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I deeply appreciate everyone who has said yes to being interviewed here on this site. It means a tremendous to me that they have shared so openly. That said, I feel funny creating a list of recommended interviews, because I feel that all of them dig into something very important. It was really easy to make this list and I feel that each of these conversations (below) achieved something impressive.

The list below is in no particular order.
Dr. Leo Sprinkle

Nick Redfern on the ETH

Chuck Weiss

Lucretia Heart

Jake Kotze

Alan Caviness

Brad Steiger

Christopher Knowles on the Elusive Companion Hypothesis

Dr. Janet Elizabeth Colli

Jeff Kripal

Kim Carlsberg

Preston Dennett

Sesh Heri

Whitley Strieber

For a more complete listing of the audio content, click HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mike,

You don't know me, but I came across your blog when I read of Elaine Douglass.

We should talk. How would this best be accomplished?