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blogging and the self

It's impossible to create a linear narrative on a blog. These postings should come in a nice tidy and logical order, but they don't. If this stuff seems interesting, you might need to dig around a little bit. The puzzle pieces are all mixed up - even to me.

This blog came on-line in March of 2009, this was a time when I was swallowed up in a sort of existential crisis. and the tension in my "voice" is palpable. This site originally started as a way for me to try and make sense of some weird personal experiences. I did it as a kind of sociological experiment, I wanted to wrestle with some challenging memories in a very public forum. But, as time went on I started adding other content, things I found interesting or relevant tot he core topics.

A blog, by it's very nature, should be read backwards, the first post is in the last position. I have heard from a few folks who have started at the very first post and read the blog in it's entirety. That's a pretty big undertaking, but from the feedback I've gotten, they found the narrative that emerged was fascinating.


This is a listing of personal experiences, in a tidy linear format. For anyone new to this site, I usually direct them to the TIMELINE as a good place to start.

Creating this timeline was a way to help anyone visiting this site to navigate thru the mish-mash of intersecting stories. But, as I was initially organizing it, I realized it was something much more introspective. It became a way to help me make sense of my deeply personal and confusing issues.

For your benefit, the timeline is awash in links, so you can easily get to the relevant stories.

direct experiences

There is a label on certain posts where I share my DIRECT EXPERIENCES. These are real-deal incidents that are relevant to my overall "involvement" with this elusive phenomenon. These experiences certainly seem to imply something, I'll leave it at that.

audio content

At this point, I've posted well over 160 hours of audio interviews. The focus has been the UFO abduction phenomenon. There are recorded conversations with researchers and experiencers. There are other interviews on related subjects, like synchronicity and UFOs.

You'll find ALL of my audio interviews posted on separate site HERE. This page is organized for ease of use.

There is an iTunes page for these podcasts. You can also use the long alphabetical list (and direct links) in the right-hand side-bar on every page of this blog.


Along the right and left side side-bars I've included a series of posts that I think are especially relevant. I encourage you to peek at these if you are at a loss on what might be interesting.

There is a search engine (at the right) set up specifically to search this blog.

This (left) is the kind of thing I want people to read! This essay, THE EVOLUTIONARY TRIAD was a kind of abandonment into sychro-weirdness.


Yes, blogging is a kind of digital chaos, but I do my best to keep this site tidy. I hope this helps, at least a little bit.
Mike Clelland - 2012



Anonymous said...

thank you for this provocative "meaty" site. & your sight.
very pertinent to the now.
i also very much appreciate you talking about your feelings. refreshing.

Mike Clelland! said...

Thanks Anonymous,

I created this page because I realized that I had posted SO much stuff that it might seem intimidating to dig in.

Mike C

clresu said...

Hey Mike,

Heard you on the Skeptiko interview . . . I really enjoyed the interview, listening to you and Alex talk about these very interesting and strange things . . . As others have said, you've got a really listenable voice and approach.

So, I went to your page on iTunes and downloaded a couple handfuls of your shows. I look forward to checking them out.

Keep up the cool work,

Bobby Morrison said...


Found your blog last evening. I will be a frequent visitor. There is so much out-There it's refreshing finding an interviewer who cares to really listen to the people invited on the show.
Most interviewers turn-me-off almost right away with their style.
I'm sure you could come up with some names so I won't bother listing any here.

I was on a show a couple of years ago after being invited....well to put it shortly, I was disgusted.
I kept getting cut off to and not allowed to finish the question asked of me.
Sounds like I'm complaining but not really. It was a learning experience for sure.
I have been invited on other shows and kindly turned them down and told myself never again...I don't need the abuse.

After listening to your interview with Elaine Douglass last evening I was very impressed with your skills as an interviewer.

I sent you an email to let you know that what Elaine said about me regarding the JAR 9 issue and my abduction and turn over to US military is absolute truth.

I have been an abductee since around 1950 and the abductions have never stopped. Here it is 2014 and I'm still abducted several times a week.

It's something one learns to live with as there are not many choices.


Bobby Morrison