Thursday, March 23, 2017

owl and hawk in Phoenix

1.“Something doesn't look right here! 
Wait, there are more than two wings here!!! That looks like a red tail!??”

This was the first image (above) in a series of photos posted by Jujuolui Kuita on her Facebook wall. She's an emergency animal tech, and was called out to a location in suburban Phoenix because of an "injured owl." When she arrived on the scene there was something up in a tree, but it was initially hard to make out what it might be.

2. An owl face in among the wings

Eventually she saw the face of a great horned owl peering out from a tangle of wings. She was unclear of what she was seeing—there was more than just an owl stuck up in that tree. Jujuolui went and got a ladder from the truck.

3. "Just set the ladder, 
suddenly, the red-tailed hawk came falling down!"

The motion of the ladder bumping the tree must have startled the owl enough to free itself from the dead hawk that had been stuck on top of it.

4. The dead hawk now on the ground.

5. Without the weight of the hawk on him, 
the owl was able to get free and fly away—seeking safety in this tree.
6. Jujuolui holding the dead hawk

She was terribly saddened that this big beautiful hawk had died. What made this even more upsetting was that there was another hawk perched high in a nearby tree. This second hawk seemed distressed, and was watching what was happening below. They realized this was probably the female mate to the dead male hawk on the ground.

7.  Female red-tailed way up at the top in a nearby tree, 
with her mate on the ground below her. 
8. Jujuoli labeled this photo: "Sorry for your loss."

Jujuolui contacted Wild at Heart, an Arizona-based raptor rescue center, and they suggested that she leave the body of the hawk under the tree so the female could realize he had died and begin the grieving process. She labeled the photo: "Sorry for your loss."

Jujuolui told me she cried at the base of that tree, "It was really sad. I felt the intense pain of the female hawk."

*     *     *

Something happened in that tree. There had been a battle between an owl and a hawk, but why they fought no one will ever know. Perhaps one bird had had gotten into the other’s territory. Maybe the owl was attempting to take over the nest of the hawk. 

Why were they stuck together? It seems that the weight of the dead hawk had pinned the owl into the branches. Could the fight have left the owl injured? Or, maybe it was left too exhausted to free itself from the hawk it had killed. Perhaps their talons ended up locked together. Whatever the cause, Jujuolui was allowed an interesting and rare glimpse into animal behavior. 

But what is even more fascinating is that Jujuolui is a lifelong experiencer of UFO contact, and a few of these events involved owls. There is a powerful symbolic aspect not only to what happened with the owl and hawk, but that someone with UFO experiences would be “called” to that tree. 

She was well aware of the significance and said so in the comment thread below her own photos. She wrote: “I felt there was some omen to this… I felt like just a spectator,” and, “I think there is much symbolism to this event!”

Jujuolui confronted two raptors, both imbued with ancient lore, one a symbol of the night and the other the day. One represents death, the other the power of life. The owl is an inward totem, representing the secrets of the unseen worlds. The hawk is a bold emblem of strength and courage. The owl was victorious, yet pinned down by the weight of the defeated. And it was a UFO experiencer, someone who has crossed the boundaries between the worlds that freed it from burden of it’s shadow spirit. She used a ladder to free the owl, and in dream symbolism the ladder could mean spiritual ascension or climbing to higher level of self discovery. 

Another thing that struck me was this happened in Phoenix, a city named after the mythic bird, the symbol of death in flames and rebirth from the ashes. When I pointed this out to her she said, “I know, how fascinating! I was told in a 'dream' that I was to move to this city. It was after everything I owned burned up!”

I contacted her and asked some questions, the first being the same I would ask anyone: “What is going on in your life during the lead up to this event?”

She replied that her life at the time had been extremely difficult, she had been feeling hopeless and depressed. I had initially edited these personal details out of the first draft, but she said, “I don't mind you sharing that. It is true and it might give hope to others who are in need of looking inward for strength and guidance.”

Her dog Katrina had died recently, and she was grieving over the loss of her best friend and companion. Jujuolui is extremely empathic, and the animal rescue work can be emotionally challenging. One of the patterns I have seen in this research is that people who have had these contact experiences will often be working with animals. That and a profound sense of empathy. 

The night before the owl and hawk event she had asked for help. Just before going to bed she sought guidance from her star-family (including her dog Katian) on three problems . She said, “My dream that [next] morning was my guides telling me they solved two out of the three problems/issues I have asked help on! I don't know which issues they were! Ha!”

I explained that it felt like something symbolic that might only be understood at the unconscious level of the archetype. She replied, “I knew it meant something and I felt honored to be a part of this event. It was very sad.”

She was clear that what happened was definitely a “pay attention” moment.

Jujuolui has been outspoken her experiences, and is the subject of full chapter in the recent book Meet the Hybrids by Barbara Lamb and Miguel Mendonça. She also published her own book in 2012 We Are Among You Already

One of her owl stories was featured on page 211 in my book The Messengers. Like the owl and the hawk account here, this one also features her photograph of a great horned owl. Jujuolui's excerpt is posted HERE.
photo by Jujuolui Kuita

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Owl on the roof

This is an excerpt from page 211 of my book The Messengers. It features an account from Jujuolui Kuita, who shared her owl and hawk experience in this posting HERE.

Like that other account, this one also has 
a great horned owl photographed by Jujuolui.

I’ve talked with a woman named Jujuolui at several different UFO conferences over the years, and she is very open about her contact experiences. She also tells of having a lot of owl encounters and feels certain these are part of her interactions with the gray aliens and their craft. Some of these owls seem like screen memories, where they take on some of the visual characteristics of the grays.

Jujuolui told me how she awoke one night to the sounds of a hooting owl. Waking up in the middle of night is unusual for her, unless there is some contact event unfolding. Her thought was that this wasn’t an owl, but instead an alien being on her roof making this hooting noise.

She was compelled to get out of bed, go outside and take a picture of what she assumed was a gray alien. She told me, “If it were a normal owl, I would not have done this, I would have ignored it and kept sleeping!”

Jujuolui and she clearly felt she was being told to point and click her camera in the direction of the house. It was pitch black outside and she took a picture with the bright flash. When she looked at the image on the back of her digital camera, there was a big owl perched on the corner of the roof. She was told to take another picture, and she thought, “Surely if this was an owl it wouldn’t stay so close to me for another picture, especially after the first flash of the camera! I took a picture again, sure enough, there it was!” That owl on the roof was positioned directly above her bed.

The photo is obviously of a real owl, but I cannot dismiss her feelings of being compelled to go out into the night with her camera. Was this feeling somehow projected into her from an outside source? If so, what would be the purpose? She left her house thinking she was going to take a picture of an alien being, but instead got a picture of an owl. She told me the house was the site of a tremendous amount of experiences, mostly with the gray beings. She says they are like a second family to her.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Great gray owl lands on a woman's head in New Hampshire

great gray owl landing
great gray owl landed
On Saturday March 11, 2017 Marsha Richelli of Portsmouth, NH was standing in the back of the field. She was simply observing and enjoying a wonderful visitor from the north. She then saw it flying towards her. Instead of freaking out like many would have done, Marsha calmly stood still as the Owl set down upon her head. It looked around for a few minutes, then flew off. It did not harm her at all. She said it was very light. I inspected her hood for any talon marks and there were none left by this gentle Owl. I just love this bird!

Photography and reporting by David Lipsy (left). His site is Eagle Eye Photography.

Owl and Marsha images shot with Canon EOS 7D Mark II, EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM + 2x III, ISO 640, 1/640 Sec, f/5.6, (EFL) 640mm. Hand Held, Cropped for Composition.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

audio excerpt from Aliens in the Backyard

This is a really interesting story!

This is from Trish and Rob MacGregor's audio book. It's an eight minute long audio excerpt from their book. It is also posted along with the interview I did with them last week (the interview lined HERE).

The 2013 book Aliens in the Backyard can be found HERE.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

John Mack talks about altered states of consciousness - audio and video

Important lecture from 2002

The same talk has been saved as an MP3 audio file
for easier listening

I've been making the effort to transfer youtube videos to audio

This is the audio of a talk given by Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack at the International Conference on Altered States of Consciousness in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was recorded October 25, 2002.

The synopsis of the lecture reads: "UFO encounters, near death experiences, shamanic journeys, and spontaneous religious epiphanies all have the power to bring about a significant transformation of consciousness. By this is meant that the experiencers’ worldview, as internalized in the course of their upbringing and inculcation in this culture, is shattered. This, in turn, results in the potential opening of heart and spirit to a wider appreciation of reality and a (re)connection to realms of the sacred and divine. In this lecture I will discuss how this process occurs in specific cases, and its implications for social and cultural change."

At the 6:45 time count Dr. Mack says:
"It's really strange, in our discussion [with experiencers present] every time we start by talking about light and vibration, and we end up talking about God." So it's as if these experiences all lead to some kind of spiritual opening as the awakening occurs.
I wrote something similar on page 121 of The Messengers:
"If you start out talking about little lights in the sky, you’ll very quickly start talking about God. You’ll end up wrestling with the really big questions. Who are we? Why are we here? What does it all mean?"
I say essentially the same thing. The question is, did I watch this presentation at some point and just kind of absorb what he said? Did he cover this theme in one of his final two books on the abduction subject? I really don't know. All I can say is that he's right.

Also—At the 57:00 minute mark he takes a question from a person in the room. From her voice, I am quite certain that this is Rosemary Ellen Guiley! This is a great interview with her HERE.

More excellent audio and video links to Dr. Mack's work linked HERE

Friday, March 10, 2017

Barbara Lamb and the formation of a crop circle

Author, researcher, therapist, and experiencer, Barbara Lamb

This is a video of Barbara Lamb telling a remarkable personal experience of being taken on board a round craft for the making of a crop circle. Initially I thought this was the same story that was covered on page 151 in The Messengers. It wasn't, but the similarities are striking.

I felt I should point this out to the fellow who posted the video because I had recently sent him a copy of my book. 

I was doing three things at once: watching the video with Barbara, texting the fellow on Facebook, and at the same time searching a document of my book to find the relevant sub-chapter. 

When I found the headline I wanted, I highlighted it and hit command+cut just as Barbara spoke the words: "August 10th."

Here is what I had cut: August 10th and three crop circle events 
My grabbing that line of text and hearing the identical spoken words were simultaneous. This gave me the chills—the exactness of it kind of freaked me out!  
I sent the fellow a message, “Holy crap - weird sync AS I TYPED this!”

There is a blog post from 2013 titled: August 10th, crop circles and owls. This tells the same story (a bit more completely) than the abbreviated version in the book. That online essay tells of three separate crop circle events taking place on August 10th of different years, all relating to myself, owls—or both. 

One of the stories was from August 10th 2013. A friend of mine was in southern England on a crop circle tour and on the afternoon of August 9th, the entire crew of “croppies” all meditated for the appearance of a crop circle. She woke up at four the next morning and while lying in bed formally asked to be taken to see a crop circle being formed. Moments later she felt a weird rotating sensation, had an out-of-body experience, then blacked out. 

Later that morning they learned that a crop circle had appeared nearby. The whole crew went to the site together, referred to as the Chute Causeway formation. She describes standing in that circle as one of the most profoundly mystical experiences of her life.

There is even an owl in this account, read about it HERE.

What wasn't included in either the post or the book was that at the time, my friend was sharing a room in a traditional English Bed and Breakfast with Barbara Lamb. 
Months later she had a hypnotic regression with Barbara to explore this experience, specifically to explore what might have happened the morning she asked to be taken to see a crop circle being formed. I have read a transcription of this hypnosis session, and she describes being on board a small craft and looking down onto what she feels is the same field as where the formation appeared. She also had the strong sense that Barbara was in that craft with her, although she doesn't remember seeing her.
13 Moons formation, August 1994
At the 9:50 time count in the video, Barbara says the date, "In August about 10th or 11th of 1994." In her 2001 book Crop Circles Revealed co-authored by Judith K. Moore, Barbara refers to this design as the "Thirteen Moons." This was an era before the online cataloging of circles, so there isn't much about this design. The dates of this formation vary; one source says August 14, and the only other one I could find mentions August 8.

One more odd detail. I first watched the video on Sunday March 5, seemingly minutes after it was posted on YouTube. A long stretch of the audio was out of sync in that initial posting (now corrected) making it a bit jarring to watch. It fixed itself right before Barbara says: "August 10th." So we have an audio sync and cosmic sync side by side!
Audio interview with Barbara Lamb—linked HERE       
Previous posting: August 10th, crop circles and owls—linked HERE

Friday, March 3, 2017

Communion was published 30 years ago last month

Author Whitley Strieber
I was living in New York City in 1987 when I first saw the hardback edition COMMUNION in bookstores. I later saw it at a co-workers apartment, and asked if he thought it was true. He pointed out that the cover featured the words “A True Story." I could tell by his voice that he was unsure what to make of it.

I flipped through it a little and wondered what it was all about. I recall being both curious and skeptical, thinking it might be a publicity stunt by a well established horror author.

I had an odd impression about the illustration on the cover. My initial reaction to that face was, “that’s not quite right.” As an illustrator, I felt like I needed to revise it, like a police sketch artist erasing and redrawing some details to better match the descriptions of a witness. This was in contrast to the consistent reports of people saying that the cover was an instantaneous trigger, as if that face was eerily familiar. Many abductees know precisely when and where they were when they first saw that image, the moment is seared into their psyche. Whitley has even wondered if the cover image was somehow meant to be a trigger of sorts, as if its placement on that cover was intentionally orchestrated by the visitors themselves.

I didn't actually read the book until the summer of 1992.

Grace Church, on the NE corner of Broadway and 10th Street
I had read Warday some years earlier, at the time I was living in the NYU dormitory across from Grace Church, one of the loveliest buildings in the city. This was the view out my dorm room window for the school year of 1981 to ’82. That church was featured in Warday, and that one detail made for a curious connection on how I would relate to Strieber's work. Years later I asked Whitley about that church, and he said he and Anne would go there for Sunday services.

I used to sleep out under the stars at a beautiful site near the Gunks, a rock climbing area near New Paltz New York. This would have been during the summers of late 80's through the early 90's. I later found out that Whitley's cabin was no more than two miles from the hidden spot where I would lie on the ground.I wrote a blog post about this, HERE.

At the time of the events documented in Communion, Whitley and Anne lived in the city on Laguardia near Houston. At that same time, my apartment was just across Houston on Sullivan between Spring and Broome. This was quite close, probably around a quarter of a mile away.

I got the book out of the Jackson Hole Library back when it was still a little log cabin, and read it in just a few days. It was a hot summer and I sat outside in the shade to read, leaning against the little trailer home I was renting. I was deeply impressed. This would have been 1992, six years after its publication. I later sent him a handwritten letter, one of nearly a quarter of a million that he received with descriptions of personal experiences.

I read Communion less than six months before waking to see five gray aliens out my bedroom window. This book and its ideas were intertwined with a sort of death and rebirth of how I saw reality. This new chapter of my life wasn’t anything I chose, it was thrust upon me. In many ways this has been a lonely journey on a dark path, yet if I had any road map at all, it was Communion.

In my years years of digging in to my own experiences, I've been reaching out and going to conferences. I've met Whitley and Anne a few times, and have spoken with them at length. This includes a few interviews, him on my show, and me on his. He has also been extremely supportive of my book.

Nick Redfern posted an excellent essay on the 30th anniversary of this important book, linked HERE.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

white owl and two books

white owl on a lonely road
Earlier in the winter my partner Andrea received a blurry picture through facebook. It was sent to her from a woman named Rachel, one of only two people in a nearby town that actually have the book The Messengers. She said the owl was in the middle of the road and she couldn’t drive around it, and while parked took the picture. The photo shows a white owl standing in the center of a dark road. It lines up with a driveway and a mailbox where the other person with that same book lives.

The owl was looking at something in the road, and she had enough time for one photo from her phone. Then another car passed from behind and the owl flew off.
Text added later the same day:
I bumped into Rachel this afternoon. I told her about this post and she described the a few more things about that night. She ended up getting very close to the owl, closer than the photo shows, and said she felt a deep connection. Also, she was picking up her son from that house, but the owl was in the one spot that blocked her from turning into the driveway 
Rachel also was surprised that the owl was so small. She told me that she only remembers seeing one other owl, and she described it as being three and a half feet to four tall 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Christopher Knowles saw a UFO from his porch

click on the image for a high rez-view
And I have to say that this object—whatever it was—deeply unsettled me. I can't really call it fear, something much more complex and layered than that. More like a deep sense of dislocation.
Christopher Knowles, the man behind The Secret Sun, saw a UFO from his porch just a few nights ago. This was not a little dot in the sky, this was a very large structured craft making eerie movements in the New Jersey sky. He writes about the experience HERE.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

owl hieroglyphs at Roswell

Lt. John (Jack) Trowbridge and Roswell
Roswell witness testimony

There is a YouTube video of an aging Roswell witness, and he describes handling the debris from the crash site in 1947. Curiously, he mentions owls as part of his memories. The time count is noted in the transcription below. Trowbridge worked alongside Jesse Marcell Sr. at the 509th Bomb Wing at Roswell Army Air Field. Some researchers, like Kevin Randle question this testimony.  
This isn't meant to be any kind of smoking gun of owl weirdness. No conclusions, just a funny little reference worth noting—at least to me!
Partial Transcription:

(0:40) On this particular evening, we had bridge at major Marcell's home…  my wife, all of intelligence was there playing bridge.

Except Jesse. He was out with a pick up gathering this junk in the debris field. So when He came in it was fairly late I believe. And we broke up the bridge game to see what Jesse had brought in. And it was of great interest.

It was aluminum in appearance. There were fragments of aircraft scanner, or whatever the thing was. And also some girders, with pictures of  hieroglyphic like things on it.

(1:50) I took them to be owls, but who knows.

Anyhow, it was interesting. I did get to handle the material.

And the material  had some peculiar properties. For instance, it looked like Hershey Bar wrappings. If you squeeze it up in your hand as hard as you could, and let go, it returned to the original shape—instantly!
Thanks to Jamie for the head's up on this!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

owls found dead in huge numbers along Idaho highway

dead owl along Idhao Interstate 84

I have been hit with a bunch of email and facebook notices about owls showing up dead along Intestate 84 in southern Idaho. Although terribly sad, I don't sense anything paranormal about this. Yet there are a few synchro-tid-bits.

Here is the initial news item from Boise TV (with video).

One of the two woman who reported the account to the news was Christina White (White Christ). Barn owls are only one of two white owls in north america, the other being the snowy owl

Erin Arnold of Boise Idaho, with a barn owl
A Boise State student recently published a thesis study on the dead owls in southern Idaho for the Raptor Research Center and called it "one of the world’s highest roadway mortality rates for barn owls."

And - the student from Boise State who wrote up a report on the owls is named Erin Arnold. The modern era of the flying saucer can be traced back to Boise resident Kenneth Arnold's 1947 sighting. Two Arnolds, both from Boise? Not sure if they are related, Arnold is a common name, but I've made a few attempts to find out.
If anyone out there can get a message to Ms. Arnold, please ask her if she is related to the late Kenneth Arnold!
Ellens Air Force Base is the fictitious location for "Deep Throat" one of the first X-FIles episodes to explore the back-engineered UFO conspiracy. Mountain Home is an Air Force Base along this stretch of interstate, the only site that would match the site.

Interstate 84 continues West into Oregon, and there is a zone closer to the Columbia River that is the site of a large collection of weird UFO sightings, many in association with owls.

I have an account on file of a fellow who had a lot of owl sightings, often at highly charged moments. He also had a disturbing missing time event while on his way to Boise. It was near I-84, but not on it. He sort of "came to" in view of a gas station in a VERY lonely rural spot. Oddly enough, I've been to that gas station several times and I've even purchased two UFO books on cassette tape at that site. This was years before I read his account (and back before MP3s).

     - Jacques Vallee’s fiction novel - "Fastwalker"
     - C. D. B. Bryan's book - “Close Encounters of the Forth Kind

It's an odd location to find UFO books on tape, I mean, this place is way out there…

Monday, February 20, 2017

“Mom, is that you?”

Barred owl, photo taken February 16, 2017. Click on image for HI-rez view.

Last Friday morning at 8:35, Andrea had a photo of an owl show up in her Facebook chat box (see above). The text under the image asked, “Andrea, this owl is on my deck. Do you think it might be injured?”

The message was from Andrea’s friend Suzanne. I was sitting nearby and she showed me the picture. My sense was that it looked fine. Andrea replied and asked when it showed up.

What then took place was a real time back and forth dialogue about the owl right out her window. Suzanne told us over Facebook that her mother had recently died, and that: “Today is my Mom’s birthday.” She had been crying earlier that morning, still grieving over the loss. Her mom had always been a good listener and she desperately wanted to talk to her.

She sat down and took some time to meditate after crying. Her intention was to process her feelings of confusion and loss. It was right when opening her eyes after meditating that she first saw the owl. She remarked that the way the window was lined up she would not have noticed it if she was seated even just a few inches off to either side. Her immediate thought was, “Mom, is that you?

She tapped on the window and the owl slowly turned its head, its eyes wide open and staring at her. It was at this point that she took the photo (above) and sent it to Andrea.

Suzanne wrote, “So gorgeous… Never seen one so close.”

I was getting the play-by-play as Andrea read each of the incoming messages. When I heard that Suzanne’s mother had recently died I immediately blurted out, “Talk to the owl as if it is your Mom.” My comment was because of all the accounts I'd collected of people talking to owls after a loved one (most often a parent) had passed. 

Suzanne couldn't get out onto the deck because of deep snow, so she opened the window to talk, “It looked at me for several minutes with those eyes and then flew into a tree. Has to be her.”

The owl had sat on the deck chair for about an hour, and then spent about five minutes in a pine tree close to the house. She said this short time felt endless. 

In a follow up phone conversation I asked Suzanne her thoughts on the owl. She said that before noticing the owl she felt alone and despondent. Since the sighting, “I just felt an amazing connection, I don’t feel alone.” 

For the whole rest of that day she felt like crying, “It was so moving, but I wasn’t grieving. The tears are not of despair.”

She had lived in that house for over eight years, and never once seen an owl. 

Her mom would have been 95 years old on the day of this owl sighting, February 17, 2017. If you leave out the zero, the calendar date repeats itself in the year, 2/17 is 2017. 

Suzanne is a psychotherapist, and like so many of the other people who have described similar owl experiences, she is trained in Reiki.

A few days after the owl sighting on her back deck, Suzanne said this, “I am convinced that the visit was also a message to me to take care of business. The business of letting go ... and to commit to my work and my purpose here. Even if it means facing down the loneliness for the time being. But I am not alone. The owl did not seem to leave the yard. I believe it is still around my home.”

I am indebted to all the people who have shared their stories with me. I realize that I've become a sort of archivist for people's personal exerinces. There is a responsibility to do more than just catalog these accounts and tuck them away in file cabinets. There is a need to share. My hope is that the people who find these little reports will end up being just a little more open to the deeper aspects of our reality.                        
—Mike Clelland.  

Monday, February 6, 2017

Betty Andreasson's home with FOUR owls and a gray alien

click on image for HI-rez view

The 1985 photo book, In Advance of the Landingis an anthropological study of people who believed in UFOs or belonged to UFO cults from the early 70's-80's. The content is candid understated photographs and a short bio of the people involved in the pictures. 

The image above is Betty Andreasson's home. It shows a fiberglass alien created from one of her drawings. But in the background are three framed pictures of owls. She was featured in the four book series, The Andreasson Affair, written by Raymond F-OWL-er.

Also in the photo, on the table, is a red monkey-frog thing. If I remember correctly, these were seen in a cave by Betty. She was told that the little grays would harvest their eyes and then put them in their own heads. That's where the big back alien eyes come from.

Thanks to Chris C. for sending me this image from an out of print book.

First Edition, in hardcover
Glorious pre-computer art direction

NEW text added Feb 11, 2017:
There is another owl in The picture! (seen below) In the background on the lamp stand sits a small owl statuette! Thank you Derek Z for playing owl detective!
grainy owl close up

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Abductees - a film by Paul Vester

Mac Tonnies liked this little film. I remember him saying it was very creative.

This short animation features Budd Hopkins in live action as well as voice over. The punk rock singer Helen Wheels is featured near the beginning. She speaks about the alien telepathy at the 00:30 time count. Linda Cortile (featured in Budd's book Witnessed) speaks at about the 1:45 time-count.

This video has been on youtube in one form or another for about a decade, but sadly the quality was very poor. The good news is that the version above is excellent.

I contacted the film-maker, Paul Vester, and asked about the production. It was made for BBC Channel 4 TV UK in 1994. The genesis of the project was the actual drawings done by the abductees themselves, these are shown as slides on a light-box in the film. Budd was very supportive of the project and would show the video to his subjects, and they liked it.

I was illustrator and animator in New York in the 1980s though the early 90s, and I could have easily worked on a something like this. So I feel a kinship of sorts to the production.
screen image (meaning a screen-grab) of owls and 123
NOTE: Look what shows up at the 1:23 time-count. This number sequence has been associated with some VERY powerful clues in my life.

ONE MORE NOTE: We had a plumber at the house as I was finishing up this post. He said he saw a big owl in the bushes near the front door—this would have been about the time I posted the cartoon owl image above.  I went out in the hopes of seeing the owl, but it wasn't there. I walked around the house and saw a large owl fly off and into the woods. I only saw it flying away from me, but the plumber was right, it was big! By the coloring and size, I am assuming it was a barred owl.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Cartoon game app for your mobile device!

Despite the headline
this is not a pushy advertisement!
One of many hundreds of illustrations from Cartoonacy.
(click on the cartoons for a HIrez view)
this is a puzzle, describe the cartoon with a two-word phrase
There is a long-ago chapter of my life where I did cartoon illustrations for toy advertising. I was living in New York in the 1980s with a career as an illustrator. Somewhere in the mid-1990's I drew a series of cartoons for a proposed game. It was to be a card game, with each card featuring a drawing that showed a simple two-word phrase. The game was never sold, I got paid for my work and it was pretty much forgotten.

Yet now, over two decades later, in the digital era, it's re-emerged as a mobile device app.

This is a cute little game of puzzles, and its free!

But how does this tie into the UFO field? The game designer is Jay Bacal, who was also the creative director for the animated TV series THE TRANSFORMERS. Remember, that's the story of an ancient race of aliens here on earth. Well, Jay worked with a fellow named Paul Davids, who later went on to be the executive producer of the 1994 television movie ROSWELL. So, there's that!

what two-word phrase describes this cartoon?