:
More interestingly to me, people will identify the owl as the totem animal of the visitors. (5)
That single sentence sums up the entirety of both books in The Messengers series.


     (1) Strieber, Whitley; Kripal, Jeffrey J. (2016-02-02). The Super Natural, (p. 313) full quote from Jeff Kripal about Kenneth Arnold:      “… he suggested that these flying objects were in fact ‘groups and masses of living organisms that are as much a part of our atmosphere and space as the life we find in the oceans.’ This is pure Charles Fort, by the way. Was he reading Fort?” 
     (2) Long., Gregory, 'Kenneth Arnold: UFO Pioneer', MUFON Journal, (ed. Richard Hall) Seguin, Texas. #165, Nov. 1981 -      “As Arnold spoke, he revealed an unyielding, critical attitude toward science that ignores, ridicules, or attempts to rationalize away the “damned,” Fort’s term for anomalous data that do not fit established scientific views. This attitude is readily understandable given the treatment he has received at the hands of the press and the skeptics.” 
     (3) The Super Natural (p. 93) full quote from Jeff Kripal:      “I cannot help but wonder if behind (or above) all this super-writing floated some personal sighting in those haunted Hudson Valley skies, or even some private “abduction” experience.” 

     (4) The Super Natural (p. 228). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

     (5) The Super Natural (p. 213)  full quote from Whitley Strieber:
     "Like owls, our visitors are creatures of the night. They are predators, silent, appearing suddenly and stealing people away for unknown reasons. The owl captures the unwary, the rat who dares to cross a wire in the moonlight, the chipmunk scuttling in the last sun, the famished rabbit daring the gray of dawn.
      At our old cabin, as night gathered, the owls would often come, standing in the trees around the house, sometimes capturing prey right before our eyes. After Anne began analyzing our reader mail, it became clear that we were not the only close encounter witnesses who had owls in their lives. I was fascinated by this phenomenon, and sensed at the time that it could be seen not simply as a sort of eerie mystery, but much more richly, as language."