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Friday, August 29, 2014

1,234 page views

screen grab from analytics page

My page-views from yesterday, another 1234 sync. Curiously, this was the day I wrote more than a few comments on the post for Sherry Wilde's interview. I was supporting her, some folks that were having a hard time with the tone of our conversation. An interview where we laugh about our shared 1234 syncs.

I am typing this from a coffee shop in Brooklyn, I am in a window seat facing the door across the street, the address is 123.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

the script writers of MAD MEN are reading this blog (obviously)

that pesky number 
owl imagery and death

Some imagery from the television show MAD MEN matches the theme of this blog. The episode is titled A Day's Work and was originally aired on 20 Apr. 2014. The show opens with Don Draper sleeping in and waking up at 12:34 in the afternoon (this shows up at time-count 1:11). He is looking at the first incarnation of the digital clock. I had a very similar clock radio on my bedside in the early 70's. the kind with the bold white Helvetica numerals that would "flip" down each minute.

The second image is an owl poster, or embroidered wall hanging, in Sally's room (seen at about 4:50). During this scene Sally is talking about the death of a friend's mother (owls and death as a mythic theme). Also in the frame is a troll (symbolic of an alien), some peace signs (symbolic of, well, peace), multiple butterflies (symbolic of death and re-birth) and Charlie Brown and Linus (symbolic of existential dialog).

So, what I can safely conclude is that the script writers of this show have been scouring my blog for inspiration.

Here is another curious MAD MEN post, involving my own impressions and then a follow-up confirmation, all having to do with UFOs. (linked HERE)

Friday, October 25, 2013

the number 123 shows up

from my blogs "hit" counter
The numbers 123 and 321 show up on the overview of stats on this blog. Yes, I realize this is something minor, but I fee a responsibility to post any and all synchronicities.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Owls, driveways and laundry

A string of owl sychronicities emerged last week, and I’m trying to make sense of the overlapping weirdness. Like any synch, these things get so intertwined and personal that it ends up being almost impossible to convey their power, let alone their meaning. I’ve gotten to the point where I trust that the more entangled this stuff gets, the more I trust it. That said, I trust this flurry of synchro-weirdness.

What follows is my (excessively hyper-linked) attempt to unravel this knotted cluster of owl stuff.

I'm visual, so charts help me focus
On Monday (Sept. 30th) I had a Reiki session with a woman I know here in my little town. You can read a long post about what happened HERE. At the end of our meeting I asked if she had ever had any odd owl experiences.

I asked her: “Have you seen any owls recently?”

She said, “Well, me and my boyfriend saw a great big owl last night, it was really incredible.”

She explained about seeing a great horned owl that flew along side her, from fence post to branch, as she walked along a path. It would swoop down low and then landed further down the path, staying ahead of them as they walked. It was huge and it would glide low and incredibly close to the ground as it stayed in front of her and her friend.

I calmly told her, “That was me. That owl was all about this, us here right now.”

She agreed.

That same night I got an email where she told me she had see another owl after our session. She wrote that is was a huge gray owl (I am assuming it was a great gray) in the same spot, and it “appeared” right in the moment when she thought to herself that she wanted to manifest an elephant.

I wanted to talk with her but didn’t call until the next day Tuesday (Oct. 1st), right before calling her I switched on the live broadcast of Micah Hanks’ The Grailien Report. The show was only on for a little bit, just enough for me to hear that Micah had two guests, Cam and Kyle from the Expanded Perspectives Podcast.

I turned off the audio, walked next door to do a load of laundry (I use my neighbors washing machine) and when I got back to the house I made the call to the Reiki therapist. I left a message on her machine and then switched the audio back on.

The first thing I heard was Micah’s voice excitedly declaring, “The gentleman you guys are talking about is… Mike Clelland of the Hidden Experience blog. So, someone needs to get him in the chatroom, we’re talkin’ about owls!”

I was sitting right at my desk, I clicked on skype, send a little note, “Micah - I JUST started listening - and guess what I heard…” Within seconds I was on the air with him and his guests.

You can hear the excitement in amazement in their voices as they reveled in the fact that I heard my name and got on the air so quickly. I felt a little bit like I’d hijacked the conversation for the remaining half hour of the show. One thing I talked about was a weird synchronicty surrounding a woman from Asheville North Carolina, right where Micah lives, and her mystical experiences with owls and a very strange UFO sighting.

Now, what I hadn’t heard was just how my name came up. This morning I listened to the archived edition of the show from that night, and a a highly charged number comes up.

There it is again, 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 !
At the 1:23:45 time count, Cam begins a very interesting owl story by saying, “Now a little stranger than that, here’s another story that my mother actually shared with me…” What follows is an extremely eerie sighting of a giant 4 and 1/2 foot tall owl seen in a driveway.

As the guy tells this story, he says he pressed his mother for details because there is a guy who has a blog where he talks about owls and UFO abduction. He was obviously talking about me, but I hadn’t hear this part live.

Fast forward to yesterday, Thursday (Oct. 10th). I was at my desk all day obsessively working on this owl book project. As it got to be evening I received an email from Alan Abbadessa-Green, he was replying to a note I had sent him on Monday (Oct. 7th) where I said, “Are you up for a call?”

I don’t know if I’ve ever just asked him to chat like this, but I really enjoy talking with him. So it was a little bit unusual that I would just ask to talk like this. He said lets talk and later that night he rang me up on skype.

He excitedly asked, “What did you think of that picture I sent you!”

I hadn’t received anything, and he resized he had tried to tag me on someone else's photo on facebook, so I never go it.

a small owl in Alan's driveway

He sent it as we talked. He explained that last week, on Wednesday (Oct. 2nd) he was coming home from doing the laundry, and as he was nearing his driveway he had a strong thought in his mind, “Mike Clelland - owls - owls owls - Mike Clelland.” When he pulled into his home, there on the driveway was a small little owl. He was with a friend and he took a picture of it. He said he was close enough that he could see it’s big eyes dilate from the flash.

Caption from the site: 
Ran into this cute little guy on my walk to work.
He didn't move, just starred at me.
I even gave him a boop on the head.

Now that morning Thursday (Oct. 10th) the first email in my in-box was a link to this image. It was from someone who I didn’t know, but had heard me on Greg Bishop’s Radio Mysterioso. It was just a cute owl image found online, but it weirdly matched Alan’s experience. It was an owl in a driveway!

Alan and Micah both live in the same town, along with the woman who had the owl and UFO experience, that being Asheville North Carolina. Both Alan and Micah are podcasters, bloggers, authors and publish books. I've interviewed both Alan and Micah, in both of these there was huge focus on synchronicities.

Now, there is no better person on earth than Alan to try to unravel this kind of synchro-weirdness. The laundry connection seemed odd, and Alan pointed out that I had my own powerful laundry sync (linked HERE). But weirder to me was the striking similarity of the two owl in the driveway pictures.

We both tried to untangle this weird knot of owl stuff, but all we ended up doing was seeing more and more little threads that seemed to lead everywhere. No answers, just a recognition that this stuff really happens.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

sleeping out under the stars in Southern Utah

What I saw throughout the night from where I slept

What I am sharing here might be nothing, but I have made a pledge to post anything odd on this blog, so here goes.

I've just returned to my home after two weeks away. I spent most of that time at a UFO conference near Phoenix and then visiting friends in Sedona and Flagstaff.

When I drive around the west I try to sleep out under the stars and avoid getting a hotel room. This is what I did on Sunday night (the night of March 10th thru the morning of the 11th).

I slept along side Utah Highway 20 just a few miles away from I-15. It is noted as Buckskin Road on google maps. I pulled into the spot around 9:PM and walked around a little bit with a headlamp to stretch my legs. The area had low bushy trees (Junipers I think) and there was a series of beaten down roads and little turn outs. Typical of this part of the west there was some litter and evidence of campfires. Plenty of people had been here before. This was a cold Sunday night so I wasn’t really worried about anyone else pulling in. This was a perfect spot to sleep out. I set my sleeping pad down in the dirt near my little Subaru. I climbed into my sleeping bag and went to sleep.

At some point during the night I woke up. I suspect it was around mid-night. The stars were amazing and I was enjoying looking up at the clear sky. I looked at the ridge-line of rounded peaks to the south and saw what appeared to be a large round structure perched on top of a hill. My impression was that I was looking at a round house with a row of lights situated along the outer circumference of the building. It seemed like a big round fancy home.

Google map image looking South, the arrow shows the approximate location of the structure. 
The gray line is Buckskin Road.

Right in that moment I pondered if this was a landed flying saucer. Really, I literally tried to take in what I was seeing and question the mood of what I felt deep inside myself. It seemed perfectly terrestrial. There was nothing at all other worldly about it. There was no feeling of anything at all being odd. I said to myself, if this was a flying saucer, I would sense something weird. But everything seemed fine. The lights were partially obscured by the trees but they seemed normal. I rolled over and went back to sleep.

I woke up again a little while later.

This time I saw a bright light on the ground near where I was sleeping, it was west of where I was lying on the ground. My impression was that it was just a car parked nearby and I was seeing a light. I sat up and tried to peer thru the low bushy trees. The light was mostly obscured and I moved my head from side to side in the hopes of getting a better view. I couldn’t see much but it seemed like nothing unusual. My impression was that someone pulled in while I was asleep and parked a short distance away. I am assuming that they were doing just what I was doing, sleeping in a pretty spot while doing a long drive.

I looked back up to the round structure on the hillside above me and nothing had changed. It still looked the same and the same neutral feeling.

I went back to sleep and woke sometime later. The light thru the bushes was now off and the circular round structure was pretty much the same. This time I noted a new light that appeared to be on the ground and just a little bit off to the left of the structure (see top image). It appeared to be a kind of yard lamp next to the big round home.

I think it was at this point that I felt pretty well rested and I got up. I tossed everything in the car and started driving again. If I remember correctly it was a little bit before 4:AM. This gets a little confusing because the switchover to daylights savings time would have been the night before and I hadn’t changed the clock in my car yet. So it might have been a little bit before 5:AM. I enjoy driving that early when the traffic is minimal.

I remember nothing at all unusual about that night, I slept well despite waking a few times. I feel like I got close to seven hours of sleep and I awoke feeling well rested.

overview showing the sleep site (multi-pins) and the structure site (green pin)

When I got home I felt the need to look at google maps to see an image of that round structure on the hill top. I feel strongly that I picked out where the round structure should have been. I found the exact location of my sleeping spot, but the weird thing is that I couldn’t find anything on the satellite image that would match the circular building. The structure with the lights was approximately 1.6 miles away from where I slept.

I checked the date of the satellite imagery on the google earth and it read 9/14/2011. Perhaps there has been some sort of a structure built since then and it simply isn’t available on the maps yet. Maybe I’ll see something when the satellite imagery gets updated.

It may not have been a house, it might have been an array of cell towers (or something similar) arranged in a circle. It might have been a round water tank, but it is highly unlikely it would be at that location or lit with lights. The ring of lights around the structure weren’t quite perfectly positioned, they seemed to be spaced a little bit irregular and slight up or down. The seemed to be windows and that's why I say it was a house. The top illustration shows a ring of bright lights, but I sensed windows as well.

Another odd thing is that the area where I saw the low light thru the bushes seems to have been well away from the areas cleared for easy parking. If a car had pulled in while I was asleep it (most likely) would not have driven off into that area.

When I awoke and got up to begin driving I sensed nothing at all unusual. I felt like the sleeping bag was zipped just exactly like I had closed it up earlier in the night. I will also add that there were two coyotes yapping away during the night. They seemed VERY close. I have spent a lot of time sleeping out in the west and I was charmed by their calls.

Again, this is probably nothing. What is odd is that I actually searched out the google satellite image when I got home. I didn’t dwell on any of this during the drive and I wasn’t at all concerned that night. I am writing this and sharing it here simply to document what happened. This post might be an insight into my own paranoia or it might be something more.

The Sleeping Spot (exact)
LAT: 38~ 3’29.27”N
LONG: 112~39’17.71”W

The Round Structure (approx)
LAT: 38~ 2’8.90”N
LONG: 112~39’28.32”W

the pull off from Highway 20 to Buckskin Road

Overview of the location. 
Yellow Pin: where I slept, Red Pin: pull off point, 
Blue Pin: low light during the night (approx), White Pin: the white jeep.

An odd little extra: When I turned off of Highway 20 around 9:PM I pulled into the first good spot to park only to realize that the site already had a car there. It was a white Jeep Cherokee with Wyoming license plates. I could see a little movement inside Jeep and I realized that I had probably spooked the people. I backed up and drove to a spot far enough away not to bother them. Their license plate had the prefix 10, and I that means Fremont County Wyoming. I have a lot of friends in that county and I figure anyone from there who would be parked at that spot at that time of the year would probably be my friend, or at least an acquaintance.

The jeep was still there when I drove out early the next morning.

Text added the same day:
First, this was posted at 12:34 PM. This just screams at me to pay attention!

Second, there is some freaky map weirdness, linked HERE. This is the kind of thing that makes this stuff really hard to deny.


Text added March 10th 2014:
I am adding to this post, exactly a year after the event along side highway 20 in Utah. I drove past this site in mid-February or 2014 on the way to the annual UFO conference in Arizona. I pulled off I-15 and went to the exact same spot and took some photos. I was confirming what I already knew, that there was no round structure on top of that hill.
the arrow points to the exact location of the round structure
I also retraced my route home, exactly as I had done the year before. I slept in the same spot as when I saw the round structure. I laid my pad down on the the exact same flat spot on the ground.

same image as above, but zoomed in and with
the "round structure" added in using photoshop
click on any image for a HI-Rez view

Sunday, November 11, 2012

1234 and 11-11

from my stat counter

This morning I got both 1234 and 11-11 within the stat counter for this blog. 1234 is the number of hits it's received in the last week, and 11-11 is today's date (Veterans Day). The essay about HANGAR 18 has received a lot of hits because Red Pill Junkie linked it on The Daily Grail, and it looks like The Anomalist linked it after that. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Richard Dolan calls out Nick Pope on his role in the UFO research community

screen grab from an interesting youtube site

Okay, first note that number, 1234. When ever I see that, I am compelled to PAY ATTENTION. I want to follow up with this video blogger known as PLANET under ATTACK, I sense something going on with this guy, nothing nefarious mind you, but synchronicity is forcing me to pay attention.. More after I dig a little bit.

The video in question (below) involves some info about Nick Pope, and a bit of extremely even-handed editorializing by Richard Dolan.

There is an audio excerpt played by the vlogger from Richard's new Saturday evening radio show on the GRA network. Nick recently got some coverage in the British tabloids by implying that we should all be aware that the upcoming London Olympics could be the site of an alien invasion. He said this in the role of a former MoD officer who was spent time on UFO reports during his government service. Here's a LINK to an article on the MAIL-online.

Watch this video and expect a a visceral reaction

About Richard comments directed at Nick Pope. I listened to that show live while working at my desk, and I had pretty much the exact same reaction as the vlogger who crated this succinct little video. Sadly, the reaction involves vomiting.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

something up there responds

my backyard

Just a few nights ago I was camping in the Tetons with my girlfriend Erika. It was a beautiful clear night and we simply slept out under the stars. We were at about 9,500 feet above sea level and it made for some amazing sky watching.

We were in our sleeping bags looking up into the sky, we saw a handful of satellites cruising along at a steady speed across the sky. We got to see a few impressively bright shooting stars too. As I was close to drifting off, we saw one little dot in the sky, it seemed like nothing more than the satellites we'd been watching.

As a sort of joke (with a new-age schmaltzy tone) I spoke to the little dot in the sky: "I love you!"

At that point, it sort of pulsed a little bit brighter.

Erika and I both saw it, and I did it again, this time with an even more cloying voice: "I love you my little UFO!" ( * )

It happened again, just like before, there was an instantaneous response.

It happened about six time total. One of the glowing responses was impressively bright. I asked Erika about it the next day, sort of like, "Did that really happen?"

She confirmed, that yes indeed it happened. She said that one bright pulse was really weird, she had never seen anything like that in her life. I agreed.

Before posting this I called Kim Carlsberg, who runs a curious skywatching service called Sedona UFO Sky Tours. She takes clients out skywatching with military grade night-vision goggles. I explained about what had happened in the sky while camping, and she replied, "This happens ALL THE TIME. We se these lights pulse in response to lasers and when we ask them to, we are communicating.'

I said, "Wait, what do you mean communicating?"

She said, "They'll respond directly to our requests, we'll ask them to light up, and they do. We are communicating."

And that was pretty much what happened with me and Erika under the stars just a few days ago.

( * ) Yes, I really said, "I love you my little UFO." I said it in a childish sing-song voice, just like the My Little Pony commercials that I worked on back in my days in advertising. (example HERE)

I had seen this video (above) some months ago, and when I said "I love you" I was mimicking the people you hear in the audio. I am quick to poke fun at the new-age crowd, but this time the joke was on me. This is very accurate to what Erika and I experienced the other night!

Thank you Marilyn Brannon for sending me this video!

Please note:
The very first comment came from an experiencer named Bright Garlick, and his time stamp was 12:34 AM. That means PAY ATTENTION!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

little 123 synch

screen grab featuring that number!

I had a little tiny sync this afternoon. I wrote an article about coffee for Backpacker Magazine last month, and it was used in a tutorial video for an iPad app. When I checked the video it had 123 views.

This came after a funny day in town, where someone stopped me in the health food store and thanked me for my cartoon book on Ultralight Backpacking. Less than a minute later, I over heard two women in the post office complaining that they don't go camping because their backpacks are too heavy. I introduced myself and told them about my book, they were genuinely excited.

Also today, a cute girl I knew from high school (32 years ago) posted a picture of owl vomit on her facebook page.

Yes, owl vomit.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

seeing repeating numbers

I was just at a week long UFO conference in Arizona. Each morning they had an experiencer support group meeting. Imagine an AA meeting with chairs in a circle. One morning the moderator, Yvonne Smith, asked the group if they ever see any reoccurring numbers. Pretty much EVERYBODY raised their hand, including me.

Most said they were seeing 11:11 and 3:33. Both of these number sequences are part of the overall paranormal lore. There are books about 11:11 and 3:33 is reported again and again by UFO abductees in their reports.

It is so interesting that seeing numbers in a repeating pattern is part of this phenomenon. Even the channeler Darryl Anka said he sees the numbers 10:10 repeatedly.

I sense that this number thing is just a small ingredient that is intertwined within a much larger phenomenon. I don't really know how much weight to give these reports. I think it's important to pay attention, but I feel it would be unhealthy to treat them as something too powerful. I worry that shouldn't react in a way where I give certain synchronicities too much power, but maybe they deserve that power, at least sometimes.

My reoccurring and resonant number sequence has been 1-2-3, 1-2-3-4 or 1-2-3-4-5. I've tired to document each and every time I get that number and post it here in this blog. I suspect that some of these are just run-of-the-mill coincidences. But I am quite convinced that others are profoundly resonant, I would go so far as to say they are magic.

By documenting my on-going synchronicities in this very public format I think that these meaningful coincidences have increased. Or maybe I've changed, and I am co-creating them in some way.

Dan Mitchell at LUMINOSITY writes more eloquently than I do about seeing repeating numbers in a way that seems to defy logic. He even notes me in the opening of his latest post (linked HERE), pointing out my obsession with 1-2-3-4. Then he goes on to share his own experience:
For me the constant presence has been seeing the palindrome as well as the number 322. This happens so often now that I find it impossible to believe it's simply a matter of chance. For me the palindrome is a symbolic representation of an individual and its Seraph, a kind of mirrored reflection of the bi-unity nature of the individual. It is occurring likely because this has now become the focus of my own metaphysical understanding.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

the late Michael Talbot talks about the holographic universe

The book THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE had a profound impact on me. Both Whitley Strieber and Mac Tonnies have referenced it and it's bizarre conclusions. Let me add that Michael Talbot has really great hair.

This video was unknowingly was posted at 12:34 (so there y'have it).

Saturday, January 28, 2012

audio interview with Trice Sheridan

Last night I did an audio interview with a Trice Sheridan, she is a researcher and director for ICAR. I had met Trice at a series of UFO conferences, and I found her to be wonderfully thoughtful and dedicated to her research. We've corresponded a little over the years, and it was me who suggested to her that I be a guest on her audio show, something I don't normally do.

Before the show, I sent her a few links to some of my blog postings and interviews, and she dug into this stuff in a way that left me impressed.

The interview is linked HERE.

It's a two hour live podcast posted on Joe Montaldo's Paranormal Radio Network. And that's Trice in the photo.

Oh those numbers!

I made a copy of the audio interview using my skype recorder, and the number 123 curiously shows up again. I am continuously struck by how this number appears on my computer in relation to my on-going paranormal work. I have searched for this number in my files in relation to mundane documents and it just doesn't seem to happen. The 123 thing seems to want to cluster around UFO's and owls.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

1234 and Alan Abbadessa

Oh those numbers...

Alan Abbadessa wrote a follow-up blog post on his site ALL THE HAPPY CREATURES. This is a follow-up to some of the stuff we talked about in our audio conversation from a month ago.

The image at the top of this post is from a row of facebook comments, it was just a few comments below in this same row where I saw that Alan had added this new posting. The comment includes both our names, 1234 and the word OWLS. This was on THE SECRET SUN facebook page.

Alan is the editor of THE SYNC BOOK and a first hand experiencer of some profoundly intense synchronicities.

His recent post (linked HERE) is all about the star Sirius, and it's powerful synchro-resonance. This was part of our audio conversation (an interesting part!) and it all just keeps getting weirder.

Also, the OWS above is for Occupy Wall Street.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

my first podcast and 1234

Oh those numbers...

I just found another 1234 and it seems sorta easy to figure out what it might be trying to tell me. Just so y'all know, this number seems to show up a LOT in my life, sometimes in overtly synchro-resonant ways.

I occasionally check my blog stats, and this number jumped out at me. This is the total number of page hits from a post way back in 2009. This was an excellent audio interview with Christopher Knowles (of The Secret Sun). Curiously, this was the very first interview I did in my role as pod-caster. It seems funny that this post would chime in at 1234 right at the moment I checked in. I see it as a less than subtle nudge to do more interviews!

I remember clearly how excited (and nervous) I was during the conversation with Mr. Knowles. I've been deeply impressed with his insights about these mysterious topics. If you haven't heard it, I strongly recommend listening to this interview!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

audio conversation with Dr. Leo Sprinkle (with improved audio)

Leo Sprinkle photographed in Wyoming with Mac Tonnies.
Mac wrote: The blur is almost certainly the result of paranormal forces! ;-).

I love Leo Sprinkle! That's a simple statement of fact.

I did an audio interview with him almost a year ago, but there was an issue with the audio quality. Leo was on a phone line, and he sounded so quiet that it made his voice difficult to hear.

I used an application to improve the sound levels for this interview, and now it sounds a lot better. I am re-posting this podcast here.
One-click audio down-load HERE.
two hours / one minute long

This is one of the most beautiful and moving interviews I've done, and I hope this improvement in sound will make it easier to listen to, the insights from Leo are really heartwarming.

The original post from Jan. 2011 and show notes are linked HERE.

Oh those numbers...

And, it's happened again. Check out the synchro-numero-weirdness when I revised this MP3 with the updated sound. It seems 1-2-3-4 is following me.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Planet of the Apes / 2001 / 123


The climactic ending of one movie, with the music from another movie (both from 1968) and a time count of 1:23. (thanks Brizdaz)

The visuals of Planet of the Apes set to the music of 2001: A Space Odyssey. 

Many of the elements from the TRIAD post below, and the synchro-post below that. For reasons unknown, I have been seeing the number 123, 1234 or 12345 in ways that seem to be synchro-magic. Click HERE for other examples.

Close-up of the time counter on the youtube page.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

1-2-3-4 and evolution

It happened three times, the number 1234 popped up in curious ways, all dealing with the post THE EVOLUTIONARY TRIAD.

Lesley Gunther posted a link to this long-winded post on her site, The Debris Field. The time stamp is 12:34 AM.

And earlier in the afternoon today, it happened again. I wanted to test cutting and pasting some HTML code, so I used another blog of mine. I posted the same content of the same post, and the time-stamp read 12:34 PM.

And - As I was putting together THIS post, I found another one! The PDF of the WATCHERS excerpt is time-stamped 12:34 too! Thus, a TRIAD of 1234 syncs!

Not sure what to think, but it feels like these subtle little synchronicities are reminding me to pay attention. This was helpful because that post is so nutty that I was questioning my own sanity. And, these are all actual screen grabs!

want more?

Another trippy example of 123 TRIAD weirdness connected with the syncro-blending of 2001 and Planet of the Apes HERE.

Text added on Feb 8, 2013:
This was posted on December 3rd. That's another 123.


I was scanning my hard drive looking for unusually large files and this jumped out at me. When I created The Evolutionary Triad post I created a file (named 2001 apes) where I could dump all the images. This file got buried in the mess of my computer. It was only just now that I found it.

The folder has 123.4 MB of data.

Monday, November 28, 2011

UFOs and 1234

A screen grab of Larry's facebook page, featuring the number 1234! Click on the image for a HI-rez view.

More weirdness with UFOs and the number 1234 involving one of my heroes, Larry Warren. Just a few minutes ago Larry added me to his list of friends on facebook. He plays a central role in the Bentwaters case from 1980, perhaps the single most well documented UFO case in history. He also wrote the book LEFT AT EAST GATE, along with Peter Robbins, about the Rendalsham Forest incident.

I was noted as his latest friend, and now his list totals 1234. For folks who haven't dug thru this blog, I've had a LOT of synchronicities with the number 1234.

Also, I was surpised to see his birthday, and he's two days shy of being a year older than me. (see THIS!)

Larry speaking about the events of 1980.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

12345 sych! (well, almost)

Ooooh, so close!

I am editing the audio for an interview I just did with researcher Fred Burks. We are focused mostly on mind control, but our conversation roams to other topics as well. During the editing I had an issue that I couldn't solve, so I called apple support, I spent some time on hold and when the service person came on the phone I paused the audio.

Now, anyone who's followed this blog knows that the number 123 shows up in my life in odd ways, but I am WAY more intrigued when it's the number 12345.

So, the paused time count read 01:23:44.984, and that is ridiculously close to being a very tidy 12345. Below is the audio text, with the time count noted:

FRED: What many of these people are being lead to believe is there is going to be some great harvest on 2012.


MIKE: Yep, I've heard that too...

FRED: Where all the good people are going to be taken off to another dimension ad all the bad people are going to be sent off to live of another cycle of incarnation to learn that it's about love, and I don't buy into that.

So, the number (or the almost number) 12345 coincides exactly with the spoken word: "2012" - whatever that means. Chris Knowles says to keep a synchronicity log, and I've taken his advice to heart, and I'm documenting 'em right here in this blog.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

owl and the full moon

A big owl on a tiny branch as seen from my sleeping spot in the Tetons. The moon was positioned impeccably. I worked hard on this illustration to accurately capture what I saw, I did not have a camera with me. Click on this image for a HI-rez view.

Last night I saw a lone owl, and the experience was absolutely magical. I was in the Tetons alone, and I was sleeping out under the stars in one of the most beautiful meadows imaginable.

I travel in the mountains with a tiny pack on my back. I checked the weather before leaving home, and it said that it would be a clear night, and that means no tent and thus an even smaller pack. Plus I one it was going to be a full moon, and I just NEEDED to be out there! Last night, I set my pad down on the ground just at the point that it was getting too dark to hike anymore. There is nothing in the world I love more than just sleeping out under the stars. The full moon was rising in the east, and I watched it creep it’s way up above the big peaks. Right then, I was awash in awe and amazement.

A few minutes later I was lying in my sleeping bag with a book, I was reading THE HANDPRINT OF ATLAS by an author names Sesh Heri. (more on this soon, there is a LOT of syncho-intensity connected to the book and the author, for now I'll just say it's about cosmic and terrestrial alignments)

As I was reading with my headlamp, there was a visual swoosh of something right above my head, and I sort of jumped. I looked up to see a big bird land on in a nearby tree. The moon was full so I could clearly see the silhouette of an owl. It didn’t have the cat-like ear-tufts, so I am guessing (by it’s size) that it was a Barred Owl. I'll add that it looked way too big to be perched on the spindly little branch on that dead tree.

I sat and watched it for maybe 10 minutes, and the entire time it was in a pose of scrutiny, it was looking right at me.

Now here is the amazing part, from where I was lying on the ground the tree with the owl was precisely back-lit by the full moon. The perfect symmetry was amazing! Right in that moment, I was very aware that I was seeing something spectacular. How and why it landed on that exact tree, when I was lying in that exact spot, and the full moon was in that exact point in the sky makes me think that something more was at work rather than just mere chance.

I was looking up from my sleeping bag and I asked a series of questions. What are you trying to tell me? Can you communicate with me? Why are all you owls showing up in my life. Is someone watching me through your eyes? If you wanna tell me something, I get good information through dreams (I’ll add that I didn’t have any dreams after that).

All those questions were asked out loud, addressing them directly to the owl.

When the owl did fly away, it actually sort of scared me. It flew directly AWAY from me, but that was impossible to tell in the dim light, so it looked like it was zooming right at me.


More about the short trip:
I started hiking in the afternoon yesterday, and on my way into the mountains I saw a small black bear. It was along side of the trail eating huckleberries. It was a safe distance away, and it made for a wonderful sighting.

And - I started hiking very early this morning, just as the sun was coming up. I crested a hill, and there in front of me was a WOLVERINE! It looked at me for about 30 seconds, and then crossed my path and trotted off across the high alpine tundra. Dang, those things are fast! Just so you know, it is extremely rare to see a wolverine, and I felt perfectly blessed.

This image shows two, but I only saw one. It's coloring matched the top one.

Right ON
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Also, check this out! Here's a little screen grab from an email reply from Anya Briggs on the subject of this very post. Note the time mark, 1234!