Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Owls and The Super Natural, an essay by David Metcalfe

do those branches seem familiar?
Encountering the Super Natural — An experiential review
an essay by David Metcalfe
“When we look at the owl through the medium of the close encounter experience, it turns out that something is being explained to us. Like the owl, our mysterious visitors come by night. Like the owl, they silent and all-seeing. And like the owl, they can reach right into our little burrows and carry us off into a transformative experience. For the awful ecstasy that the predator delivers to its prey, causing it to die to this world and be freed into the next, is very much like what the visitor does to her captive, leaving him devastated, at once killed inside and renewed inside, and living in two worlds at the same time, that of physical reality and that of a new kind of reality, the living reality of the soul, not quite physical, but also no longer theoretical.”
— Whitley Strieber, in the foreword to Mike Clelland’s Stories from the Messengers: Owls, UFOs and a Deeper Reality (Richard Dolan Press, 2018)

David Metcalf wrote an essay about the collision of ideas and events surrounding a series of books and authors. Whitley Strieber, Jeffery Kripal, The Super Natural, Communion, myself—and owls—are all tangled in a knot so tight that it defies all logic.

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I don't pretend to understand the why or how of it, but owls are somehow connected to the deepest of mysteries. Just a few weeks ago I posted a similar essay on the same books and players, but I added Charles Fort to the mix. That essay is linked HERE. It even has footnotes!

Also, compare and contrast those branches to the cover of the big blue owl book, The Messengers (seen in the left sidebar). The photo of those branches was taken in Metcalf's yard!

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