Saturday, February 24, 2018

Stories from The Messengers reviewed on Mysterious Universe

season 19 / episode 7
Ben and Aaron from Mysterious Universe spend an hour and a half talking about my new book! I like these guys, they have a wonderful enthusiasm. This is actually a really good long format audio review, as well as an in-depth exploration of the ideas in the book. They joke a bit about some things I felt were quite serious, but they were so dialed-in to the complexities of the stories that I couldn't be too upset.

  one-click link to the Mysterious Universe review HERE  

      Chapters covered in the audio review:
  •  Chapter The Alan Caviness Report
  •  Owls and Drones
  •  Blipping Off the Map
  •  Owls and the White Buffalo

These guys did a similar talk on their show back in 2016, where they reviewed the first owl book (linked HERE).

We did a proper interview back in 2013. There was a dramatic storm during the recording, so there is audible with thunder in the background! This was a fun talk with lots of laughs (linked HERE).


Arkie5 said...

Hello guys! I'm Cindy Bailey Dove, the lady from Mike's book. I would love to be guest on your show.

I have been researching drones for over five years, I have proof the military are flying, training and testing drones in civilian airspace.
I have declassified documents where they not only state this fact
there is additional
information, includings the location of these programs.

Thanks guys for featuring Mike's book.

nonamae said...

Hello Mike. I would like to know please....why did you choose the stories that you did for this podcast?

Mike Clelland! said...

reply to noname:

I didn't choose them, the hosts chose them...


Derek Z said...

I’d really love to have this in an audio format! Maybe one day?!


Ben said...

They did a great job covering my story. It was fun to listen to them. As a follow up... the synchronicities continue. Years after the event you outlined in the book regarding the owl and the dog that crossed the road (my daughter's friend yelled "look a bear!")... my now grown up daughter and i were riding home and she started talking out of the blue about strange memories she has from childhood. I listened to her stories and asked her, "do you remember the time i was bringing you and your friends home from the skating rink and told you my stories?" and she said "yes."... and i asked "do you remember the owl and the dog?" and she said "yes. that was weird"

i began to tell her to watch for synchronicities in her life around her events... and explained how the dog was one of them.

Just as i did, there was a black dog sitting in the middle of the road. I slowed the car waaaaay down and we passed it. It just sat on the double yellow line in the headlights staring at us. we crept by it and it just continued to stare as we drove by. It was VERY creepy looking... with the headlights... the calmness of the dog.... the way it was sitting at attention and only moved its head as we drove by.

That was Amber's first lesson in magik. I know it wont be her last.