Tuesday, June 16, 2015

loads of readable PDFs

I am pretty judgmental about Dr. Steven Greer (seen at left), but here is something noteworthy. His organization, The Disclosure Project, is posting a lot of interesting stuff as readable PDFs. 

Examples, the entire archive of downloaded stuff is sort of overwheling to dig into, but there are some gems in here.

There is hard to find stuff, like the book UFOs and the Psychic Factor by Jacques Vallee.

... And a big load of old MUFON Journals, like this one here where Kenneth Arnold talks about the work of Charles Fort:

Greer's site also has a bunch of videos, some are very compelling - while some are VERY questionable.

Read about my own run in with the good doctor HERE.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I just started the alien interviews by la marzuli and it's fascinating. I don't agree with his beliefs but I respect his research. Good stuff, mike. Interesting povs and theories!

Shan :)

Bayareamom said...


The William Pawelec interview is fantastic. Just found it over at the videos link you provided:


One of the very best interviews I've seen/heard on this subject. Pawelec would not allow Greer to release this interview, until he passed. Pawelec's wife found the interview materials after he died and ultimately contacted Greer, who then released the interview.

It 's a gem...(and more than a little daunting).

Christopher Loring Knowles said...

I gotta say I've been very skeptical about Greer but you gotta respect the witnesses he's corralled over the years and the presentations he's put together. The screeching weenies (the Reynolds, the Brewers, etc) scream bloody murder but that only means they feel threatened by his mojo. I'm not down with his whole trip (the zero point energy thing is a non-starter) or some of his associations but he's done the legwork.

LA Marzulli is another one- I absolutely don't agree with his cosmology or theology but he gets his ass out there and does the legwork while the weenies sit at their moldy old PCs and shake their fists at the ceiling.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for you to do more podcasts Mike. Also looking forward to your book too.