Saturday, February 24, 2018

Stories from The Messengers reviewed on Mysterious Universe

season 19 / episode 7
Ben and Aaron from Mysterious Universe spend an hour and a half talking about my new book! I like these guys, they have a wonderful enthusiasm. This is actually a really good long format audio review, as well as an in-depth exploration of the ideas in the book. They joke a bit about some things I felt were quite serious, but they were so dialed-in to the complexities of the stories that I couldn't be too upset.

  one-click link to the Mysterious Universe review HERE  

      Chapters covered in the audio review:
  •  Chapter The Alan Caviness Report
  •  Owls and Drones
  •  Blipping Off the Map
  •  Owls and the White Buffalo

These guys did a similar talk on their show back in 2016, where they reviewed the first owl book (linked HERE).

We did a proper interview back in 2013. There was a dramatic storm during the recording, so there is audible with thunder in the background! This was a fun talk with lots of laughs (linked HERE).


Arkie5 said...

Hello guys! I'm Cindy Bailey Dove, the lady from Mike's book. I would love to be guest on your show.

I have been researching drones for over five years, I have proof the military are flying, training and testing drones in civilian airspace.
I have declassified documents where they not only state this fact
there is additional
information, includings the location of these programs.

Thanks guys for featuring Mike's book.

nonamae said...

Hello Mike. I would like to know please....why did you choose the stories that you did for this podcast?

Mike Clelland! said...

reply to noname:

I didn't choose them, the hosts chose them...


Derek Z said...

I’d really love to have this in an audio format! Maybe one day?!