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Judy Carroll, gray aliens and owls

UFO experiences and owls

More owl weirdness with people who claim direct UFO contact. I heard a really interesting interview with an Australian woman named Judy Carroll. She has had over 50 years of encounters with the Grays, or as she calls them, the Zetas. She has written a series of books describing conscious and positive communication with ETs.

I reached out to her because one of her books had an owl on the cover. Below is our back and forth email correspondence, edited slightly for clarity.
Hello Judy,

I just heard your interview with Randy Maugans, and then went to visit your site. I was immediately drawn to your book: Looking Through Eyes of Wisdom with the owl on the cover.

I have had a lot of experiences with owls as well as a confusing set of memories that point to some sort of UFO contact. So, I am intrigued any time I see an owl in the context of the UFO phenomenon.

I've seen a lot of owls - and I am confident that these are REAL owls and not screen memories. I’ve had sightings that go way beyond what would be normal. I have spoken to raptor biologists and they are genuinely perplexed at my experiences.

One theory is that the owls (again, real owls) are being used somehow, and the aliens are somehow using their telepathic skills to see thru the owl's eyes. The owls would be used as a sort of camera to look at me. They have excellent night vision, so the aliens perception might be quite clear. This is a nice theory.

The other idea that rings true to me is that the owls are part of a shamanic initiation of some sort.
peace to you,
Mike C

Hi Mike,

Yes, the owls are real – there’s no doubt about that. In my experience one flew in under our house, which was a ‘Queenslander-style’ up on stumps but almost completely enclosed underneath... This owl had been hanging around our property for about 3 days, despite dogs, cat and horses loose everywhere, and every time I stepped outside it was right there on the fence, staring at me.
On the third day I was sitting under the house reading a book when the owl flew in through a narrow doorway and came to perch on a rafter directly above my head. I’m a bit scared of birds, so I ran for my life, book held over my head for protection! I then waited outside watching both doorways, waiting for the owl to fly out – but it never did. Finally I summoned up my courage and went back in, but there was no sign of it, and it never returned.
I agree with both of your suggestions, that the ETs are using their telepathic skills to look through the owls’ eyes, and also that there’s shamanic symbolism there as well, but with the Zetas there are always 3 reasons/explanations.

The third one is – the Zetas are expert ‘shape-shifters’ and can easily appear as a very real owl, or whatever, if they need to. They seem to prefer animals that resemble themselves, that is, ones with large eyes or at least good night vision eyes.
Cats are another favourite with them, and in fact my Zeta teacher placed part of his own essence into a cat that adopted me a few years ago. Whenever he wanted to connect, this cat would come right up close to my face and stare into my eyes, and her eyes would become totally black, with no yellow color showing, and this enormous love would just pour out of her and engulf me totally 
Best wishes,

The number three repeats itself in her message. The owl was watching her for three days. Three explanations. This ties into my (repeated) sightings of three owls. The idea about aliens seeing through the eyes of owls came from a comment left by Whitley Strieber in one of my very first blog posts, and I write about it HERE.

I recommend the two-hour long interview with Judy and Randy Maugans on his podcast series Off-Planet Radio.


Meghan M said...

"One theory is that the owls (again, real owls) are being used somehow, and the aliens are somehow using their telepathic skills to see thru the owl's eyes."

I had a weird conversation with this guy a few years ago who was pretty much an addict, mostly cocaine, who was convinced that the birds in the trees were actually cameras that were watching him all of the time. So, these theories sound really familiar to me, but I encountered them in a totally different context. So I am sort of skeptical to this approach.

I think the reality of what is going on is FAR STRANGER than the theories we've come up with. I think the idea of extraterrestrials is nowhere near as strange as what actually is.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Interesting talk between Judy and Randy.The funny thing is I had to travel to the other side of the planet through the internet to hear someone who lives about 10 kilometers away from where I live (if her contact address suburb - Cannon Hill is roughly where Judy lives,that is).
I have never heard of Judy before,but then again I don't follow any UFO stuff apart from what you write about on your blog.
I don't see many owls where I live,but I have seen the odd one or two.But they are a rare sight for me.
Interestingly also,is I just started meditating yesterday in a vow to do it daily,after being hit with articles about meditation from every direction I turned,from David Lynch talking about TM to Sera Beak's insistence in her
"The Red Book" about meditation being the one thing you must do.

Red Pill Junkie said...

I wish I could meditate :-/

Lucretia Heart said...

I've had close encounter experiences where I saw GIANT white cats or white owls that were very obviously screen memories for actual physical Greys that were there. That's one kind of owl or cat encounter-- not really an owl or a cat, but certainly a mystical symbolism is created when they use animals that look like them as a part of their screen persona.

Then there's the genuinely weird encounters with REAL cats and owls that don't act normal. We have a real large white owl of some sort that we see quite regularly where I live, always alone, that seems to be seen MORE when we're having other paranormal experiences. A weird sync there for sure.

Given the Greys' abilities, it would not surprise me if they could use a distant telepathy to engage their essence with actual owls or cats-- but I've almost always lived with cats, and I've NEVER had a cat that showed an alien presence within in any way. Believe me, I would be alert to anything of the kind!

Odd bird behavior though... now that I've had a few times. Uncanny stuff that just keeps happening. For instance, I never get any attention from the red-tailed hawks in my area-- unless I'm outside talking on the phone with YOU about certain topics, Mike!

I make note of it all, but I can't say as I understand it yet.

Charles Frith said...


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Mary Schultz said...

I saw your blog after googling Owl Planet/ Owl Extraterrestrials. My inquiry into trying to find some information comes after having two dreams and one owl sighting/ vision(?). I question it because, when thinking about the experience now, it seems like it could have been a vision.... or I am talking myself out of really seeing a snow owl in my back yard. :) I thought I would share my story after reading that you are eager to hear stories.
My first dream was not a dream in the true definition. It was my consciousness witnessing me (as a typical looking "gray") lying on a steel table. Someone (God) asked me three times "Will you be devoted to me, Mary?" The first two times I (as the gray) answered "Lead the way" of which my consciousness interjected, "That's the ego." The third time I (the gray) answered, "Yes, I will be devoted."
In the second "dream" I (me in this reality) was standing in the street outside my house. I saw crystal owls flying in line with the street and I was jumping up and down telling them I was one of them.
The snow owl sighting happened about four weeks ago. I stepped out on my back deck and there was this owl flying from the back fence line towards the house. I have heard owls before, a couple times outside my bedroom window during the wee early morning hours, but have never seen one. I do not feel the owls I heard were snow owls but this one was. We have hawks in our area and my mind kept saying "This can't be a hawk" as I watched the movement of the owls wings. The movement was so graceful and hypnotizing; it was definitely bigger than a hawk.
I am on the path of self mastery, believe in the evolution of consciousness, and Ascension. Healing is my passion. Another bit of information to add to my story is this. Two years ago I bought a hand made drum from Denise Linn. The name she gave to the drum I received was "Owl Tribe". When I opened the box and held the drum I immediately started wailing and crying. I thought that I must sound like an old Native American woman who was just reunited with her treasured drum.
I AM blessed and moving forward on my path; I just wish some meanings were clearer to me. :)

Mike Clelland! said...


Your comment came in at 1:11...

Seeing owls at a time of spiritual transition is common. Wishing you great strenght along your path.

Mike C

Anonymous said...

The owl, the cat that stares supernaturally into the eyes, transmitting boundless love, the number three (specifically 11:01) have all featured heavily in my life. Thanks to your blog, I am perhaps coming to some pretty astounding revelations! Thanks for sharing this.

Conard Cochran said...

Hi there, Mike C.

I wrote before, it didn't get posted, I didn't have a email answer/reply.

I have seen Owls, not the bird kind (well I have seen those too), but the owl faced humanoid kind.

I need help, I need answers!

Please... acknowledge.

Mike Clelland! said...



Mike from the blog. You have an owl story??
Contact me thru the email found on the CONTACT listing above.

Also, my email is listed on the right hand side bar.

Mike C