Monday, November 17, 2014

an owl in Roswell

Whoa, it's as light as a feather!
an owl seen in ROSWELL
The 1994 Showtime movie Roswell has a quick cameo of an owl, it shows up at the 16:33 time count. Kyle MacLachlan plays Jesse Marcel Sr. and in this scene he is taken to the ranch of Mac Brazel (played by Dwight Yoakam) where they look at the odd wreckage stored in a barn. Spooky music plays as they enter the dimly lit barn.

MacLachlan lifts a large section of something crumpled and shiny, and exclaims, “Whoa, it’s as light as a feather.”

At that moment something flutters in the background and lands on a wooden railing in the background. Then there is a close up of a great horned owl. I don’t see any deep mystery here, it feels like this owl is used as nothing more than a spooky set piece. This is a movie about a UFO crash, unlike INTRUDERS (1992) with its owls and a focus on abductions.

What is of note is that the word feather was spoken the instant before the owl made its cameo. 

In the lore of the plains indians, owl feathers are considered deceiver feathers, the owl as a night totem represents darkness and mystery. When you fan someone with owl feathers, they are silent. In opposition, eagle feathers are warrior feathers related to the sun. This is similar to Zeus (or Jupiter), the sky god with his companion eagle.

Kyle MacLachlan was no stranger to the owl and UFO meme, having just finished his role as special agent Dale Cooper on Twin Peaks

Paul Davids was the executive producer of Roswell, and he’s a regular face at UFO conferences. He was in the audience when I gave my owl talk at the IUFOC in February of 2014. He came up afterwords and complimented me on the presentation. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

an owl listens to my podcast!

me and my little buddy
This story comes from a reader who sent me an email me with an interesting story. Curiously, this story includes me. It starts with a photograph taken a few summers back, and it shows me sitting near a great horned owl.

I was at an event where a local raptor rescue center was taking part in this community fundraiser. There was a golden eagle, a falcon and a great horned owl. This owl had been rescued after someone found it with a severely injured left wing. It was nursed back to health but it was unable to fly so in couldn’t be released back into the wild. Now its life involves living at the center and occasionally being shown at elementary schools an other public events like the one on that day.

I couldn’t miss out on the chance to get a picture with a live owl! In the photograph you can clearly see that the owl’s left wing hangs awkwardly at its side. I posted this photo on my blog and facebook page the same day it was taken, August 4th, 2012 (see HERE). The photo was taken in a big barn, and this shows up again a little over a year later, where I watch a "fact checking" owl land on that same barn, HERE.

Four days later I got a an email from a woman named Diana. That morning she was in her house trying to transfer one of my audio interviews onto her iPod, but the download was going really slowly. While she was waiting she went outside to take the trash to the curb and saw what she thought was a bundle of something in the driveway, when she got closer she realized it was an injured owl. The poor creature could barely move because of an open wound under it’s right wing. The owl would flop onto its back and as it struggled to get upright, she saw the wing twisting, there was almost nothing holding it in place. 

Diana sent me a photo of the sad looking wounded owl in a dog kennel. Curiously one of the only words I can read on the paper is "Angel" 
She got a dog carrier from her garage and after some struggles got the bird into the container using a rake. She went back into the house to search out a local veterinarian’s office that was affiliated with wildlife rescue. After that she transferred the podcast to her MP3 player. She put the dog carrier with the injured owl in the car with her and drove to the vet. Here’s the weird part, on the drive both her and the owl were listening to my voice. 

The similarities between her story and my photo are positively bizarre. Both stories feature a wildlife rescue, a great horned owl with an injured wing and both owls got to listen to my voice. She was also clear that she had not seen the photograph of me and the injured owl before contacting me with her experience. She told me what episode she was listening to and it involved me and the guest, Lorin Cutts, talking about owls and how they interact with UFO abductees! Lorin has had some extremely strange owl experiences of his own.

I can’t ignore the fact that the woman who shared this story is named Diana. In Roman mythology, the goddess Diana was associated with wild animals and woodland, and having the power to talk to animals.
two pictures with the same owl

There is even more synchro-wierdness connected to this image. The author of the Longmire series of books, Craig Johnson, and oddly enough—he is pictured with the very same owl! Also note our choice of shirts.

A little more about the day I had my picture taken with the owl

It was a lovely summer afternoon at the festive small town event, and I took the time to speak with a doctor who was working with the veterinarians and naturalists at the center. I briefly told him about some of my experiences with owls. I described seeing three owls on two separate occasions within a few days and then asked if he had ever heard of anything like that. He said no. Then I told him another story of seeing five owls fly above me and a friend as we were lying on our back in a meadow talking about metaphysical issues. I asked if he had ever heard anything like that. Again, he said no. He added that such things simply don’t happen. Then I told him another of my experiences, and another. He looked at me with concern. As I talked I recognized he was getting uncomfortable and he slowly began moving away from me. It was a curious feeling to realize that an owl expert hearing my experiences was looking at me as if I was insane.

and a little more... 

The date of August 9th plays into another owl sighting I had, and their connected synchronicites. This involves seeing an owl in my yard, and it coincides with a friend's mystical experience in crop circle country, linked HERE.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Grant Cameron on consciousness

Wonderful interview with Grant Cameron by Solaris BlueRaven on her radio show Hyperspace. This recent show is almost two-hours of Grant's non-stop info-barrage!
  youtube link HERE  

Also - This is a really good follow up to an audio interview I did with Grant back in 2012, HERE. And - Here's an interview with Suzanne Chancellor, with a focus on music HERE

One more - Here's a really good interview with Grant on Skeptiko HERE.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Not of This Earth and a lone owl

An owl plays its role as the harbinger of doom in Roger Corman's 1957 low-budget thriller Not of This Earth.

The movie begins with a young woman walking on a darkened street. A hooting owl shows up at 4:11 in the time count, there is a brief bit of what is probably stock footage of an owl (barely visible in this youtube video) a few seconds later she is confronted by a human seeming alien. He takes off his glasses and zaps her with his eyes. She passes out and this alien takes her blood.

So, we have an owl showing up in the moments leading up to an alien abduction (of sorts). On one level, this B-movie uses the owl as nothing more than spooky foreshadowing. On another level, it perfectly personifies the UFO/owl mythos.

I have spoke directly to experiencers who say they have heard or seen an owl in the moments leading up to a UFO sighting. I've also heard people tell of hearing owls out there window, and the next moment they have little gray aliens in their bedroom. These reports are eerily consistent, and they point to a deeper aspect within the overall mystery.

The alien in the film is played as the quintessential man in black. He wears a black suit and strange dark sunglasses. He speaks in a halting cadence and drives a big black car. In the first few minutes of the film there is mind-control, penetrating eyes, telepathic communication, and even reference to the Rh factor of human blood. This alien is here on earth, doing creepy medical procedures to unwitting humans, in an effort to save his dying race back on his devastated home planet. All these elements are part of the UFO lore, and virtually unknown to the general public in 1957.

There is a kind of inter-dimensional portal to this alien's home planet, it is set in a closet. Many UFO abduction questionnaires will ask if the reader has a fear of closets.

beautiful text created without a computer

The opening titles use Futura Bold. A foreshadowing of director Wes Anderson's use of this same font. I feel it is obvious that Kubick's use of Futura Bold in the title credits of Eyes Wide Shut can be traced back to Not of This Earth. Also, a big thank-you to Richard who pointed me to the owl in thus movie.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Longmire and owls

This image wasn't actually in the final episode of season three, this is a promotional photo.
The A&E series Longmire features owls in their mythic role as a totem of death. This series has lots of native American lore mixed in with the narrative, and the owl mythos plays an overt role. The owl is a symbol for death and messenger, and the script writers aren't shy about using this in the story.

  caution: spoilers below  
symbolic owl on the first episode of LONGMIRE
The opening scene of the very first episode features an owl. The main character and series namesake, Walt Longmire (played by Australian actor Robert Taylor) is at his little cabin in the morning and he looks out the window to see an owl. As I watched this first episode, seeing this owl, I immediately said, uh-oh somebody died. Up until this point, there had been no dialog, and the next thing that happens is the phone rings and his deputy says there's been a murder. We also later find out that the sheriff's life, is haunted by the memories of his dead wife.

An owl shows up again in season two, episode one, where sheriff Longmire is all alone, pursuing a villainous escaped prisoner in a winter mountain environment. Longmire falls into a creek, and sees an owl as he climbs out of the water. His life is in danger because of the cold, and he has a trippy hallucinations (or visions) as he tries to get warm again. He later kills the villain. So, the owl as a warning, proceeding a visionary state, ending in death. All the good mythology.

An owl shows up in the season three finale, right after Walt spreads the ashes of his wife. This scene coincides with some cross cutting of his deputy who "might" have killed his own father with a shotgun.

two pictures, same owl!
Above left is a photo of myself along with an owl. Above right is the author of the Longmire series of books, Craig Johnson, and oddly enough—he is pictured with the very same owl! Also note our choice of shirts.

This owl, with a wounded left wing, lives at the Teton Raptor Center in Wilson Wyoming. I have some funny synchronicities with that owl that I still need to post. More soon.

note any similarities?
Above left is one of Craig Johnson's books (he has a few books with owls on the cover). Above right is another book, and all I can say is that it should be out soon. The blue cover is a work-in-progress for my own book. I had no idea about this guy's book when I picked the name for my own. Both authors have 12 letters in their name. My initial set of owl experiences happened in Wyoming, the setting for the Longmire series (although the show is shot on location in New Mexico).

Now, it's not just me, there are others out there searching for owl references in the media soup. Like this site (HERE) that gave me a sense of relief that I'm not alone. And HERE too, this site featuring Twin Peaks.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

High Strangeness with Lorin Cutts

Lorin Cutts has a background in music recording, and he's produced a series of audio podcasts titled High Strangeness. His technical history has made for an excellent quality in the production, and these have been aired on KGRA Radio. These are highly recommended. His site also features some important essays and articles, especailly on how sycnronicity plays a role in this mystery. Let me add that his radio co-host, sychronistically enough, is named Lauren Kott.

His recent interview with remote viewer and UFO contactee Lyn Buchanan is required listening! The other interviews feature the likes of Thom Reed, Timothy Good, Evie Lorgan, Anne Druffel, Margie Kay, Yvonne Smith, James Gilliland, Donald Schmitt, Stan Gordon - and even me! Not all of these audio interviews are up and posted, but I am hoping they'll all be available sometime soon.

~ The High Strangeness homepage HERE
~ The audio podcast series linked HERE

Monday, October 27, 2014

the single most popular post on this blog

recreation of the view out my south window
I saw a bright orange fireball from my window in Febuary of 2009. This post, simply titled Fireball, has had the most page views of anything on this site.

I'm not exactly sure why it has been so popular, except that there has been an increase of fireball sightings around the world and perhaps people are simply searching out the word fireball. If anyone around the world googles that word, this post (with it's one word headline) would probably show up.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Exo-Vaticana and footnotes about synchronicity

click on this image for a HI-Rez view,
the art director for this book cover crammed in a lotta stuff!
The book Exo-Vaticana has a provocative sub-title, Petrus Romanus, Project LUCIFER, and the Vatican's Astonishing Exo-Theological Plan for the Arrival of an Alien Savior. The authors, Cris Putnam and Thomas Horn investigate the connection between Rome and their secret work on extraterrestrial intelligence, astrobiology, and the intriguing preparations they are making for the arrival of an alien savior. 

The book quotes Carl Jung and his exploration into the symbolic meaning of flying saucers:

Jung concluded, “Something is seen, but one doesn’t know what. It is difficult, if not impossible, to form any correct idea of these objects, because they behave not like bodies but like weightless thoughts.”[685] To Jung, it looked as if “this obviously complicated phenomenon had an extremely important psychic component as well as a possible physical basis.”[686] In this way, a minimal amount of material manifestation provides the more influential psychic layer with philosophical legs to stand on. They peel the curtain of spacetime back just enough to exert an influence and then they vanish. Jung also considered that, in some cases, they could be manifestations of consciousness—synchronistic phantasms. Interestingly, indicative of the high strangeness involved, UFO abductees have said things like, “Synchronicity is like a language to them” and “synchronicity is the language that they use to communicate.”[687]

And here’s the footnote:

[687] Mike Clelland, “Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee,” essay within Alan Abbadessa et al., The Sync Book 2: Outer + Inner Space, Shadow + Light: 26 Essays On Synchronicity (volume 2) (New York: Sync Book Press, 2012), 333. Essay available from Mike Clelland here:

So, right after quoting Carl Jung the book quotes me. The author, Putnam, also writes about listening to an audio podcast with myself and Richard Dolan where we discussed how the number “333” seems to manifest in strange synchronicities connected to the UFO abduction phenomenon. Of note, that audio interview with Richard Dolan produced it’s own curious 333 sync, linked HERE.
page from Sync Book 2, click on the image for a HI-Rez view

Putnam noted that this quote from The Sync Book 2 shows up on a certain page number. More from the book:

It turns out (and this is the sort of stuff you just cannot make up) the citation is on page 333. Coincidence? Now, to me, that seems like a significant synchronicity, albeit to anyone else it likely seems fanciful. However, if it is, I believe it’s the sort of thing only God can providentially produce and, since this occurrence, I have been praying for Mike Clelland, specifically that he might consider his hidden experience through a Christian lens. Perhaps you might pray for him as well.

I was raised Lutheran, but that long ago time at church had very little impact on me. But, I do recognize, and believe in, the power of prayer. I think any form of directed intention can have a very real impact on reality. Also, I look at my hidden experience through a lot of different lenses, and the Christian lens is just as valid as any other way to frame these challenging questions. That said, I am cautious of any avenue of thought that gets too deeply entrenched. (Note: I haven't read this book) 

Here’s how I found out about this web of synchro-weirdness, a reader of this blog sent me a nicely written email this morning. Here is an excerpt from the opening of this message: 

I just had a genuine Axolotl! moment, one that actually caused the words represented by OMG to come out of my mouth as I walked away from my computer.

… in Exo-Vaticana starting with a chapter that goes into the UFO Mythos, the author has a scholarly examination of myth that eventually evolves into a discussion of Jung and his concept of synchronicity. All the while I'm composing an email in my head to Mike Clelland on how to introduce this surprisingly excellent book to him as an example of how the Contactee experience is impacting the Christian milieu.

I'm reading along when the writer gives two quotes relating to synchronicities and the UFO experience that resonate with me so much that I am compelled to click the footnote link [687] to see the source of the quotes. The footnote hyperlink appears at the end of a page, and it is the first time that I can recall using a footnote link out of the hundreds read so far. 

So, a reader of this blog is composing an email in his head to me while reading a UFO book. Then, upon the very first time he ever clicks on a footnote, that link that takes him to a reference to me! This is a reference that the author of the book feels is a “a significant synchronicity.” 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dolores Cannon and synchronicity

Dolores Cannon (1931 - 2014)
Yesterday morning, Dolores Cannon died peacefully in her home with her family at her side. She was 83 years old. I heard the news about her passing yesterday afternoon through a message on facebook. Later that evening, while at my desk, I heard a 'ping' from my computer meaning an email had just arrived.

It was from Katy Walker, and she wrote:
Hey Mike, have you thought about having Dolores on the show? This book is fascinating. I'm trying her technique this next week, where you bypass the fear and can recall clear memories. I'll be asking about our experiences and let you know if anything comes up. Here's the pdf version of one of her books.


There was an attached PDF of The Custodians, the only book of Dolores’ that I own and have read.

As I was reading this email from Katy, my computer started 'pinging' and I watched as 19 more emails arrived in my in-box, all of them the same message from Katy. I sat there for the next couple of minutes and watched (and listened) as these duplicates arrived one after another.

image of my  email in-box with 20 repeated messages
- click on image for a HI-Rez view -
I replied telling Katy telling the sad news, that Dolores had died this morning. And also telling her that I was am being flooded with her repeating message into my in box. She replied to me this morning saying: "Sorry about that, it's bizarre, I was just trying to send one email, very strange, not sure how that happened..."

It was just two days ago that I cleaned up a short essay about Delores for my owl book. In her book The Custodians, she describes seeing an impossibly large owl in the road near her home in Arkansas (see this excerpt BELOW).

Katy is also featured in this owl book, she was part of a film crew that caught a UFO on video while shooting images of owls for a documentary on synchronicity. So, two people are connected with this odd event (well, three if you include me). All of us are featured in the owl book project, and this flurry of twenty repeated messages about Dolores Cannon arrived on the day of her passing.
~ More on Katy's UFO and owl experience HERE.
~ More on Dolores Cannon HERE.

 to read about Dolores' owl experience, click on the link below 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

owl physiology / book excerpt

Here is a work in progress from my owl book project. This excerpt is mostly focused on the physiology of owls and how that plays into their odd connection to UFO reports. It's long, over 12,000 words.

I am open to any feedback or editing suggestions. Please note, as the book nears publication, I will take this page down.

The first half is my attempt to show how seriously well designed the owl is, they are remarkable on a lot of levels. If this initial text seems too dry and "scientific" scroll down to page 14, things get a little more zippy at that point.

Text posted in PDF reader below.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

problems with the Disclosure movement

What happens when a leader in the exo-political movement touches an author's butt?

Robbie Graham is sure to annoy a lot of people with his recent editorial on the problems with the Disclosure movement. I have to say that I completely agree with his assessment. I've had a few angst ridden talks with Robbie on exactly this subject, and I think maybe I hear a little of my own voice in his bold declaration. He starts his essay like this:
The problem with the Disclosure mindset was that it declared an end to the UFO enigma. It said, in essence, we know what ‘they’ are: extraterrestrial spacecraft. End of story. And then the movement looked to officialdom –a sort of unfair parent figure– and it tugged incessantly at the leg of power, saying ”daaaaaadddd, TELL US!”
... And he ends it like this:
So let’s take officialdom out of the equation altogether; let’s shift the focus onto ourselves and to our own relationship with this phenomenon. Let’s see UFOs as a call to look within, with the aim of unlocking our true mystical nature, our latent psychic and spiritual potential, because, in so doing, we might actually begin to understand all forms of extraordinary and impossible phenomena.
To read all the thoughtful stuff in the middle, go to his blog, HERE.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

audio conversation with Mary Rodwell

Mary Rodwell is a former nurse and midwife, and she now works in private practice as a professional counsellor. She is also a hypnotherapist (including past life regressions), Reiki Master as well as researcher and author. 

Mary is also the founder of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network, (ACERN). The primary role role of ACERN is to offer professional counselling, support, hypnotherapy and information to individuals and their families with anomalous paranormal experiences, particularly specializing in abduction-contact experiences. This is not a research organization, it is a resource for therapeutic counseling and support.

  one-click audio download HERE  

The focus of this conversation was on the tensions within the UFO research community. Specificly when folks are confronted with reports and experiences well beyond the simplistic materialist framework that defines our existence. This subject forces any thoughtful observer to look deeply into the multi-dimensional aspects of not only UFOs, but reality itself.

There are a set of interviews with Mary done by Alex Tsakiris on Skeptiko that are essential listening. Linked here are PART ONE and PART TWO

Mary is the author of Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life.

My Mum Talks with Aliens

This documentary was produced by Australian television and focuses on Mary's son Chris, and his attempts to understand his mother's work with UFO abduction. Recommended viewing.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

audio conversation with Andy Colvin (with a focus on John Keel)

The late John Keel speaking in 1992

This interview was recorded over a year ago. I am embarrassed to say that it just sat on my computer until today. Right after we recorded it, some life stuff came up, and I lost track of it.

This conversation was to promote the book Flying Saucer to the Center of Your Mind, a collection of magazine articles and lectures by, John Keel, the man many consider to be not only the 20th Century’s premiere Fortean investigator.

  one-click audio download HERE  

Keel shreds most of the sacred-cow beliefs still held by many in ufological and “cryptozoological” circles today, and presents theories so radical that they are only now becoming accepted, including the interdimensional thesis, the breakaway civilization, the possible role of ancient aliens in human history, the hallucinatory nature of many alien encounters and the role of spy agencies in paranormal research.

Listen to Andy's previous interview from 2010, HERE.

Here is a good article from Andy's LowFi, The Genesis of the 11:11 Meme.

Some music from Andy's band, The Interdimensional Vortex League

And, a vivid dream I had featuring John Keel, HERE.

Monday, September 29, 2014

chalk art on a quiet street in Brooklyn

simple street art

I borrowed some chalk from Charlotte, the 11 year old daughter of my friends in Brooklyn. I then went down to the street to do something I hadn't done since 1982. I traced the shadow of a fire hydrant with a white outline on the cement of the sidewalk.

I did this same thing on the street right outside my dorm when I was a freshman at NYU, I traced the shadows cast by the streetlights with white chalk. At that time I worked hard and did most of the shadows along the entire north side of the block.  Curiously, Anne, the mother of Charlotte, also lived in that same dormitory on East 10th Street.

To get a really good effect you need a bright light without any other lights interfering. This fire hydrant was perfect, and I spent less than a minute bent over on the sidewalk.

I was a little embarrassed to be doing this, and I was glad there weren't may people around. I saw what I assumed to be a mother and daughter walking towards me just as I was finishing the outline. At that point I crossed the street and started outlining the shadow of a lamp post.

When I looked back, the mother and daughter were standing next to the door of a brownstone, this was close to the hydrant I had used for this little sidewalk adornment. They were both watching me. The street was dark, and they were poorly lit, and it felt a bit eerie. Not knowing what to do, I timidly waved hello. They both waved back with a kind of sweet happy energy.

Later that night, probably close to midnight, I walked back to my friends apartment. I stood on the stoop and before opening the door I looked across the street to the hydrant I had outlined a few hours earlier. There was a young Asian woman standing there staring at the shadow and chalk outline. A moment later she reached into her pocket, pulled out her phone and took a picture.

Comment from Oct 9th 2014
Wonderful! You do realize that this is the perfect visual metaphor for your blog and your research, right? Tracing the outlines of the shadow. In fact in your interview with Mary Rodwell you actually said, "There is a hidden experience that I feel I can only feel the shadowy outlines of..." at 1:13:54. I thought, "aha!" when you said that, thinking about this image.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dr. Karla Turner and her husband from 1993

The late Dr. Karla Turner

Dr. Karla Turner and her husband Casey Turner talk about their abduction experiences and human surveillance. This presentation is from 1993. Her work is extremely important to know about and is rarely discussed by mainstream ufologists. She thanks Bob at the beginning of her talk, and that would be Bob Brown who hosted the earlier incarnation of the IUFOC. The podium has "Showboat" logo on it, meaning the conference was in Las Vegas. The youtube video is linked HERE.

  one-click audio download HERE  

I have been working to transfer the many youtube presentations by Dr. Karla Turner over to an MP3 audio format. This is a preferable way to listen to her strong voice. The audio quality is somewhat poor, but the content is riveting. Her husband Elton Casey takes the podium at about the 35:00 time count.

For more audio of Dr. Karla Turner, click HERE for a collection of her talks and radio appearances.