Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Audio chapter — Adrienne and Owls

Look to the birds of the air...
I have been recording my voice for an audio book. I am starting with the more recent book, Stories from The Messengers. It is slightly shorter and I hope to have it available before summer. It is slow going and its taking longer than I expected. The results have been good, and I am working hard to make it sound professional. This is a high quality 192 Kbits/sec file.

Audio excerpt: Chapter 10 - Adrienne and Owls

This is a good example of the tone within the new book. Each story is different, but this one represents a theme that shows up in some of the stories. I wrote about this subtle pattern in the conclusion. Here is an excerpt:
Something that surprised me was the amount of Christian imagery showing up in some of the stories. I am not at all churchy, so I feel I can remain somewhat detached. I am cautious not to make too much of this, but it needs to be addressed. Some people spoke openly about their Christian faith, but there was more to it than that. There was symbolism that I didn’t expect. These examples might seem subtle, but to me they stood out.

I’ve seen a pattern, albeit anecdotal, of people with some variation of the name Chris showing up in this research, and I wrote about it in The Messengers. Christopher, Christina, and Christian are common enough names, but they appear with a heightened frequency within these owl experiences. There may be no other word in Western culture more loaded with mythic resonance than the first five letters of these names. That someone with the name Kristin would walk out into the desert alone wasn’t lost on me.

Another example is the NDE, which is quite literally death and resurrection, and this is at the core of Christian faith. It might be nothing more than mythological symbolism welling up, demanding to be seen. These are powerful stories, so we should expect powerful symbolism.

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And... audio of Chapter 17 HERE 
(read with my deep voice!)

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